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  • Weatherman's Guide to the Sun
    Weatherman's Guide to the Sun (English, Paperback) Ben Davidson

    If you have ever wanted to understand the intricate details of how our world actually works, but didn't want to get an advanced degree and read thousands of papers, don't worry- we did it for you, and we simplified it to a level that any interested individual can engage. With hundreds of new studies published on the sun-climate connection over the last decade, it is imperative that any...

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  • Elvis: Truth, Myth & Beyond
    Elvis: Truth, Myth & Beyond (English, Paperback) L E McCullough, Harold F Eggers

    NEARLY 40 YEARS after his death, Elvis Presley remains one of the most intriguing human beings of the last century. Millions of people still want to know intimate details of Elvis' life: What did he think about his music? What did he really do behind the gates of Graceland? What were his final thoughts the day he died? We have the answers here. What will you learn from these 400 questions...

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  • Walking Man
    Walking Man (English, Paperback) Robert Wehrman

    Walking Man is the only biography of Colin Fletcher, the man who walked through time. He was an iconic American folk hero best known as the first person to force a passage through the length of Grand Canyon National Park in one arduous solo journey. He was the world's most famous long-distance walker. He was the first thru-hiker. Called the father of modern backpacking by Backpacker Magazine...

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  • Casino Healthcare
    Casino Healthcare (English, Paperback) Dan Munro

    Author Michael Lewis was recently interviewed by Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes and a quote from that interview was the inspiration and influence for Casino Healthcare. ?If it wasn't complicated, it wouldn't be allowed to happen. The complexity disguises what's happening. If it's so complicated that you can't understand it - then you can't question it.? What Michael was referencing, of course, was...

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  • Barneys, Bergdorfs & Bill$
    Barneys, Bergdorfs & Bill$ (English, Paperback) Sydney Hedberg

    Money. They say it doesn't buy happiness, but it sure buys everything else. As a finance major in college, I felt like I had a pretty good head on my shoulders about money; that was until I began to realize I would be graduating soon and the word ?cut-off" began being uttered from my dad. Life isn't cheap and we, as females, generally are not as well versed at handling money as men. Sad, but...

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  • The New Age of Sex Education:
    The New Age of Sex Education: (English, Paperback) Jennifer Weeks

    Raising children in today's always ?plugged-in? digital age can be overwhelming for many parents. Children today experience near constant exposure to online activities, making it difficult for parents to keep up with the content their children are exposed to, some of which they may not be prepared to handle. Talking to their children about sex and sexuality can be extremely difficult for...

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  • Frustrated Witness
    Frustrated Witness (English, Hardback) Willis Morgan

    When six-year-old Adam Walsh was abducted from the Hollywood Mall on July 27, 1981, and his severed head found at the Florida Turnpike, no one could have guessed that it would take police almost thirty years to find the culprit or that even then they had still got it all so wrong. Willis Morgan was an eye witness at the mall the day Adam was taken, but rather than feel relief when the Hollywood...

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  • Biggy & Smalley
    Biggy & Smalley (English, Paperback) Sharon Cope Lewis

    Biggy and Smalley is a book about friendship, unity and caring. Take a journey to a beautiful island where the animals can think and talk just like you and me. Discover what happens when the humans land on the island. This book is filled with colorful artwork, a multi-cultural family's quest and the never-ending friendship of elephant (Biggy) and mouse (Smalley).

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  • This Is It!
    This Is It! (English, Paperback) Conrad Murray

    This is It, is the never-before told and often shocking inside story of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and his personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray. Told by Murray who was far more than Jackson's doctor. He was one of Jackson's closest friends and his only confidante. It was to Dr. Murray that Jackson unloaded years of his and his family's deepest and darkest secrets. This is It, with its pages...

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  • Rumble Bear
    Rumble Bear (English, Hardback) Dean Harman

    Only the biggest, strongest male grizzly bears will wade into the red salmon river today. The icy water splashes over the chest of one of the oldest warrior grizzlies in the valley. His piercing eyes stare into the white foam dancing along the river's current. He carefully places one massive paw above the waterline, stoically waiting for his next slippery salmon to appear. The other grizzlies keep...

