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Bob Cattell

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  • Glory Gardens 1 - Glory In The Cup by Bob Cattell
    Glory Gardens 1 - Glory In The Cup (English, Paperback)

    Hooker, Azzie, Erica and the rest all play cricket in their spare time, but they've never taken it very seriously until now. Kiddo, one of their school teachers, suggests they form an official team and play proper matches - and Glory Gardens C.C.

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  • Return to Glory by Bob Cattell
    Return to Glory (English, Paperback)

    The Glory Gardens cricket team return for their ninth adventure, this time travelling to Australia to play in their own Ashes contest.

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  • Glory Gardens 2 - Bound For Glory by Bob Cattell
    Glory Gardens 2 - Bound For Glory (English, Paperback)

    GLORY GARDENS C.C. Hooker, as captain, worries that the team won't be able to hold it together: arrogant Clive is always picking fights, Ohbert is still as useless as ever, and there are all the usual rows and injuries. plus the whole team's unwavering determination to win against all the odds.

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  • Shine on Butter-Finger by Bob Cattell
    Shine on Butter-Finger (English, Paperback)

    It is Carnival Week and Riccardo Small must somehow take part in his two favourite events - the Calypso and the Cricket.

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  • Glory Gardens 6 - Blaze Of Glory by Bob Cattell
    Glory Gardens 6 - Blaze Of Glory (English, Paperback)

    The team's on tour and anything that can go wrong. Bob Cattell's cricketing capers are enough to keep any fan happy for\hours - even OUT of season! But with the cricket hard and fast, true West Indian-style, the red-hot heat AND certain members of the team treating it as a non-stop food fest.

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  • Glory Gardens 3 - The Big Test by Bob Cattell
    Glory Gardens 3 - The Big Test (English, Paperback)

    Not only does he spend the first match of the league suffering a dropped-catch jinx but now there' civil war in the team over the selections. Sometimes captaining the GLORY GARDENS Cricket Team isn't the fun you might think. It's not the matches that prove the most trouble for poor Hooker - it's the infighting.

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  • Glory Gardens 5 - League Of Champions by Bob Cattell
    Glory Gardens 5 - League Of Champions (English, Paperback)

    The under 15s League competitionis under way and Hooker and Co enter into the fray with typical Glory Gardens' gusto. And have Glory Gardens CC REALLY got what it takes to be the best - not just throughout the regional trials - but at.

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  • Glory Gardens 7 - Down The Wicket by Bob Cattell
    Glory Gardens 7 - Down The Wicket (English, Paperback)

    When the Glory Gardens team discover that their ground has been sold to build a new hotel they decide to return to their roots and play the season's league games on Glory Gardens recreation ground.

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  • Glory Gardens 8 - The Glory Ashes by Bob Cattell
    Glory Gardens 8 - The Glory Ashes (Paperback)

    No one takes much notice of Ohbert Bennett when he creates a Glory Gardens website, but Ohbert has a mission - to make Glory Gardens the most famous junior club in the world. With the series tied two - two, the final game at Trent Bridge attracts huge crowds and the big question on everyone's lips is - will the Glory Gardens XI win Ohbert's Ashes?

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  • Big Deal by David Ross
    Big Deal (English, Paperback)

    Thomas Headley, new idol of the Sherwood Strikers fans, thinks he can handle the limelight. But there's another side to being a football star, as Thomas soon discovers. The pressure mounts as media mogul Redman Forster attempts to enlist Thomas' help to oust the club's management.

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  • Bowl Like the Devil by Bob Cattell
    Bowl Like the Devil (English, Paperback)

    Tyrone lives and breathes cricket, and he practises all the time, but he's not quite good enough to be picked for the school team. That is, until the day he meets Nick...

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  • Big City Butter-Finger by Bob Cattell
    Big City Butter-Finger (English, Paperback)

    Third in the terrific Butter-Finger series about a cricket-loving, calypso-writing West Indian boy visiting London for the first time.

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  • Young Blood by David Ross
    Young Blood (English, Paperback)

    When you're slipping down the Premiere League, it's time for drastic action. Sherwood Strikers belong at the top, but now they have more than bad results to worry about. And, when accusations of match-rigging start to fly, the nightmare of manager Joss Morecombe is complete. Can Headley and Morecombe Babes really turn it round for the Strikers?

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  • First XI by Bob Cattell
    First XI (Paperback)

    Eleven cricket-themed short stories, each set in a different country.

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  • Glory Gardens 4 - World Cup Fever by Bob Cattell
    Glory Gardens 4 - World Cup Fever (English, Paperback)

    GLORY GARDENS C.C. with teams from Barbados and South Africa visiting the area at the same time, it's a brilliant opportunity for the club to make its mark worldwide. So as Australia do battle with the West Indies and South Africa face India, can Glory Gardens rise above the squabbling and bring glory for England...?

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  • Butter-finger by Bob Cattell
    Butter-finger (English, Paperback)

    Award-winning story: calypso-writer and cricket-lover Riccardo must think of a way to help his team.

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