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Why Do Opposites Attract?

May 8, 2018

Why Do Opposites Attract?

Is it really true that opposites attract? YES! And the answer lies hidden in the stars. All of the twelve star signs come in pairs of opposites- the sign that is seven spots from your own is your opposite sign, and complements yours in that they possess what you lack. Together you make a weirdly formidable force because you share the same values and goals, you just approach them TOTALLY differently…

LIBRA. They chill out your warrior-like tendencies with a level-headed and calm way of looking at situations. When they explain things, suddenly it all makes sense, and you feel your hackles start to fall. The world breathes a sigh of relief!

SCORPIO. TBH this is a ‘sex thing’. You are extremely sensual and love pleasure, they love to be intimate and feel like it’s you two vs the world. It all makes for a LOT of time in the bedroom. 

SAGITTARIUS. Your boisterous, but lovable, curiousity and interest in everything is complemented by Sagittarius’s surprisingly wise and philosophical side. You ask questions (a lot), and they can help you answer them. 

CAPRICORN. An old-school type of match where Capricorn is like the Alpha Male and Cancer is like the highly prized and adored Femme Fatale. Old fashioned? Yes, maybe. The dynamic still works here though. 

AQUARIUS. You don’t like to be ‘bested’ in anything, but also want the ‘best’ on your arm, which makes for a contradictory approach to relationships sometimes. Aquarians won’t steal your thunder but their intellect is unsurpassed, so you get the cleverest person in the room. And they typically have a compelling, but not showy-offy, character. 

PISCES. You are the most intelligent and perceptive realist of the zodiac, and Pisces is the eternal dreamer. A strange combination, perhaps, but one where the bond can endure a lifetime because each sees life so very differently. You’re always surprising each other.

ARIES. You can NEVER make your mind up, but Aries has an instant opinion on everything. You can lie back and let them take over, meanwhile you can do some awesome daydreaming or weighing up of further options and choices you’ve dwelt on since 2001… Libran heaven.

TAURUS. You both enjoy sensual pleasures and pursue what makes you FEEL good. Your desire for intimacy is matched by their loyalty and steadfastness. There’s an intense chemistry (and jealousy) that few other combos can match.

GEMINI. Both of you are live wires and outgoing characters. But Gemini will earnestly listen to you, and seek your opinion, which not many people do (wrongly taking your forthrightness and warmth as a lack of intellect). You’re genuine partners in crime and get up to all sorts.

CANCER. Capricorn takes the lead, and Cancer makes sure the journey goes smoothly, so both of you appreciate what the other does for them / lets them do. It’s a classic ‘opposites attract’ because Capricorn is a practical, serious ambitious realist and Cancer is an imaginative, emotional (slightly crazy) dreamer.

LEO. You need a big character to match your big ideas; someone with the energy and motivation to join your mission in exploring the wider world. Leo can keep up, and furthermore even keep you going when your big brain starts to flag a little. They’re your Duracell bunny!

VIRGO. You are both wise and kind souls who only want the very best for those you love. Together, you appreciate the differences in each other and look after each other like few other star sign combos can. You take care of the emotional stuff, they look after the practical side of things. Perfect.

Written by TarotBella

A Gemini, a bookworm and a fiend for cheese! I am’s first resident tarot expert, and I also write for Soul & Spirit and The Sun. I have a community of happy clients all over the world, and you can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, with me at or follow me at or

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