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  • Goal Mapping by Brian Mayne
    Goal Mapping (English, Paperback) Brian Mayne

    The Goal Mapping system is a tried, tested, proven and popular method for setting and achieving goals in any area of life, and in any endeavour. This book aims to have an impact on both the left and the right sides of the brain, to create power. It uses imagery and the language of the subconscious. It combines words with pictures and symbols.

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  • Life Mapping by Brian Mayne
    Life Mapping (Paperback) Brian Mayne, Sangeeta Mayne

    In the fast changing world of today, we can all benefit from guidance in steering a course through the inevitable ups and downs of life. In capturing this picture of your potential and holding it up as a beacon, your Life Map will help you define a vision of where you choose to go in life and supply a set of principles to help guide you there.

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  • Self Mapping by Brian Mayne
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  • Self Mapping: How to Awaken Your True Self by Brian Mayne
    Self Mapping: How to Awaken Your True Self (English, Paperback) Brian Mayne

    Takes steps on a journey of 'self' discovery through the stages of: Self-Awareness, Self-Belief, Self-Image, Self-Esteem, Self-Acceptance, Self-Love, Self-Actualisation, Self-Integration, and Self-Renewal, creating your own Self Map along the way. This title helps to discover the way to improve and enhance your 'Self'.

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  • Sam The Magic Genie by Brian Mayne
    Sam The Magic Genie (Paperback) Brian Mayne

    The main character, a boy called Joseph, struggles with life and feelings of being unloved, when lo and behold Sam the magic genie appears to take him on a journey of his mind! Flying around Joseph's mind on a magic carpet, Sam teaches Joseph about positive thinking and how negative thoughts lead to negative consequences.

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