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Brian V Street

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  • Literacy in Theory and Practice by Brian V. Street
    Literacy in Theory and Practice (English, Paperback) Brian V. Street

    This text challenges conventional theories about literacy. It attempts to provide a perspective through which the variety of literacy practices across different cultures can be viewed, and from which the practical issues that arise in specific literacy campaigns and programmes can be approached.

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  • Social Literacies by Brian V. Street
    Social Literacies (English, Paperback) Brian V. Street

    This text examines literacy, politics and social change, the ethnography of literacy and literacy in education, and explores a new critical framework.

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  • Language, Ethnography, and Education by Michael Grenfell
    Language, Ethnography, and Education (English, Paperback) Michael Grenfell, David Bloome

    This frontline volume contributes to the social study of education in general and literacy in particular by bringing together in a new way the traditions of language, ethnography, and education. Integrating New Literacy Studies and Bourdieusian sociology with ethnographic approaches to the study of classroom practice, it offers an original and useful reference point for scholars and students of...

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  • Literacy by Brian V. Street
    Literacy (English, Paperback) Brian V. Street, Adam Lefstein

    A textbook which provides students and researchers with support for advanced study of the topic. It introduces readers to a broad range of approaches to understanding literacy in educational contexts and in society. It integrates psychological, educational and anthropological approaches to literacy and its consequences for individuals and society.

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  • The Savage in Literature by Brian V. Street
    The Savage in Literature (English, Paperback) Brian V. Street

    First published in 1975, this study is concerned with the representation of non-European people in English popular fiction in the period from 1858-1920. It examines the developments in thinking about people across the world and shows how they affected writers' views of evolution, race, heredity and of the life of the so-called ?primitive' man....

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  • The Routledge Companion to English Studies by Constant Leung
    The Routledge Companion to English Studies (English, Paperback) Constant Leung

    English is now a global phenomenon no longer defined by fixed territorial, cultural and social functions. The Routledge Companion to English Studies provides an authoritative overview of the subject area. Taking into account the changing conceptualisations of English, this companion considers both historical trajectories and contemporary perspectives while also showcasing the state-of-the-art...

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  • Literacies and Language Education by Brian V. Street
    Literacies and Language Education (English, Hardback) Brian V. Street

    Fully revised and updated, the third edition of Springer's landmark reference includes a new volume on technology in language education. The volume on literacy benefits from the edition's inclusion of material from non-English-speaking and non-western regions.

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