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Book of the Week

Book of the Week: Twister

February 21, 2018

Book of the Week: Twister

Meet the rebellious and determined Twister - a girl in search of her missing father. This debut novel from Juliette Forrest is full of magic, danger, and adventure as Twister looks for her father with a magical necklace that dark forces are on the hunt for.

"When I appeared the sky glowed green and lightning made the windows look all cracked."

Twister's beloved father has gone missing and as she's searching for him she stumbles across a witch living in the woods. She is given a magical necklace that holds the souls of living things and can turn the wearer into a wolf, or a rushing river, or a rainstorm. But there's a dark foe on the hunt for this necklace, a baddie who wears a coat crawling with creatures and who might have something to do with her father's sudden disappearance...

  • Twister by Juliette Forrest

    A brave, bright girl embarks on a heart-racing adventure to find her missing father - with magic and danger quite literally in the air.

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