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  • The Winter Queen
    The Winter Queen (Paperback) Boris Akunin

    'Think Tolstoy writing James Bond with the logical rigour of Sherlock Holmes. A hoot' Guardian

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  • The Coronation
    The Coronation (Paperback) Boris Akunin

    Fandorin returns in a swashbuckling tale of abduction and intrigue, set during the build-up to the coronation of Tsar Nicholas II.

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  • Turkish Gambit
    Turkish Gambit (Paperback) Boris Akunin

    Erast Fandorin returns in another thrilling Russian crime caper, from the bestselling author of THE WINTER QUEEN.

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  • Sister Pelagia and the Black Monk
    Sister Pelagia and the Black Monk (English, Paperback) Boris Akunin

    In the middle of the night, a disheveled and badly frightened monk arrives at the doorstep of Bishop Mitrofanii of Zavolzhsk, crying: "Something's wrong at the Hermitage!" The Hermitage is the centuries-old island monastery of New Ararat, known for its tradition of severely penitent monks, isolated environs, and a mental institution founded by a millionaire in self-imposed exile. Hearing the...

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  • She Lover Of Death
    She Lover Of Death (Paperback) Boris Akunin

    Can Fandorin infiltrate a secret society to save Moscow's youth? A dark and decadent detective story from the master of Russian crime fiction.

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  • Murder on the Leviathan
    Murder on the Leviathan (Paperback) Boris Akunin

    The second Erast Fandorin mystery from Boris Akunin, shortlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger.

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  • The Winter Queen
    The Winter Queen (English, Paperback) Boris Akunin

    Moscow, May 1876. What would cause a talented student from a wealthy family to shoot himself in front of a promenading public? Decadence and boredom, it is presumed. But young sleuth Erast Fandorin is not satisfied with the conclusion that this death is an open-and-shut case, nor with the preliminary detective work the precinct has done?and for good reason: The bizarre and tragic suicide is soon...

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  • The Diamond Chariot
    The Diamond Chariot (Paperback) Boris Akunin

    A stunning and epic finale to the series, pitting Fandorin against both Ninjas and terrorists on the Trans-Siberian Express!

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  • Pelagia and the White Bulldog
    Pelagia and the White Bulldog (Paperback) Boris Akunin

    Canine conspiracies, spurned lovers, murderous greed, jealousy, politics, power and knitting: Pelagia and the White Bulldog marks the beginning of an addictively entertaining new crime series from the internationally bestselling author, Boris Akunin.

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  • Vdovij Plat
    Vdovij Plat (Russian, Paperback) Boris Akunin $19.29
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  • Almaznaja Kolesnitsa
    Almaznaja Kolesnitsa (Russian, Paperback) Boris Akunin $35.53
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  • Sister Pelagia and the White Bulldog
    Sister Pelagia and the White Bulldog (English, Paperback) Boris Akunin

    "Pelagia's family likeness to Father Brown and Miss Marple is marked, and reading about her supplies a similarly decorous pleasure."...

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  • Chjornyj Gorod
    Chjornyj Gorod (Russian, Paperback) Boris Akunin $21.27
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  • Leviathan (Paperback) Boris Akunin

    On 15th March 1878 Lord Littleby, an English eccentric and collector, is found murdered in his Paris house together with nine members of his staff. A gold whale in the victim's hand leads Erast Fandorin to board the Leviathan, the world's largest steamship, as the murderer is one of the 142 First Class passengers.

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  • Detskaja Kniga Dlja Mal'chikov
    Detskaja Kniga Dlja Mal'chikov (Russian, Paperback) Boris Akunin $26.23
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  • The State Counsellor
    The State Counsellor (English, Hardback) Boris Akunin

    Since the publication of The Winter Queen, a New York Times Notable Book and the first mystery featuring Erast Fandorin, Boris Akunin's historical mystery series has become a worldwide sensation, selling millions of copies and propelling Akunin into the ranks of Russia's most widely read contemporary novelists. The first new Fandorin novel available to an American audience in a decade, The State...

    $23.16 $25.00
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  • The Death of Achilles
    The Death of Achilles (Paperback) Boris Akunin

    Erast Fandorin returns to Moscow, and he just can't seem to keep out of trouble... The fourth novel in the bestselling crime series from the author of THE WINTER QUEEN.

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  • He Lover of Death
    He Lover of Death (Paperback) Boris Akunin

    Akunin goes noir as Fandorin meets bandits!

    $14.47 $17.25
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  • Das Geheimnis der Jadekette
    Das Geheimnis der Jadekette (German, Paperback) Boris Akunin

    "Ein absolut kultverdächtiger Historienheld." Brigitte Mit Charme und Bravour löst der beliebte russische Ermittler spannende Fälle in Moskau, St. Petersburg und anderswo. Ob ein erschlagener Aniquitätenhändler, ein verschwundenes adliges Fräulein oder eine grausige Selbstmordserie bei den Altgläubigen im winterlichen Norden - Fandorin ermittelt mit erstaunlicher Kombinationsgabe und...

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  • Der Tote im Salonwagen
    Der Tote im Salonwagen (German, Paperback) Boris Akunin $15.33
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