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  • Rorke's Drift Diary by William Penn Symons
    Rorke's Drift Diary (English, Paperback) William Penn Symons

    Rorke's Drift Diary is a unique firsthand account of the battles of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift, which took place in Zululand on January 22 1879. Written by Captain Penn Symons, one of the few British survivors of Isandwana, where a combined force of less than two thousand British army soldiers and African auxiliaries faced more than twenty thousand Zulu warriors, this book brings the experience...

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  • The Boer War by Martin Bossenbroek
    The Boer War (English, Hardback) Martin Bossenbroek

    The Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) is one of the most intriguing conflicts of modern history. It has been labeled many things: the first media war, a precursor of the First and Second World Wars, the originator of apartheid. The difference in status and resources between the superpower Great Britain and two insignificant Boer republics in southern Africa was enormous. But, against all expectation, it...

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  • The Natal Campaign by Hugh Rethman
    The Natal Campaign (English, Paperback) Hugh Rethman

    A compelling examination of the campaign in Natal during the Boer War.

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  • Churchill Wanted Dead or Alive by Celia Sandys
    Churchill Wanted Dead or Alive (English, Paperback) Celia Sandys

    Originally published in Great Britain by HarperCollins Publishers, 1999.

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  • At the front by Jannie Geldenhuys
    At the front (English, Paperback) Jannie Geldenhuys

    General Jannie Geldenhuys is widely regarded as one of the leading military commanders South Africa has ever produced. This book reflects on a life defined as much by a military career spanning more than four decades as it was by politics and indeed the need for peace on the African sub-continent.

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  • Boer Guerrilla vs British Mounted Soldier by Johnny Shumate
    Boer Guerrilla vs British Mounted Soldier (English, Paperback) Johnny Shumate

    The fully illustrated David-vs-Goliath story of the Boer commandos and British mounted troops who fought one another in South Africa in the final years of the nineteenth century.

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  • Four War Boer by Colin D. Heaton
    Four War Boer (English, Hardback) Colin D. Heaton

    The amazing life of Pieter Krueler (1885-1986) provides a window into a full century of conflict such as one man rarely experiences.

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  • The cowboy capitalist by Charles Van Onselen
    The cowboy capitalist (Hardback) Charles Van Onselen $33.49 $42.44
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  • The Compassionate Englishwoman by Robert Eales
    The Compassionate Englishwoman (English, Paperback) Robert Eales

    In London, the upper class Emily Hobhouse hears that women and children caught in the Boer War are having a difficult time. Concerned, she goes to South Africa - by herself and at her own initiative - to investigate and assist. ...

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  • How Can Man Die Better by Lieut. Col. Mike Snook
    How Can Man Die Better (English, Paperback) Lieut. Col. Mike Snook

    Wednesday 22 January 1879 was one of the most dramatic days in the long and distinguished history of the British Army. At noon a massive Zulu host attacked the 24th Regiment in its encampment at the foot of the mountain of Isandlwana, a distinctive feature that bore an eerie resemblance to the Sphinx badge of the outnumbered redcoats. Disaster ensued. Later that afternoon the victorious Zulus...

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  • The war at home by Albert Grundlingh
    The war at home (Hardback) Albert Grundlingh, Bill Nasson

    The concentration camps of the Anglo-Boer War caused thousands of deaths and much suffering. But should the women and children in the camps only be seen as victims, or is there another story to be told? The War at Home tries to do just that.

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  • Commando by Deneys Reitz
    Commando (Paperback) Deneys Reitz

    Deney Reitz' classic account of the Boer War.

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  • War of Words by Vincent Kuitenbrouwer
    War of Words (English, Paperback) Vincent Kuitenbrouwer

    Between 1899 and 1902 the Dutch public was captivated by the war raging in South Africa between the Boer republics and the British Empire. Dutch popular opinion was on the side of the Boers: these descendants of the seventeenth-century Dutch settlers were perceived as kinsmen, the most tangible result of which was a flood of propaganda material int

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  • Doing Canada Proud by Colonel Bernd Horn
    Doing Canada Proud (English, Paperback) Colonel Bernd Horn

    This is the story of a Canadian victory during the Second Boer War (1899-1902). Canadians delivered the first major British triumph, which became the turning point of the conflict. It also awakened patriotism and national identity at home. The victory in a foreign land earned Canada recognition as a sovereign power.

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  • Historical Dictionary of the Anglo-Boer War by FransJohan Pretorius
    Historical Dictionary of the Anglo-Boer War (English, Hardback) FransJohan Pretorius

    The Historical Dictionary of the Anglo-Boer War presents the history of the war that lasted from 1899-1902. This is done through a list of acronyms and abbreviations, a chronology, an introductory essay, and 600 cross-referenced dictionary entries covering a wide range of military, social, cultural, and political topics, and includes a large number of relevant biographies.

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  • Die Boereoorlog by Martin Bossenbroek
    Die Boereoorlog (Afrikaans, Paperback) Martin Bossenbroek

    Die Nederlandse historikus, Martin Bossenbroek, het in 2013 die Nasionale Nederlandse Geskiedenis-prys gewen vir sy nuwe kroniek oor die oorlog wat Suid-Afrika gevorm het, en die boek is ook in 2013 op die kortlys vir die AKO Letterkunde-prys geplaas.

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  • The Boer War by John Gooch
    The Boer War (English, Hardback) John Gooch

    This collections of essays focuses on three aspects of the Boer War: how the British Military functioned; the role of the Boers, Afrikaners and Zulus; and the media presentation of the war to the public.

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  • A Splendid Savage by Steve Kemper
    A Splendid Savage (English, Paperback) Steve Kemper

    "Rich, detailed, and pitch-perfect, with the witty and wonderful skipping off every page." -Maxwell Carter, Wall Street Journal

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  • Matron at War by Erica Nadin-Snelling
    Matron at War (Paperback) Erica Nadin-Snelling

    Tells the story of Sister Katy Beaufoy who was born in Aston, Birmingham in 1868 and who served in both the Boer War and World War I. This book concludes with stories of other members of the Beaufoy family both ancestors and descendants.

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  • Emily Hobhouse and the Reports on the Concentrat - Two Different Perspectives by Birgit Susanne Seibold
    Emily Hobhouse and the Reports on the Concentrat - Two Different Perspectives (English, Paperback) Birgit Susanne Seibold

    The black spot--the one very black spot--in the picture is the frightful mortality in the Concentration Camps. I entirely agree with you in thinking, that while a hundred explanations may be offered and a hundred excuses made, they do not really amount to any adequate defence. I should much prefer to say at once, so far as the Civil authorities are concerned, that we were suddenly confronted with...

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