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Brian Degas

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  • Escape from Colditz by Pat Reid
    Escape from Colditz (English, Game) Pat Reid, Brian Degas

    The definitive edition of an iconic board game.

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    5 stars

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  • The Wars of Atlantis by Brian Degas
    The Wars of Atlantis (English, Paperback) Brian Degas, Phil Masters

    From there, the divinely-descended lords of the western ocean made war on the rest of the world, until a brave resistance drove them back, and the gods punished them for their hubris. In that last cataclysmic struggle between gods and mortals, the whole island continent sank beneath the sea.

    $16.18 $17.95
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  • Sinbad the Sailor by Brian Degas
    Sinbad the Sailor (English, Paperback) Brian Degas, Phil Masters

    Retells the story of Sinbad the Sailor and recounts tales of the voyages on which he acquired his wealth, of the strange peoples and monsters he encountered along the way and of lands beyond the horizon.

    $16.29 $17.95
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