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Your Valentine's Love Forecast

February 13, 2018

Your Valentine's Love Forecast

Valentines!! I know, I know, it’s all a bit schmaltzy. And yet, our thoughts can’t help but turn, a little, to matters of the heart. Personal love readings are available at (it’s my busiest time of year!), and here is a taster, just for you.

ARIES - The Emperor, Three of Coins
As the God of War (I’m not kidding), Aries, you sometimes stomp past the lurrve stuff but you’ve been working hard recently to impress someone, and it’s going to pay off. They’ve noticed, clocked it, and they’re suitably leaning your way (about time). The more focus you put onto this blossoming, or rekindling, relationship, the faster it will manifest into what you want it to be. 

TAURUS - Page of Coins, Ace of Coins
It’s all about the small stuff, you know. The little considerations, attentions and investments (no matter how insignificant you think they are) that mount up to a heap of love and affection. This is a time for sowing seeds (to reap later) so share as many favours, compliments and supportive acts as you can muster. It’s all worth it.

GEMINI - Page of Swords, Four of Swords
Chill out, Gemini, because the best things often happen when we’re not looking. You’re overdue a little Time Out, you know. Look for (however fleeting they seem) opportunities to relax, switch off and reboot. Love will arrive naturally, and with a smile, when you feel rested and restored. 


CANCER - Five of Swords, Five of Cups
At this time, every year, the ‘ghosts of love life past’ come calling. ENOUGH! These relationships are over, their energy is done, and you’re just ruminating on those ‘sticky’ emotions left behind- like grief, regret or guilt. Stop it. I mean it. Process your feelings about these dead ducks, and move beyond Valentines with a clean slate.

LEO - Death, Page of Coins
You’re ready to turn a new leaf; a significant one. Old self beliefs and behaviours suddenly seem so ill-suited, and you can understand how and why they’ve led you into dead ends and tight corners. A new way of thinking, and a renewed sense of optimism, expands your horizons and expectations. You know what: anything IS possible.

VIRGO - Seven of Coins, King of Swords
You’ve reached a comfortable plateau with your relationship, or your lack of one. And you’re taking a harder look at where you’re headed. Does the ultimate destination feel right? Are you excited? If so, get there quicker because you can. If not, tweak your course. You need a partner with shared goals and ambitions. Is that the current reality?

LIBRA - Strength, Ace of Coins
A sizzle-fest awaits this February, Libra (at least you’ll be warmer than the rest of us, no doubt)! From a shared physical desire (it could be food, comfort, an experience or adventure) comes a new, or a rebooted, romance which has got long term potential.


SCORPIO - The Fool, Eight of Wands
Someone new is set to swish into your life, from afar, and FAST. It’ll knock you for six, and change everything! It might start online or via email (or whatever medium you use…) and quickly progress into something with a real spark. Others might raise their eyebrows- let them! This thang could be life-changing if you want it to be…

SAGITTARIUS - Queen of Wands, Three of Cups
You’re going to have your hands full this Valentines. Whatever status your current love interest is at, expect it to dial up a notch- perhaps via a proposal, a commitment, a renewal, a surprise (a good one). Holidays, anniversaries and celebrations are well starred for you this year- make the most of every excuse to par-tay. That’s where love lives.

CAPRICORN - Ace of Wands, Six of Cups
Are you ready for a blast from the past? Hope so, because one is winging way through the years to right… about… NOW. It’s someone you felt authentically yourself with, and there’s a genuinely fun, affectionate and playful feel to your connection. If you’re already tethered, then introduce your partner to a place or activity from your past. You’ll have a great time.


AQUARIUS - Knight of Cups, King of Coins
There’s a definite sense of divided feelings. Whether it be literally between two people (one passionate, romantic and creative; the other more secure, reliable and practical) or between your conflicted desires. You’re a bit of a shape shifter, and therefore different people appeal at different times. Resolve to either embrace, or compromise, your desires.

PISCES - King of Wands, Two of Cups
Whoa! The ‘mega BAE’ could be on the horizon this Valentines. Here comes the show stopper! A person with whom you find the mutually supportive, loving and enduring partnership you crave. Things will develop swiftly, because this person is a real fast mover, entrepreneur and adventurer themselves. Get ready to be swept off your feet…

Written by TarotBella


About TarotBella

A Gemini, a bookworm and a fiend for cheese! I am’s first resident tarot expert, and I also write for Soul & Spirit and The Sun. I have a community of happy clients all over the world, and you can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, with me at or follow me at or

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