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  • Jambusters
    Jambusters (Paperback) Julie Summers

    The compelling true story of how the Women's Institute pulled Britain through the war with pots of jam and a spirit of make-do-and-mend.

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  • Life in the UK Test: Handbook 2017
    Life in the UK Test: Handbook 2017 (Paperback) Henry Dillon

    Contains the complete official study materials reproduced from Life in the United Kingdom: A guide for new residents 3rd edition as well as expert study advice and diagrams. Purchasers also get a free subscription to online tests at Everything you need to pass the test with confidence in one book.

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  • Jambusters
    Jambusters (Paperback) Julie Summers

    Published to coincide with the release of a major ITV drama series HOME FIRES, inspired by the book

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  • Wild Ruins
    Wild Ruins (Paperback) Dave Hamilton

    Discover and explore Britain's extraordinary history through its most beautiful lost ruins. From crag-top castles to crumbling houses lost in ancient forest, and ivy-encrusted relics of industry to sacred places long since over-grown.


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  • Inglorious Empire
    Inglorious Empire (English, Hardback) Shashi Tharoor

    Inglorious Empire tells the real story of the British in India - from the arrival of the East India Company to the end of the Raj - revealing how Britain's rise was built upon its plunder of India.

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  • Lady Katherine Knollys
    Lady Katherine Knollys (English, Paperback) Sarah-Beth Watkins

    This fascinating book studies Katherine Knollys' life and times, including her intriguing relationship with Elizabeth I.

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  • The Blood Never Dried
    The Blood Never Dried (English, Paperback) John Newsinger

    The Blood Never Dried challenges the rising chorus of claims that the British Empire was a kinder, gentler force in the world of imperialism. John Newsinger sets out to uncover this neglected history of repression and resistance. To the boast that 'the sun never set on the British Empire' the Chartist Ernest Jones replied 'and the blood never dried.' This new, updated edition brings the story up...

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  • Tudor Brandons
    Tudor Brandons (English, Paperback) Sarah-Beth Watkins

    The Life and Times of Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon.

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  • This Boy
    This Boy (English, Paperback) Alan Johnson

    Alan Johnson's childhood was not so much difficult as unusual, particularly for a man who was destined to become Home Secretary. This book tells the story of two incredible women: Alan's mother, Lily, who battled against poor health, poverty, domestic violence and loneliness to try to ensure a better life for her children; and his sister, Linda.

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  • How to be a Victorian
    How to be a Victorian (Paperback) Ruth Goodman

    We know what life was like for Victoria and Albert. But what was it like for a commoner like you or me? How did it feel to cook with coal and wash with tea leaves? Drink beer for breakfast and clean your teeth with cuttlefish? Dress in whalebone and feed opium to the baby? This book helps you teach what you need to know about 19th century living.

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  • Making Sense of the Troubles
    Making Sense of the Troubles (Paperback) David McKittrick, David McVea

    The best one-volume history of the Troubles, from the Irish Civil War through the IRA campaign of the 70s onwards to today's historic power-sharing government in Belfast

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  • Churchill and Ireland
    Churchill and Ireland (English, Hardback) Paul Bew

    The full story of Winston Churchill's lifelong engagement with Ireland and the Irish, now told for the first time. A long overdue book which at last addresses the most neglected part of Churchill's legacy on both sides of the Irish Sea.

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  • Doctor Turner's Casebook
    Doctor Turner's Casebook (Hardback) Stephen McGann

    A nostalgic diary and social history narrative of what life was like for the real-life Doctor Turner from the smash-hit BBC series, Call The Midwife

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  • Dirty Old London
    Dirty Old London (English, Paperback) Lee Jackson

    In Victorian London, filth was everywhere: horse traffic filled the streets with dung, household rubbish went uncollected, cesspools brimmed with "night soil," graveyards teemed with rotting corpses, the air itself was choked with smoke. In this intimately visceral book, Lee Jackson guides us through the underbelly of the Victorian metropolis, introducing us to the men and women who...

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  • Pagan Britain
    Pagan Britain (English, Paperback) Ronald Hutton

    Britain's pagan past, with its mysterious monuments, atmospheric sites, enigmatic artifacts, bloodthirsty legends, and cryptic inscriptions, is both enthralling and perplexing to a resident of the twenty-first century. In this ambitious and thoroughly up-to-date book, Ronald Hutton reveals the long development, rapid suppression, and enduring cultural significance of paganism, from the Paleolithic...

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  • Civil War: Volume III
    Civil War: Volume III (Paperback) Peter Ackroyd

    The third volume of Peter Ackroyd's magisterial six-part History of England, taking readers from the accession of the first Stuart king, James I, to the overthrow of his grandson, James II.

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  • Lost England: 1870-1930
    Lost England: 1870-1930 (Hardback) Philip Davies

    Around 1500 photographs reveal what it was like to live in Victorian and Edwardian England. The long awaited sequel to Lost London

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  • The Curious History of Irish Dogs
    The Curious History of Irish Dogs (English, Hardback) David Blake Knox

    Did you know that.The Irish have the highest proportion of dog ownership in Europe? The first probable reference to the Kerry Blue comes from 1847, when Major Richardson, the Wolfhound breeder and enthusiast, described what he termed 'a harlequin terrier'? The Irish Wolfhound was first described by Julius Caesar in De bello Gallico? In 1920 Michael Collins organised a breed show for the Kerry...

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  • Mary Ann Cotton - Dark Angel
    Mary Ann Cotton - Dark Angel (English, Paperback) Martin Connolly

    Full background to the life of the alleged serial killer, Mary Ann Cotton

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  • Edward II
    Edward II (English, Paperback) Kathryn Warner

    The dramatic life and mysterious death of the reviled Edward II, focusing on the vivid personality of the erratic and contradictory king, his unorthodox lifestyle and his passionate relationships with his male favourites, including Piers Gaveston

    $18.61 $22.95
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