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Which tarot card reveals secrets about your star sign?

April 9, 2018

Which tarot card reveals secrets about your star sign?

Most of us know the gist of what our star sign has to say about our personality. But, did you know that every sign also has a tarot card associated with it? And this card represents hidden knowledge about your deeper desires and behaviours. Ever catch yourself wondering why on earth you’ve reacted to something the way you have? Perhaps your personal tarot card can shed some illumination on it…

This card is about power and control, and the ability to manifest your dreams in real life if you put enough intent and focus into it. You’re known for being competitive and strong, but perhaps you underestimate the powerful imagination and vision you also have. Coupled with that Mars determination, you’re always a force to be reckoned with.

Somewhere, deep inside, you carry an enormous reservoir of faith which you spend, even if unconsciously, a good deal of your life searching for the right investment to make with it. Eventually it might be a career (well, a vocation), a partner, family, organised religion or a creative pursuit. Until you find that beacon to put your trust in, you can feel insecure. Acknowledge your need to have faith, and you’ll attract the right recipient.

People think you’re fickle, or two faced, or unsettled- like you have a choice about it! The Lovers represents divided feelings, a conflicted state of mind, a tension between head vs heart. This is normal for the Gemini psyche, it’s what makes you restless, nervous but also curious, wise and adaptable. No one ever needed to tell you to be ready for change; you were born ready. And this IS a gift.

Cancerian determination and willpower is legendary- albeit not always what you’re known for (i.e. vs THE moods, the jealousy, the imagination…). The Chariot represents that steely inner core of you that instinctively recognises when ‘enough is enough’, and you hitch up your wagon and head off to a new sundown. No amount of calling can turn your head, once you’ve made up your mind to go. People shouldn’t push you so hard. They always regret it.

Everyone loves Leo’s exuberance and energy and this outer confidence is PART of your strength- but not the whole story. As you mature, your repertoire of resilience broadens to cover compassion, bravery, persistence, mercy and wisdom. You can exert brute force, when necessary, but the Leo palette of inner strength is so much more varied than that.

Self-critical, judgmental, nit-picky… yes, Virgo you are all of those things. You are also a wise, old soul and a highly perceptive one who sees the good, the bad and the ugly and, when it counts, handles all of those things quite beautifully. Perhaps you’re nicer to others than yourself. The Hermit is a taskmaster, taking life very seriously. Lighten up on yourself, Virgo, because you’re doing great and you ARE good enough.

Matters of justice weigh on Libra’s mind like no other sign. You could spend DAYS deliberating the rights and wrongs of what you, and those you love, experience in life. Others may see this as ‘dwelling on things’ or procrastinating. They don’t realise how strongly you’re innately compelled to do this. Having the Justice tarot card as your emblem entwines you in the threads of right vs wrong, there’s no escape, and you’ll never just see things in black and white. 

You’re known for having a fascination with the darker, dangerous side of life, Scorpio. Yet, the Death card represents transformation and, perhaps, surprisingly, what you’re really looking for is a happy ending, even in the most despairing of stories. It’s not a morbid curiousity, but the search for hope and renewal that drives this interest. You’re not as bad as they all think, you know. You’re actually a bit of a dreamer.

Sagittarius, you’re ALL IN. A gung ho, optimistic, full-on adventurer… and yet the Temperance tarot card suggests there’s a quieter, philosophical, considerate soul underneath all that noise and action. All of your experiences provide useful fodder for the type of deep contemplation people might not realise goes on in that happy, supposedly carefree head of yours. A secret philosopher. Who knew!

Associated with determination and ambition, to a degree that can sometimes see you treading on others’ toes or crossing a line you didn’t (sorry not sorry) see. Yet, The Devil card suggests that you take all of these transgressions or reactions to heart, more so than anyone knows. You care DEEPLY what others think and you deserve more credit because your ‘pushing’ usually does more good than harm, overall.

Magical! That’s what you are REALLY are, Aquarius. We might find other words for it (quirky, aloof, oddball, spiritual…) but really The Star reveals that your inner core is made of sheer cosmic dust. Let it shimmer and float, release the ideas and insights you nurture to the world, because they’re different to anything the rest of us could create. You can provide great hope and inspiration to others, if only you’ll share.

Dreamy, imaginative, sensitive… The Moon denotes all of those typical Piscean characteristics. Yet it also hints of a powerful insight you possess about other people: their secrets. The things they think no one else knows or ‘gets’ about them, the darker stuff they shove under the carpet and only look at when forced to. You already saw it, years ago. You never judged or made them feel bad, you just accepted it as part of the fabric of their personality. If only they could do the same. Perhaps this is something you can teach others, Pisces…

Written by TarotBella


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