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  • Rationality and Logic by Robert Hanna
    Rationality and Logic (English, Paperback) Robert Hanna

    An argument that logic is intrinsically psychological and human psychology is intrinsically logical, and that the connection between human rationality and logic is both constitutive and mutual.

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  • The Computational Beauty of Nature by Gary William Flake
    The Computational Beauty of Nature (English, Paperback) Gary William Flake

    Gary William Flake develops in depth the simple idea that recurrent rules can produce rich and complicated behaviors.

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  • Readings in the Philosophy of Social Science by Michael Martin
    Readings in the Philosophy of Social Science (English, Paperback) Michael Martin

    the first comprehensive anthology in the philosophy of social science to appear since the late 1960s

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  • Cognition in the Wild by Edwin Hutchins
    Cognition in the Wild (English, Paperback) Edwin Hutchins

    An account of how anthropological methods can be combined with cognitive theory in studies of cognition. Drawing comparisons with navigation, this study argues that cultural systems have cognitive properties of their own that differ from the cognitive properties of the individuals within them.

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  • Moral Psychology: Volume 1 by Walter Sinnott-Armstrong
    Moral Psychology: Volume 1 (English, Paperback) Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

    Philosophers and psychologists discuss new collaborative work in moral philosophy that draws on evolutionary psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience.

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  • A Natural History of Rape by Randy Thornhill
    A Natural History of Rape (English, Paperback) Randy Thornhill, Craig T. Palmer

    A biologist and an anthropologist use evolutionary biology to explain the causes and inform the prevention of rape.

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  • Vehicles by Valentino Braitenberg
    Vehicles (English, Paperback) Valentino Braitenberg

    These imaginative thought experiments are the inventions of one of the world's eminent brain researchers.

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  • Conceptual Spaces by Peter Gardenfors
    Conceptual Spaces (English, Paperback) Peter Gardenfors

    A new theory of conceptual representations as a bridge between the symbolic and connectionist approaches.

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  • Applying Cognitive Science to Education by Frederick Reif
    Applying Cognitive Science to Education (English, Paperback) Frederick Reif

    An accessible introduction to some of the cognitive issues important for thinking and learning in scientific or other complex domains (such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, or expository writing), with practical educational applications and implementation methods.

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  • The Probabilistic Revolution: Volume 1 by Lorenz Kruger
    The Probabilistic Revolution: Volume 1 (English, Paperback) Lorenz Kruger

    This monumental work traces the rise, the transformation, and the diffusion of probabilistic and statistical thinking in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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  • Explaining Consciousness by Jonathan Shear
    Explaining Consciousness (English, Paperback) Jonathan Shear

    Why doesn't all this cognitive processing go on "in the dark," without any consciousness at all? In this book philosophers, physicists, psychologists, neurophysiologists, computer scientists, and others address this central topic in the growing discipline of consciousness studies.

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  • The Intentional Stance by Daniel C. Dennett
    The Intentional Stance (English, Paperback) Daniel C. Dennett

    Through the use of such "folk" concepts as belief, desire, intention, and expectation, Daniel Dennett asserts in this first full scale presentation of a theory of intentionality that he has been developing for almost twenty years.

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  • Brain-Wise by Patricia S. Churchland
    Brain-Wise (English, Paperback) Patricia S. Churchland

    A neurophilosopher?s take on the self, free will, human understanding, and the experience of God, from the perspective of the brain.

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  • Auditory Scene Analysis by Albert S. Bregman
    Auditory Scene Analysis (English, Paperback) Albert S. Bregman

    Auditory Scene Analysis addresses the problem of hearing complex auditory environments, using a series of creative analogies to describe the process required of the human auditory system as it analyzes mixtures of sounds to recover descriptions of individual sounds.

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  • Concepts by Eric Margolis
    Concepts (English, Paperback) Eric Margolis

    Traces the develoment of one of the most active areas of investigation in cognitive science, bringing together the essential background readings and providing a broad sampling of contemporary research.

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  • Mental Leaps by Keith James Holyoak
    Mental Leaps (English, Paperback) Keith James Holyoak, Paul Thagard

    In this text the authors discuss how analogy works and how it can be used most effectively. This account of the diverse operations and applications of analogy includes problem-solving, decision-making, explanation and communication.

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  • The Syntactic Process by Mark Steedman
    The Syntactic Process (English, Paperback) Mark Steedman

    This book covers topics in formal linguistics, intonational phonology, computational linguistics, and experimental psycholinguistics, presenting them as an integrated theory of the language faculty.

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  • Asymmetries In Time by Paul Horwich
    Asymmetries In Time (English, Paperback) Paul Horwich

    In this intriguing book, Paul Horwich makes precise and explicit the interrelationships between time and a large number of philosophically important notions.

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  • Explaining Behavior by Fred I. Dretske
    Explaining Behavior (English, Paperback) Fred I. Dretske, Rudiger Dornbusch

    In this lucid portrayal of human behavior, Fred Dretske provides an original account of the way reasons function in the causal explanation of behavior.

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  • The Nature of Truth by Michael P. Lynch
    The Nature of Truth (English, Paperback) Michael P. Lynch

    These essays center around two questions: Does truth have an underlying nature? And if so, what sort of nature does it have?

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