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  • The
    The Boer War: The Struggle for South Africa (Multiple languages, Paperback) Bill Nasson

    The Boer War was a costly colonial conflict between the British Empire and the two independent Boer republics in South Africa.

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  • How
    How Can Man Die Better (English, Paperback) Lieut. Col. Mike Snook

    Wednesday 22 January 1879 was one of the most dramatic days in the long and distinguished history of the British Army. At noon a massive Zulu host attacked the 24th Regiment in its encampment at the foot of the mountain of Isandlwana, a distinctive feature that bore an eerie resemblance to the Sphinx badge of the outnumbered redcoats. Disaster ensued. Later that afternoon the victorious Zulus...

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  • A
    A Splendid Savage (English, Paperback) Steve Kemper

    "Rich, detailed, and pitch-perfect, with the witty and wonderful skipping off every page."-Maxwell Carter, Wall Street Journal

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  • The
    The Boer War (Multiple languages, Paperback) Denis Judd, Keith Terrance Surridge

    The Boer War of 1899-1902 was an epic of heroism and bungling, cunning and barbarism with an extraordinary cast of characters - including Churchill, Rhodes, Conan Doyle, Smuts, Kipling, Gandhi, Kruger and Kitchener. This book provides a complete history of the Boer War - from the first signs of unrest to the eventual peace.

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  • The
    The Compassionate Englishwoman (English, Paperback) Robert Eales

    In London, the upper class Emily Hobhouse hears that women and children caught in the Boer War are having a difficult time. Concerned, she goes to South Africa - by herself and at her own initiative - to investigate and assist. ...

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  • Tracing
    Tracing Your Boer War Ancestors (English, Paperback) Jane Marchese Robinson

    As well as offering a guide for researchers, this book will provide a narrative of the conflict, case studies of soldiers, and reveal how soldiers' families back home were affected.

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  • Winston
    Winston Churchill Reporting (English, Hardback) Simon Read

    Combat, cigars, and whiskeyfrom the jungles of Cuba and the mountains of the Northwest Frontier, to the banks of the Nile and the plains of South Africa, comes this action-packed tale of Winston Churchill’s adventures as a war correspondent in the Age of Empire.

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  • Commando"/
    Commando (Paperback) Deneys Reitz

    Deney Reitz' classic account of the Boer War.

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  • Breaker
    Breaker Morant (English, Hardback) Joel West, Roger Roper

    Kitchener's scapegoat or a murderous war criminal? The truth about Breaker Morant revealed

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  • Memorializing
    Memorializing the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902 (English, Paperback) Valerie B. Parkhouse

    Memorializing the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902 is a study of a group of memorials to soldiers who fought in a now nearly forgotten war, and deals with the many factors influencing why there was such an unprecedented number of memorials compared to those to previous conflicts like the Crimean War, fifty years earlier.

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  • Kruger,
    Kruger, Kommandos & Kak (English, Paperback) Chris Ash

    This book will take everything you thought you 'knew' about the war and turn it on its head. Hard-hitting and uncomfortable reading for those who do not want their bubble of ignorance burst, Kruger, Kommandos & Kak exposes that side of the Boer War which the apartheid propaganda machine didn't want you to know about.

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  • The
    The Battle of Spioenkop (English, Paperback) Gilbert Torlage

    Confusion and carnage among the British troops on the summit of Spioenkop followed what began as a successful surprise on the Boers. Under constant, heavy fire the British were forced to withdraw, once again failing to relieve Ladysmith.

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  • The
    The Siege of Ladysmith (English, Paperback) Steve Watt

    The Siege of Ladysmith drew the world's attention to this dusty, hot town in Natal. Although constantly under bombardment by the Boers, disease due to privations and poor sanitation, rather than military action caused the greatest number of casualties to the besieged.

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  • An
    An Imperfect Occupation (English, Hardback) John Boje

    The South African War (18991902), also called the Boer War and Anglo-Boer War, began as a conventional conflict. It escalated into a savage irregular war fought between the two Boer republics and a British imperial force that adopted a scorched-earth policy and used concentration camps to break the will of Afrikaner patriots and Boer guerrillas. In An Imperfect Occupation , John Boje delves into...

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  • Battle
    Battle Story: Mafeking 1899-1900 (English, Paperback) Edmund Yorke

    The Siege of Mafeking remains one of the most renowned actions of the Second Boer War, with the British Army defeating a Boer force of up to 8,000 men with barely 1,500 troops. In a siege that lasted 217 days, Robert Baden-Powell and his troops withheld attack from the Boers against all the odds and Mafeking was finally relieved on 17 May 1900. It caused much public excitement in Victorian...

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  • Letters
    Letters from the Empire (Multiple languages, Paperback) Stephen Morris

    Allan Marriot Hutchins was one of thousands of young men who, in 1900, volunteered to fight the Boers in a war that foreshadowed the later carnage of the twentieth century. This book offers an eyewitness account of a soldier's life at a pivotal moment in the history of the British Empire.

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  • Charlie's
    Charlie's First War (English, Hardback) C. H. Tweddell, Carman Miller

    The personal appeal and price of late nineteenth-century warfare.

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  • Militia
    Militia Myths (English, Paperback) James A. Wood

    Militia Myths traces the cultural history of the citizen soldier from 1896 to 1921, an ideal that lay at the foundation of how Canadians experienced and remember the First World War.

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  • From
    From Boer War to World War: Tactical Reform of the British Army, 1902-1914 (English, Hardback) Spencer Jones

    The British Expeditionary Force at the start of World War I was tiny by the standards of the other belligerent powers. Yet, when deployed to France in 1914, it prevailed against the German army because of its professionalism and tactical skill, strengths developed through hard lessons learned a dozen years earlier. In October 1899, the British went to war against the South African Boer republics of Transvaal and Orange Free State, expecting little resistance. A string of early defeats in the Boer War shook the military’s confidence. Historian Spencer Jones focuses on this bitter combat experience in From Boer War to World War, showing how it crucially shaped the British Army’s tactical development in the years that followed.

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  • Historical
    Historical Dictionary of the Anglo-Boer War (English, Hardback) FransJohan Pretorius

    The Historical Dictionary of the Anglo-Boer War presents the history of the war that lasted from 1899-1902. This is done through a list of acronyms and abbreviations, a chronology, an introductory essay, and 600 cross-referenced dictionary entries covering a wide range of military, social, cultural, and political topics, and includes a large number of relevant biographies.

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