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The Psychic Ability You Don’t Even Know You Have

July 12, 2018

The Psychic Ability You Don’t Even Know You Have

Many of us have a psychic twinkle, yet we often don’t think of it as such because it’s always been with us and just seems a natural part of who we are. ‘Psychic’ is really an umbrella term, covering lots of different attributes which all broadly mean being able to see, feel or understand things which are not overtly visible: hunches, intuition, gut feel etc.

Understanding the types of psychic power often present in your star sign’s elemental group (each of the twelve signs belongs to one of four elements- Air, Earth, Fire, Water), and how they manifest, might help you recognise your own latent ability…

The main types of psychic abilities are called ‘clairs’ (which is the prefix for the French word meaning clear) and describe the ways in which we receive intuitive guidance. In the physical world we receive information in many different ways.  You can receive psychic messages in many different ways too.  

Air signs- Libra, Aquarius, Gemini 
The art of just KNOWING something.
Claircognizance is clear knowing: to just know something without logic or facts. These feelings can be very strong and may come in the form of intuitive thoughts that can pop into your head at random. You’re known for ‘bright ideas’ and flashes of inspiration, joining the dots in a unique way. You’re led by your intellect and quick-silver mind, plus a cool ability to quickly grasp perspectives other than your own. This makes you extremely perceptive; sometimes even one step ahead of understanding people before they do themselves. The ability to join random dots so quickly and reach laterally-based insights can look like magic to others; their mind simply doesn’t whir as fast, or travel as far, as yours. When you use this talent to spot what others most desire and inspire them to achieve it, you’re truly at your best.

Earth signs- Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus 
You can SEE it coming.
Clairvoyance – clear seeing, an inner vision.  It’s the most well-known, but least understood, intuitive gift and it’s often kind of like watching a little movie inside your head. You can play out where scenarios are going to end up or sometimes suddenly see a number, face or symbol. You’re probably known for saying, “I saw that one coming!” Although the realm that Earth signs feel most at home in is strictly material and physical, you do also have an innate ability to connect to, understand, and relieve the pain and worry that others privately feel. You carry out your own duties and obligations with real commitment (so you’re a ‘rock’) and know all too well the inner conflict and torment that life can wreak when duty clashes with desire. You’re potentially nicer and kinder to others than you are to yourself. Put your powerful ability for creating healing conditions and environments to your own benefit and feel the difference yourself that you so often make to others.

Fire signs- Leo, Aries, Sagittarius
Tune in to an inner voice.
Clairaudience – clear hearing, an inner voice.  For example, you may suddenly hear that little voice inside you say, “ring mum!” or “stop!”. Sometimes you may even be able to hear things that others cannot, such as spirit voices, sounds, and even music. You’re a creature of high impact, able to change atmospheres and mood on arrival. Your mutable and curious nature leaves you suggestible to the positive physical and emotional influences of esoteric practices e.g. hypnotherapy, massage, mediumship. You can sense the energy and ‘vibe’ of others, and (unconsciously) know just what to do to change it to your liking. You take this for granted, but it’s a rare gift. Practicing physical healing or spiritual pursuits of your own is likely to open you up to a whole inner world of magic.

Water signs- Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio 
The most naturally clairvoyant and psychic of all the star signs.
Clairsentience – clear feeling, the ability to receive intuitive messages via feelings, emotions, or physical sensations.  Empathy (feeling the emotions of others) is also a form of clairsentience. As a clairsentient, it may be very easy for you to know when someone is lying to you – you can just feel it somehow. And you may even feel the physical ailments of others. Secrets are also the speciality of Water signs. Many people naturally confide in you; it’s just something that has happened to you all of your life. And you also have developed a keen intuition and instinct for knowing when there are secrets around, especially painful ones. You are not fazed by emotional extremes because you’re an ‘old soul’, wise beyond your years or experience. Visions, lucid dreams and flashes of future events are not uncommon to Water signs. You were born to be magical, so embrace and explore your gifts.

Written by TarotBella

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