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  • Emily Hobhouse and the Reports on the Concentrat - Two Different Perspectives by Birgit Susanne Seibold
    Emily Hobhouse and the Reports on the Concentrat - Two Different Perspectives (English, Paperback) Birgit Susanne Seibold

    The black spot--the one very black spot--in the picture is the frightful mortality in the Concentration Camps. I entirely agree with you in thinking, that while a hundred explanations may be offered and a hundred excuses made, they do not really amount to any adequate defence. I should much prefer to say at once, so far as the Civil authorities are concerned, that we were suddenly confronted with...

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  • England's Pride by Julian Symons
    England's Pride (English, Paperback) Julian Symons

    General Gordon, charged with defending Khartoum, was stabbed to death when the Mahdi's forces took the town by storm. Two days later, the Expeditionary force arrived to relieve Gordon, but found the town firmly in the hands of the Mahdi. In England's Pride, Julian Symons tells the story of the disastrous and tragic failure of this mission.

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  • A Canadian Girl in South Africa by Maud E. Graham
    A Canadian Girl in South Africa (Multiple languages, Paperback) Maud E. Graham

    Canadian woman writes of teaching in concentration camps following the South African War in 1902.

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  • The Boer War by John Gooch
    The Boer War (English, Paperback) John Gooch

    This collections of essays by leading British and South African scholars, looking at the Boer War, focuses on three aspects: how the British Military functioned; the role of the Boers, Afrikaners and Zulus; and the media presentation of the war to the public.

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  • Battle Story: Mafeking 1899-1900 by Edmund Yorke
    Battle Story: Mafeking 1899-1900 (English, Paperback) Edmund Yorke

    The Siege of Mafeking remains one of the most renowned actions of the Second Boer War, with the British Army defeating a Boer force of up to 8,000 men with barely 1,500 troops.

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  • Emily Hobhouse by Elsabe Brits
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  • Tracing Your Boer War Ancestors by Jane Marchese Robinson
    Tracing Your Boer War Ancestors (English, Paperback) Jane Marchese Robinson

    As well as offering a guide for researchers, this book will provide a narrative of the conflict, case studies of soldiers, and reveal how soldiers' families back home were affected.

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  • From Boer War to World War: Tactical Reform of the British Army, 1902-1914 by Spencer Jones
    From Boer War to World War: Tactical Reform of the British Army, 1902-1914 (English, Hardback) Spencer Jones

    The British Expeditionary Force at the start of World War I was tiny by the standards of the other belligerent powers. Yet, when deployed to France in 1914, it prevailed against the German army because of its professionalism and tactical skill, strengths developed through hard lessons learned a dozen years earlier. In October 1899, the British went to war against the South African Boer republics of Transvaal and Orange Free State, expecting little resistance. A string of early defeats in the Boer War shook the military's confidence. Historian Spencer Jones focuses on this bitter combat experience inFrom Boer War to World War, showing how it crucially shaped the British Army's tactical development in the years that followed.

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  • A Splendid Savage by Steve Kemper
    A Splendid Savage (English, Hardback) Steve Kemper

    A life of adventure and military daring on violent frontiers across the American West, Africa, Mexico, and the Klondike.

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  • Zulu Victory by Ron Lock
    Zulu Victory (English, Paperback) Ron Lock, Peter Quantrill

    An outstanding examination of the Isandlwana affair.

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  • Roberts and Kitchener in South Africa by Rodney Atwood
    Roberts and Kitchener in South Africa (English, Hardback) Rodney Atwood

    The British Army was shocked by three military defeats in a week in South Africa in late 1899. The commanding General Sir Redvers Buller lost his nerve. 'Something must be done' was the cry across the Empire. Britain sent forth not one, but two military heroes. Field Marshal Lord Roberts and Major General Lord Kitchener spent their first five weeks in South Africa restoring morale,...

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  • The Boer War by Bill Nasson
    The Boer War (English, Paperback) Bill Nasson

    A new perspective on the last, longest and most expensive of Britain's colonial wars.

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  • Letters from Ladysmith by Edward M. Spiers
    Letters from Ladysmith (English, Hardback) Edward M. Spiers

    Edward Spiers, a leading authority on the Victorian British army, presents here a select edition of letters from the siege of Ladysmith (1899?1900) that have not been seen since their original publication in metropolitan and provincial newspapers. The 250 letters were published in different British newspapers and provide crucial insights into contemporary perceptions of the battles that preceded...

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  • The Boer War by Denis Judd
    The Boer War (English, Paperback) Denis Judd, Keith Terrance Surridge

    The Boer War of 1899-1902 was an epic of heroism and bungling, cunning and barbarism with an extraordinary cast of characters - including Churchill, Rhodes, Conan Doyle, Smuts, Kipling, Gandhi, Kruger and Kitchener. This book provides a complete history of the Boer War - from the first signs of unrest to the eventual peace.

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  • Charlie's First War by C. H. Tweddell
    Charlie's First War (English, Hardback) C. H. Tweddell, Carman Miller

    The personal appeal and price of late nineteenth-century warfare.

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  • The Great Boer War by Byron Farwell
    The Great Boer War (English, Paperback) Byron Farwell

    The Great Boer War (1899 - 1902) ? more properly the Great Anglo-Boer War ? was one of the last romantic wars, pitting a sturdy, stubborn pioneer people fighting to establish the independence of their tiny nation against the British Empire at its peak of power and self-confidence. It was fought in the barren vastness of the South African veldt, and it produced in almost equal measure extraordinary...

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  • Australia's Communities and the Boer War by John McQuilton
    Australia's Communities and the Boer War (English, Hardback) John McQuilton

    This book explores an Australian regional community's reaction to, and involvement with, the Boer War. This study aims to bring back into focus a forgotten part of Australian and imperial history, and argues that the Australian experience of the Boer War was more than the execution of Morant and Hancock.

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  • Hill of Squandered Valour by Ron Lock
    Hill of Squandered Valour (English, Hardback) Ron Lock

    The Battle of Spion Kop was fought during the campaign to relieve Ladysmith, South Africa, and was the single bloodiest episode in the campaign, as well as a harbinger of the bitter and desperate fighting still to come in the Second Boer War.

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  • Remembering the South African War by Peter Donaldson
    Remembering the South African War (English, Hardback) Peter Donaldson

    The first comprehensive survey of the memorialisation process in Britain in the aftermath of the South African War, uncovering the themes and myths that underpinned the interpretations of the war as well as shifting patterns in how the war was represented and conceived.

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  • Companion to the Anglo-Zulu War by Ian Knight
    Companion to the Anglo-Zulu War (English, Hardback) Ian Knight

    The Anglo-Zulu War was a defining episode in British imperial history, and it is still a subject of intense interest. The Zulu victory at Isandlwana, the heroic British defence of Rorke's Drift and the eventual British triumph are among the most closely researched events of the colonial era. In this historical companion, Ian Knight, one of the foremost authorities on the war and the Zulu kingdom,...

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