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  • Real Estate Tax Deferral Strategies Utilizing the Delaware Statutory Trust (Dst)
    Real Estate Tax Deferral Strategies Utilizing the Delaware Statutory Trust (Dst) (English, Paperback) Paul M Getty

    Discover how to obtain tax-deferred income and avoid taxes on capital gains. Real estate investments are a key source of wealth creation and a preferred source of income generation for millions of investors. Author Paul Getty has worked with thousands of real estate investors who have taken advantage of special tax benefits available to real estate investors that allow them to defer taxes and...

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  • The Telenovela Method
    The Telenovela Method (English, Paperback) Andrew Andrew Tracey

    After failing to learn a new language on five separate occasions, I taught myself to speak Spanish like a native in just six months by watching movies and TV shows, listening to music, and reading books and comics like Harry Potter and Garfield. This simple, easy-to-learn technique, that even the most linguistically-challenged can master literally overnight, is used by many of the most respected...

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  • The Black Mans Bible
    The Black Mans Bible (English, Paperback) The God 720

    This is the first book of it's kind. It details a young black males struggles with the world, gangs, religions, drugs, women and love. Throughout the course of all this he reads enriched scholarly material which changes his view of the world over and over again as he gets older. He battles health after he goes through a traumatic experience with the delivery of his first child. So he delivered his...

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  • Technology Business Management
    Technology Business Management (English, Hardback) Todd Tucker

    For many CIOs, the value they deliver is elusive. It's not that they do not create positive business outcomes, it's that they have a hard time demonstrating value for the money spent. As a result, many IT leaders find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of defending their budgets, cutting resources when times are tight, and struggling to keep pace with an insatiable business appetite for...

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  • Voicing Modes
    Voicing Modes (English, Paperback) Noel Johnston

    From the introduction: Modes are often at first understood in relation to a parent scale. While this can be helpful as a starting point and for developing muscle memory, in practice it doesn't always point the player to the right chord tones in relation to the sound. In other words, it doesn't help make the changes. To use modes to make the changes, one must be able to relate the scale shape to...

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  • A Big Ask
    A Big Ask (English, Paperback) David Phillips

    "A Big Ask" is the inside story of the Ford Motor Company's return to the world's most famous sports car race - The 24 Hours of Le Mans - as told by veteran motorsports journalist David Phillips and accompanied by more than 100 color images by some of the world's leading racing photographers. Half a century ago, Ford's battles with Ferrari for supremacy at Le Mans became the stuff of legends. ...

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  • Ganesh
    Ganesh (English, Hardback) Sunita Shah, James Ballance

    Ganesh is the first book in the series called the Jai Jai's. The book is unique, fun and simple and is aimed at teaching pre-school children about the God Ganesh. About the Jai Jai's From earliest memories standing in front of a Hindu temple to observing parents with their children in the current day..... the same word echoes, Do Jai Jai?. In a simple translation it means Let's pray?. The Jai...

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  • Where Dew Drops Shine Bright
    Where Dew Drops Shine Bright (English, Paperback) Reginald C Holmes

    This story chronicles the lives of three generations of black women in the deep south from 1908 to1948. It is based upon real people and real events revealed through interviews with the author's elder family members. Yet, with details long forgotten or taken to the grave, the author must use his research of the era and area along with poetic license to ?tell the story' of his ancestors. Born a...

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  • The Busy Executive Diet
    The Busy Executive Diet (English, Paperback) Gabriella Kindert

    What you'll find inside The Busy Executive Diet. Lose that excess weight and keep it off for goodeven with your hectic lifestyle! Executives face extraordinary stress and challenges to maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. Frequent travel, dinner meetings, and high pressure jobs combine to create a difficult environment, both outside and inside the body, for sustaining healthy habits. Now an...

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