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Marcus Sedgwick - A Move Away From YA

May 21, 2014

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Having written so many books for Young Adults very successfully, what made you decide to write a book for adults and did you think there could be a risk?

This might sound strange but I didn’t decide to write a book for adults. It just ended up happening because I had an idea that I knew couldn’t be published even for the YA market. Yes, I was aware there was risk involved, but I got good feedback from my agent and other people on the manuscript, and a very warm reaction from the publisher who bought the book – Mulholland.

Did you enjoy writing for adults and how does the process compare to publishing for young adults?

There aren’t that many differences. In fact, this book is actually simpler, in structure and narrative terms, than a YA book of mine like Midwinterblood, for example. I enjoy all my writing – or I wouldn’t be writing what I am. The main differences with A Love Like Blood are that I was able to perhaps delve a little deeper into some dark areas of the mind.

Could you tell us about the book?

It’s a thriller on the surface, but has a deeper core. The plot revolves around a matter of revenge and obsession, as one man hunts another man over the course of 25 years. Underneath that, the book is an exploration of the subject of blood – what it means to us, how we feel about it, the psychological relationship we have to this most critical of life forces.

Can your adult readers expect more novels?

Yes, I am working on another adult novel now but there’s still a long way to go.

You’re currently working on film and graphic novels with your brother, is this something you’ve always done?

No, these are fairly new developments. I realised I should write some graphic novels, as I grew up reading comics, amongst other kinds of book.

How do you find working with a sibling so closely?

It’s been remarkably easy – we are close and understand each other very well. We respect each other’s skills and didn’t fall out at all.

Between film, writing and illustrating what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Not much! I love watching films, travelling, and spending quiet time with my family.

What can we expect next?

Next I have a new YA book in January, called The Ghosts of Heaven. It’s my homage to 2001: a space odyssey, in some ways, and is a book I have been preparing to write for a long time.

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