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What literary fantasy world would your star sign rule?

January 23, 2018

What literary fantasy world would your star sign rule?

So, which literary fantasy world would your star sign quickly ascend to ruling the roost in?...

ARIES- Westeros
Playing the Game of Thrones might fill lesser souls with an impending (wise) sense of doom; not Aries! You’re born to compete, to battle, to climb and succeed. Flying around on a dragon, leading a salty crew across the sea, charging forth to war on a stallion, facing down a zombie army… it’s all in a day’s doings for fiery, gutsy Aries. The arrival of Winter? No biggie.

TAURUS- Hundred Acre Wood
Aw, it looks so ‘Taurus-y’ there. No one wears a watch or worries about social media. There’s no work or chores. Importantly, the days of Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore seem to revolve largely around noshing and napping. It is your idea of dying and going to heaven, even if it meant you were transformed into a tiny pig or a bear. I think you’d do it. I think you would, Taurus.

GEMINI- Neverland
If there’s one unifying thing about tricksy Geminis it’s that they never REALLY grow up (properly). You’ll notice it manifests in various different ways with different ones, but it’s a stubborn streak across this sign. They are the zodiac’s Peter Pan and, as such, they should head for the second star to the right, straight on till morning…

CANCER- Underwater Kingdom (The Little Mermaid)
Cancerian have a ‘thing’ about water- gazing at it, holidaying beside it, swimming in it, floating on it. So, the opportunity to LIVE in it (albeit in return for having their legs turned into a giant fishtail) would seriously progress beyond a conversation. In fact, they may not be seen for dust, just a distant splash as they dive into their new watery realm.

LEO- Narnia
Obvs the world’s most famous lion lives here, so Leo has got to get in there and claim Aslan as a BFF (because Leos know that if you can’t beat them- join them). Also, however, Narnia offers the chance to be a HERO (Leo’s ears prick up, and their tails swish, at this word). Fighting evil Snow Queens, slaughtering man-eating wolves and wraiths, restoring peace and prosperity and THEN being crowned King or Queen. Where’s the wardrobe?

VIRGO- 221b Baker Street
I class this as a fantasy world given it was the greatest shock of my childhood to discover that the WHOLE THING wasn’t real. Tears were shed over Sherlock’s reality as a fiction, not fact. But, that aside, Virgo are made to be Sherlocks. Precise, logical, critical, perceptive, inquiring, rational, as well as being intensely grumpy and dour. They can deconstruct situations and put them back together again with greatest of ease, and enjoy controlling their surrounding as Sherlock does (poor, poor Mrs Hudson). 

LIBRA- Middle Earth
Tolkien’s sweeping, romantic kingdom has everything that Libran desires: a clear villain (so there are no shades of grey; grey drives them MAD because it makes them procrastinate), natural beauty and majesty (they like sightseeing), elves (who’re like clever fairies, which appeals to Libran’s intellect) and, importantly, the opportunity to go on a quest, vanquish a challenge and maybe even bag an elf lover (like Aragorn). Libra loves to love. They also quite fancy the look of that ‘weed’ the hobbits are so keen on…

SCORPIO- Pleasure Island (Pinocchio)
Roll up, roll up! It’s the (grotesque) child version of Vegas where you can act as you please without fear of recrimination. Well, unless you count being turned into a jackass a recrimination. Scorpio wouldn’t let that stop them smashing some windows, drinking the bar dry, playing pool and smoking. They’d find a foxy way to cheat the jackass thing. Then they’d probably end up running the gaffe. Scorpios are drawn to the dark and dangerous. They just can’t help it.

Sagittarians are friendly, adventurous and fearless, so they’d have an absolute ball running around the Yellow Brick Road, making new pals and getting into shenanigans. They secretly dream of living someplace over the rainbow, with no compliance committees or bosses, deadlines or tax returns. Making friends with different species (tin, straw, animal etc) also appeals, because they’re down for brotherhood and unity. And the fact you can just click your heels and skidaddle?!?? Adios Uber.

CAPRICORN- Gormenghast
Mervyn Peake’s grim castle and its backbiting, sneering inhabitants might seem an odd residence for ANYONE to choose. Capricorns, however, like a challenge and rising to the top of Gormenghast’s queer, insular and tortured tree would be a supreme triumph for any individual. Steerpike’s ruthless ascent mirrors the movement of Capricorn. They never stop progressing. Watch your back.

AQUARIUS- Wonderland
Aquarians are bit different to everyone else. They just are. Many people think they’re on drugs (and I’m not refuting that entirely). However, it’s mainly that their wiring is just more complex, multi-coloured and high octane than the rest of us. They vibrate at a different frequency and can dream bigger, think further and wonder for longer than any other sign. Wonderland’s eccentric and bizarre population and ‘rules’ wouldn’t faze them one iota. They’d fit right in.

PISCES- The River Bank (Wind in the Willows)
A dreamy, gentle and sensitive Water sign who, for all that, also has a worldly-wise side to them; ‘seen it all before’. A bit like Mr Water Rat. And, like him, they simply like nothing better than idling around in boats, lolling by a river bank, eating picnics, visiting friends and titivating their homes. This childhood realm would suit the Piscean nature perfectly.

Written by TarotBella

About TarotBella
A Gemini, a bookworm and a fiend for cheese! I am’s first resident tarot expert, and I also write for Soul & Spirit and The Sun. I have a community of happy clients all over the world, and you can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, with me at or follow me at or

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