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Which literary character would your star sign be?

March 13, 2018

Which literary character would your star sign be?

Ever wondered which character you’d become if you were whisked inside the world of a book? Here’s the answer, based on your star sign...

ARIES - Lady Macbeth

I mean, it could be worse, you could be Macbeth himself… but it’s his wife’s steely, ruthless ambition and thirst for glory that marks her as the Aries in the pack. You take no prisoners when your heart is set on something and, although you would rarely ever go to the lengths she does, you might, maybe, on a bad day, for something reeeeally important, surpass what others would think is sane and acceptable.

TAURUS - Katniss Everdeen

Young Katniss doesn’t ask for the limelight or responsibility thrust upon her, but, once it is, she shoulders it with admirable stoicism.
Fight to the death on a remote island? Go on then, if I must.
Become the figurehead of a suicidally dangerous rebellion? Well, I wasn’t busy today anyway.
Taureans are solid, steady and seemingly implacable in the face of danger and distress.

GEMINI - Fagin

‘Yooouuu’ve got to pick a pocket or twooooo, boooyyysss’. Comes naturally to you, Gemini. A deviant, but not violent, streak often puts you on the wrong side of the law, believe it or not. It’s all probably so petty that you don’t even think of these secret minor indiscretions as criminal activity (but, still, you don’t tell your friends about it). You enjoy walking the thin line of good vs bad, of right vs wrong. You are a natural, but lovable, rebel.

CANCER - Miss Havisham

A gothic and tragic romantic figure, never forgetting or forgiving the cruelty dealt by a lover long ago... that’s just a normal everyday story for you, Cancer! You love hard, and hate harder. Injustices and grievances are NEVER forgotten, and you’re capable of spiting yourself to prove the point. Watch out for this side of your nature, it can do you some harm.

LEO - (Fantastic) Mr Fox

Here’s a dapper lil’ fellow, dressed to kill in tweed, nicking and gallivanting with glee (though it’s all for his much-loved family). Ducking and diving, charming and cavorting: typical Leo! A whirlwind of dynamic and dubious energy, usually driven by love and a desire to protect someone else. Eager to impress, and adept at doing so. Swish that bushy tail!

VIRGO - Miss Marple

Nothing gets past her, and everyone underestimates her. And then, with withering and devastating perception and wit, she lays out the whole thing. And it WAS the butler, after all.
Virgo, you share Christie’s much-loved amateur detective’s intellectual and analytical ability (and you’re partial to twin sets and matching handbags too). You’re too shy and modest to be a bombastic sleuth like Holmes or Poirot, but you’re just as good!

LIBRA - Bridget Jones

Everyone’s favourite singleton, who has more suitors than she knows and is much more fanciable than she thinks. Libra are self-deprecating, humorous, charming and lovable. They can procrastinate and agonise over mere trifles, much like our Bridge’, and also enjoy lengthy hibernation sessions with a duvet and a lot of indulgent food and drink. Luckier in love than they believe, and always looking for the perfect partner.

SCORPIO - Lisbeth Salander

This one doesn’t play by the rules, and neither do you, Scorpio. Nor does she turn the other cheek. Instead, it’s an eye for eye all the way, and you believe innately in that kind of justice (where you’re concerned anyway). Alternative, self-reliant, interested in the dark underbelly of life, drawn to the outliers of society… yep, Lisbeth’s a Scorpio through and through.

SAGITTARIUS - Lucy Pevensie

Sagittarians are the zodiac’s natural born explorers and adventurers. Lucy P not only went into the wardrobe, but came out the other side and discovered a whole new world! And befriended a magical lion (Sagittarius loves animals), too. Lucy’s guileless, friendly, naïve and optimistic nature mirrors your own and you certainly wouldn’t say no to a trip to Narnia.

CAPRICORN - Thomas Cromwell (Wolf Hall)

This devilishly clever, shrewd and ruthless character is the sort of (anti)hero you admire. His dogged rise to the upper echelons of the royal circle are the stuff of daydreams for you, Capricorn, because you are the zodiac’s social climber. Ambitious in every sense. Your eyes are always on the next milestone. You’d have been great allies (otherwise mortal enemies…) with wily Mr C.

AQUARIUS - Elphaba (Wicked Witch of the West)

She was just a bit different, that’s all! And so are you. Opinionated, strong-willed, a little bit magic, at ease with the unloved and unwanted, willing to do whatever it takes for something you believe in. People are complex and neither all good, nor all bad. Aquarians embrace that truth and believe everyone is capable of doing great things, even the bad ‘uns’.

PISCES - Tyrion Lannister

Worldly-wise, non-judgmental, capable of astonishing bravery AND jaw-dropping debauchery. A bag of contradictions, just like you Pisces. You constantly feel a conflict over whether to sink or swim. And you’re just as likely to do either, and both, in a lifetime. When you’re on the up, you can rule entire kingdoms, but, when on the downer side, you can disappear into the netherworld without a backward glance. We just never know with you...

Written by TarotBella


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