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Brian Clegg

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  • Gravitational Waves by Brian Clegg
    Gravitational Waves (English, Paperback) Brian Clegg

    On 14 September 2015, after 50 years of searching, gravitational waves were detected for the first time and astronomy changed for ever.

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  • The Graphene Revolution by Brian Clegg
    The Graphene Revolution (English, Paperback) Brian Clegg

    Welcome to the wonderful world of graphene, the thinnest substance known to science

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  • The Reality Frame by Brian Clegg
    The Reality Frame (English, Paperback) Brian Clegg

    A thrilling journey from empty space all the way to the human mind.

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  • Big Data by Brian Clegg
    Big Data (English, Paperback) Brian Clegg

    New for Icon's Hot Science series - a startling insight into the data that runs our lives.

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  • Biographic: Tesla by Brian Clegg
    Biographic: Tesla (English, Hardback) Brian Clegg

    A vivid snapshot of Nikola Tesla's life illustrated through 50 defining facts, dates, thoughts, habits and achievements, presented in 150 striking infographics.

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  • Biographic: Einstein by Brian Clegg
    Biographic: Einstein (English, Hardback) Brian Clegg

    A fascinating portrait of Albert Einstein in 50 defining facts, illustrated through 150 stunning infographics.

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  • A Brief History of Infinity by Brian Clegg
    A Brief History of Infinity (Paperback) Brian Clegg

    The story of a philosophical and mathematical concept that has driven men insane

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  • Cracking Quantum Physics by Brian Clegg
    Cracking Quantum Physics (Hardback) Brian Clegg

    An accessible, comprehensive and fully illustrated guide to the fascinating field of Quantum Physics.

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  • How to Build a Time Machine by Brian Clegg
    How to Build a Time Machine (English, Paperback) Brian Clegg

    Looks at the current scientific understanding of time and the theoretical science that demonstrates the possibility of time travel technology.

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  • How Many Moons Does the Earth Have? by Brian Clegg
    How Many Moons Does the Earth Have? (English, Paperback) Brian Clegg

    The mind-bending quiz book that every science geek needs in their Christmas stocking

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  • Before The Big Bang by Brian Clegg
    Before The Big Bang (English, Paperback) Brian Clegg

    Explores the history of the Big Bang concept. From the earliest creation myths, through Hershel's realization that the Milky Way was one of many galaxies, to the debates about Black Holes, this title looks at the origins of the universe and the many theories that led to the acceptance of the Big Bang.

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  • Gravity by Brian Clegg
    Gravity (English, Hardback) Brian Clegg

    Physicists will tell you that four forces control the universe. Of these, gravity may the most obvious, but it is also the most mysterious. Whether it's the reality of anti-gravity or the unexpected discovery that a ball and a laser beam drop at the same rate, gravity is the force that fascinates. This book deals with gravity.

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  • Light Years by Brian Clegg
    Light Years (English, Paperback) Brian Clegg

    The fully updated 2nd edition of this critically acclaimed book covers the exciting developments in light science of the past five years. Light Years is an engaging survey of everything we know of the universe's most enigmatic phenomenon and the remarkable people who have been captivated by it.

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  • 30-Second Newton by Brian Clegg
    30-Second Newton (Hardback) Brian Clegg

    Offers an understanding of the key theories that formed the core of Newton's thinking, and looks at the roles he played over his long life, and at the network of connections he forged with his contemporaries.

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  • Introducing Infinity by Brian Clegg
    Introducing Infinity (English, Paperback) Brian Clegg, Oliver Pugh

    Compact INTRODUCING guide to a boundlessly intriguing topic.

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  • The Quantum Age by Brian Clegg
    The Quantum Age (English, Paperback) Brian Clegg

    Acclaimed popular science author Brian Clegg demonstrates how quantum physics underpins everyday life.

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  • Inflight Science by Brian Clegg
    Inflight Science (English, Paperback) Brian Clegg

    The perfect companion to any flight - a guide to the science on view from your window seat

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  • The God Effect by Brian Clegg
    The God Effect (English, Paperback) Brian Clegg

    An introduction to the quantum phenomenon of "entanglement" cites its potential in interstellar communication, computers of unprecedented power, and teleportation capabilities. By the author of A Brief History of Infinity. 15,000 first printing.

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  • Dice World by Brian Clegg
    Dice World (English, Paperback) Brian Clegg

    Brian Clegg takes readers on an incredible trip around our random universe and the chaos that underpins it.

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  • Science for Life by Brian Clegg
    Science for Life (English, Paperback) Brian Clegg

    A reference tool for informed modern living that separates scientific truth from media myth.

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