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  • Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide Simple Steps to Bulk Cultivation
    Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide Simple Steps to Bulk Cultivation (Paperback) Principium Quaesitor

    This book is a comprehensive manual on the bulk cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms, using do-it-yourself equipment made of common materials wherever possible. It walks you through every step of the procedure, providing easy-to-follow instructions, essential information, and useful advice about growing these magical fungi using a simple and economical methodology.This book provides hundreds of...

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  • Kew Plant Glossary, The
    Kew Plant Glossary, The (English, Paperback) Henk Beentje

    This plant glossary includes all descriptive terms used in floras, plant field guides and monographs. In this second edition 4,500 botanical terms are described with accompanying illustrations, including a new section on vegetation terms and an updated colour section.

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  • Comanche Marker Trees of Texas
    Comanche Marker Trees of Texas (English, Paperback) Steve Houser, Linda Pelon

    In this unprecedented effort to gather and share knowledge of the Native American practice of creating, designating, and making use of marker trees, an arborist, an anthropologist, and a Comanche tribal officer have merged their wisdom, research, and years of personal experience to create Comanche Marker Trees of Texas, USA.

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  • Plant Factory
    Plant Factory (English, Paperback) Toyoki Kozai

    Plant Factory: An Indoor Vertical Farming System for Efficient Quality Food Production provides information on a field that is helping to offset the threats that unusual weather and shortages of land and natural resources bring to the food supply.As alternative options are needed to ensure adequate and efficient production of food, this book represents the only available resource to take a...

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  • Kew Tropical Plant Identification Handbook, The
    Kew Tropical Plant Identification Handbook, The (English, Paperback) Timothy Utteridge

    A guide to the commonly encountered and ecologically important plants of the tropics. In this second edition, an additional 17 plant families are described, bringing the total number to 104, all described in detail and richly illustrated showing the important identification characters.

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  • Mosses, Liverworts, and Hornworts
    Mosses, Liverworts, and Hornworts (English, Paperback) Ralph Pope

    This photo-based field guide to the more common or distinctive bryophytes of northeastern North America gives beginners the tools they need to identify most specimens without using a compound microscope.

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  • Comfortably Unaware
    Comfortably Unaware (English, Paperback) Richard A. Oppenlander

    In Comfortably Unaware, Dr. Richard Oppenlander tackles the crucial issue of global depletion as it relates to food choice. We should all be committed, he tells us, to understanding the reality and consequences of our diet, the footprint it makes on our environment, and seek food products that are in the best interest of all living things. His forthright information and stark mental images are...

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  • Teaming with Nutrients
    Teaming with Nutrients (English, Hardback) Jeff Lowenfels

    The book that every environmentally-responsible gardener needs to understand the science behind plant nutrition and the best ways to make it work sustainably for both their plants and the wider environment.

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  • Raven Biology of Plants
    Raven Biology of Plants (English, Hardback) Ray F. Evert, Susan E. Eichhorn

    Long acclaimed as the definitive introductory botany text, Raven Biology of Plants, Eighth Edition by Ray Evert, Susan Eichhorn, stands as the most significant revision in the book's history. Every topic was updated with information obtained from the most recent primary literature, making the book valuable for both students and professionals.

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  • Edible Wild Plants for Beginners
    Edible Wild Plants for Beginners (English, Paperback) Althea Press

    Wild plants are not only beautiful, but they can also be an affordable and sustainable way to add flavor and nutrition to your diet. Edible Wild Plants for Beginners provides you with the essential information and guidance to begin foraging for edible wild plants and including them in your diet. Edible Wild Plants for Beginners provides profiles of common edible wild plants and includes...

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  • Trees
    Trees (English, Paperback) Peter A. Thomas

    An updated and revised edition providing an introduction to all aspects of tree biology and ecology.

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  • Modern Bonsai Practice
    Modern Bonsai Practice (Hardback) Larry W Morton

    The most current, useful information on growing Bonsai. Fresh, practical, definitive, comprehensive reference guide to the finest art of horticulture: growing miniature trees. Common sense bonsai answers separating myth from fact with depth and detail. Appropriate for both bonsai hobbyists and experienced practitioners. Featuring Walter Pall Bonsai.Contents:Foreword, by Walter Pall...

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  • Keys to Lichens of North America
    Keys to Lichens of North America (English, Paperback) Irwin M. Brodo, Sylvia Duran Sharnoff

    Created in response to requests from longtime users, this addition to the acclaimed reference to North American lichens compiles updated and expanded keys for the identification of these fascinating organisms. An ideal laboratory resource, it covers over 2,000 species of lichens indigenous to the continent. There is no comparable volume available for classroom, workshop, or private use. A glossary...

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  • RHS Latin for Gardeners
    RHS Latin for Gardeners (Hardback) Royal Horticultural Society

    This beautifully illustrated guide unlocks the mysteries of botanical Latin explaining what plant names mean and the descriptive clues they conceal.

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  • LED Lighting for Urban Agriculture
    LED Lighting for Urban Agriculture (English, Hardback) Toyoki Kozai

    This book focuses on light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, mainly for the commercial production of horticultural crops in plant factories and greenhouses with controlled environments, giving special attention to: 1) plant growth and development as affected by the light environment; and 2) business and technological opportunities and challenges with regard to LEDs. The book contains more than 30...

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  • Horticultural Therapy Methods
    Horticultural Therapy Methods (English, Paperback) Rebecca L. Haller

    Horticultural therapy has evolved from its use only by volunteer gardeners to become a recognized and respected therapeutic modality conducted by trained, registered professionals. Horticultural Therapy Methods is the first textbook to describe the processes and techniques used to provide horticultural therapy interventions and the rationale for their use. This book presents types of programs,...

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  • Plant-Thinking
    Plant-Thinking (English, Paperback) Michael Marder

    The margins of philosophy are populated by non-human, non-animal living beings, including plants. While contemporary philosophers tend to refrain from raising ontological and ethical concerns with vegetal life, Michael Marder puts this life at the forefront of the current deconstruction of metaphysics. He identifies the existential features of plant behavior and the vegetal heritage of human...

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  • Botany
    Botany (English, Hardback) James D. Mauseth

    Botany: An Introduction to Plant Biology continues to set the standard for the fundamentals of plant science. No botany text better connects structure to function and does so with higher quality art and imagery. Combining strong scientific grounding with an approachable writing style, Botany teaches and engages. The essentials to a foundational understanding of plant science are all there,...

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  • Blue Orchid and Big Tree
    Blue Orchid and Big Tree (English, Paperback) Sue Shephard, Toby Musgrave $23.67 $35.00
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  • Genus Meconopsis, The
    Genus Meconopsis, The (English, Hardback) Christopher Grey-Wilson

    This new and complete revision of Meconopsis takes into account all the work published since the last monograph on the plant group in 1934, coupled with field observations by the author and other renowned experts, and full of stunning colour photographs.

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