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Brahm Revel

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  • Guerillas Volume 4 by Brahm Revel
    Guerillas Volume 4 (English, Paperback) Brahm Revel

    Southeast Asia, 1970. A troop of experimental chimpanzee soldiers have escaped from the U.S. Army and into the jungles of Vietnam. Despite being free from their captors, the chimps have continued to do exactly what they were trained to do... kill. But as memories of a time before the war begin to surface, the chimps are forced to question why they are fighting at all. In the thrilling finale to...

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  • Guerillas by Brahm Revel
    Guerillas (English, Paperback) Brahm Revel

    Binge the entire, critically-acclaimed and fan-favorite Guerillas series from Brahm Revel in one omnibus edition!...

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  • Guerillas Volume 2 by Brahm Revel
    Guerillas Volume 2 (English, Paperback) Brahm Revel

    Private John Francis Clayton's strange tour of duty in Vietnam gets stranger as he struggles with the unbelievable facts he is faced with. The elite platoon of simian soldiers he's encountered don't make any more sense to him than the war he's been sent to fight, but is this squad of chain-smoking chimps the most dangerous force in the jungle?

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  • Guerillas Volume 1 by Brahm Revel
    Guerillas Volume 1 (English, Paperback) Brahm Revel

    Private John Francis Clayton is on his first tour of duty in Vietnam, facing death at every turn in the middle of a war he doesn't understand. Clayton is just trying to stay alive when he encounters an elite platoon of... simian soldiers?

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  • Guerillas 4 by Brahm Revel
    Guerillas 4 (German, Hardback) Brahm Revel $21.85
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  • Last Winter by Larry Fessenden
    Last Winter (English, Paperback) Larry Fessenden, Robert Leaver

    Tells the story of an oil company's advance team struggling to establish a drilling base in the Arctic that will forever alter the pristine land of Northern Alaska.

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  • Marvel Knights: X-men - Haunted by Brahm Revel
    Marvel Knights: X-men - Haunted (English, Paperback) Brahm Revel

    In a small cabin in the woods, the X-Men find a young mutant learning to control her powers.but she's not alone! As the X-Men are ambushed by a horde of supervillains and two new mutants' powers begin to spiral out of control, can the X-Men save an entire town? Or, as infighting threatens to pit teammate against teammate, will the scattered and manipulated X-Men fall to an army of foes ripped from...

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