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Bob Holman

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  • Keir Hardie by Bob Holman
    Keir Hardie (English, Paperback) Bob Holman

    A captivating biography of the first parliamentary leader of the Labour Party, Keir Hardie (1856-1915)

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  • Woodbine Willie by Bob Holman
    Woodbine Willie (English, Paperback) Bob Holman

    The fascinating story of one of the unsung heroes of World War One.

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    5 stars

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  • What would Keir Hardie say? by Pauline Bryan
    What would Keir Hardie say? (English, Paperback) Pauline Bryan

    Keir Hardie is a significant figure in British history. He is known as the founder of the Labour Party but his influence went much wider. 100 years after his death the question is still often asked, ?What would Keir Hardie say?? A group of distinguished writers have come together to write about different aspects of Hardie's life and legacy: Fran Abrams, Melissa Benn, Jeremy Corbyn, John Callow, Bob Holman, Cathy Jamieson, William Knox, Richard Leonard, Owen Smith, Dave Watson, Barry Winter. Each of them tackles one aspect of Hardie's varied interests from his support for women's suffrage, his internationalism, to his central role in the foundation of the Labour Party. Each essay considers the relevance of Keir Hardie's work to our lives today. The Foreword by Keir Hardie's great granddaughter, Dolores May Arias, reminds us that as well as his huge public presence, Hardie was a family man. And like so many great figures in history his family paid a price.

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  • Champions for Children by Bob Holman
    Champions for Children (English, Paperback) Bob Holman

    This book looks at the lives of six inspirational individuals who have made significant contributions to the well-being of disadvantaged children. Based on documentary research and extensive interviews, the book relates personal histories to wider developments and makes important connections between poverty, inequality and child care policy.

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  • The Poetry of Everyday Life by Steve Zeitlin
    The Poetry of Everyday Life (English, Hardback) Steve Zeitlin

    Part memoir, part essay, and partly a guide to maximizing your capacity for fulfillment and expression, The Poetry of Everyday Life taps into the artistic side of what we often take for...

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  • What We Live For, What We Die For by Serhiy Zhadan
    What We Live For, What We Die For (English, Paperback) Serhiy Zhadan

    An introduction to an original poetic voice from eastern Ukraine with deep roots in the unique cultural landscape of post-Soviet devastation

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