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Book of the Week

Book of the Week: The Bookshop Girl

April 12, 2017

Book of the Week: The Bookshop Girl

Ahead of the long Easter weekend, we've selected a very special children's book for our book of the week.

What’s it like to live in a marvellous magical bookshop? Imagine Harry Potter with more laughs and more books. What’s not to love?

"she has a whopping secret: she can’t read!"

Property Jones doesn’t live in a house, or a flat, or even a hotel. She lives in a bookshop! She was left in its lost property cupboard when she was five. (That’s how she got her odd name.) But – pssst! Though Property loves books, she has a whopping secret: she can’t read! Then her family win a HUGE raffle prize: nothing less than the world’s greatest book emporium!

Soon Property steps into a world of wondrous books, scheming villains, a grumpy cat – and heaps of magic! Get the full story in this heartwarming book; a total must-read. (If only Property could read it!)

  • The Bookshop Girl by Ashley King
    The Bookshop Girl

    Property Jones loves living in a bookshop, but she's hiding a whopper of a secret ... she can't actually read! When Property's family win The Montgomery Book Emporium in a surprise raffle, Property's life is turned upside down. But will her secret come out?

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