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Top Tips From Nicola Davies

March 3, 2016

Top tips from Nicola Davies for children who are authors in the making…

We caught up with children's author, Nicola Davies to get some top tips and little school secrets to help inspire young writers around the world.

What’s your top tip for budding young authors?
Look. Notice. Your senses are your first tools as a writer and your job is to see things clearly, to understand them better and to explain them in ways no one has before. Keep a notebook, draw in it and write in it. Build your ability to describe all that’s around you all you hear and see. Stories are like patchwork, your notebook is the pile of material from which you can cut bits to make your story. Don’t think that writers find writing easy. We don’t. Anyone who tells you different is lying or not very good. 

What was your absolute favourite book as a child?
When I was really little Winnie the Pooh. I woke up this morning thinking of it. I love the humour and the language. The way words and sentences are constructed is so original and funny and warm. ‘Flying, what birds do” is what I thought of today, Pooh commenting to himself as he falls out of the tree. It still makes me laugh but it also says something true about how our brains work in a crisis. Older, I loved The Lord of the Rings - I LIVED those books and imagined myself into every scene.

If you could live as a character from one of your books, who would you be and why? 
Oh the characters in my books have jolly difficult time! So it’s hard to say. I think either Zaki in Walking the Bear or Gentle in Rubbish Town Hero, for two reasons. Zaki is brave but lacking in self belief, but bin the end he goes for it and becomes the person he wants to be..which is a musician - which would be my other life choice. Gentle because she is simply a wonderful person, much better than I am or could ever be. 

What book inspired you to start writing? 
Poetry made me a writer, loving words and how they sound and what they do. So my dad reciting keats to me as he shaved in the morning when I was a kid, that’s what really made me a writer, then later my mum buying me a book of Dh Lawrence poems; his animal ones are amazing. I hold the images that they created in my heart still. 

Did you spend most of your time in detention or getting gold stars at school? 
Both. I got pretty good marks for most things except maths and french but I was often in trouble for being cheeky and talking back. I was never afraid of standing umm to teachers - if they did something I thought was unfair in any way, I’d tell them. I hated it that people had power just because they were older. I respected teachers who were good at their job or were really good quality humans, but I never respected anyone simply cos they were my teacher. So that got me into a LOT of trouble. 

If you had a super power what would it be and why? 
Oh tricky…flying  with eagles or being able to swim to the bottom of the sea, and hang out with dolphins. Can’t I have both? 

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