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  • A Noble Radiance by Donna Leon
    A Noble Radiance (English, Paperback)

    Commissario Brunetti is faced with another dark mystery. But the new owner, keen for renovations to begin, is summoned urgently to the house when his workmen disturb a macabre grave. It leads Commissario Guido Brunetti right to the heart of aristocratic Venice, to a family still grieving for its abducted son ...

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  • Wilful Behaviour by Donna Leon
    Wilful Behaviour (English, Paperback)

    When Commissario Brunetti receives a visit from one of his wife's students with a strange and vague interest in investigating the possibility of a pardon for a crime committed by her grandfather many years ago, he thinks little of it, despite being intrigued by the girl's intelligence and moral conscience.

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  • A Sea Of Troubles by Donna Leon
    A Sea Of Troubles (English, Paperback)

    The murder of two clam fishermen off the island of Pellestrina, south of the Lido on the Venetian lagoon, draws Commissario Brunetti into the close-knit community of the island, bound together by a code of loyalty and a suspicion of outsiders worthy of the Mafia.

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  • Beastly Things by Donna Leon
    Beastly Things (English, Paperback)

    When a body is found floating in a canal, strangely disfigured and with multiple stab wounds, Commissario Brunetti is called to investigate and is convinced he recognises the man from somewhere. Acting on the fragile lead, Brunetti and Ispettore Vianello set out to uncover the man's identity.

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  • Friends In High Places by Donna Leon
    Friends In High Places (English, Paperback)

    When Commissario Guido Brunetti is visited by a young bureaucrat investigating the lack of official approval for the building of his apartment years earlier, his first reaction, like any other Venetian, is to think of whom he knows who might bring pressure to bear on the relevant government department.

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  • The Girl of His Dreams by Donna Leon
    The Girl of His Dreams (English, Paperback)

    One rainy morning Commissario Brunetti and Ispettore Vianello respond to an emergency call reporting a body floating near some steps on the Grand Canal. Reaching down to pull it out, Brunetti's wrist is caught by the silkiness of golden hair, and he sees a small foot - together he and Vianello lift a dead girl from the water.

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  • Falling in Love by Donna Leon
    Falling in Love (English, Paperback)

    In Death at La Fenice, Donna Leon's first novel in the Commissario Brunetti series, readers were introduced to the glamorous and cut-throat world of opera and to one of Italy's finest living sopranos, Flavia Petrelli - then a suspect in the poisoning of a renowned German conductor.

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  • Suffer the Little Children by Donna Leon
    Suffer the Little Children (English, Paperback)

    When Commissario Brunetti is summoned to the hospital bedside of a senior paediatrician whose skull has been brutally fractured, he is confronted with more questions than answers. Three men have burst into the doctor's apartment in the middle of the night, attacked him and took his 18-month-old son - but why?

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  • Uniform Justice by Donna Leon
    Uniform Justice (English, Paperback)

    Neither Commissario Brunetti nor his wife Paola have ever had much sympathy for the Italian armed forces, so when a young cadet is found hanged, at Venice's elite military academy, Brunetti's emotions are complex. But as Brunetti - and the indispensable Signorina Elettra - investigate further, no one seems willing to talk.

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  • About Face by Donna Leon
    About Face (English, Paperback)

    At a dinner party given by his parents-in-law, Commissario Brunetti meets Franca Marinello, the wife of a prosperous Venetian businessman. He believes the man's death is connected to the illegal transportation of refuse - and more sinister material - in his company's trucks.

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  • Blood From A Stone by Donna Leon
    Blood From A Stone (English, Paperback)

    On a cold night shortly before Christmas, an immigrant street vendor is killed in Venice's Campo Santo Stefano. But once Brunetti begins investigating this unfamiliar Venetian underworld, he discovers that matters of great value are at stake in the immigrant community...

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  • Doctored Evidence by Donna Leon
    Doctored Evidence (English, Paperback)

    When a wealthy Venetian woman is found brutally murdered, the prime suspect is her Romanian maid, who has fled the city. As she attempts to leave the country, carrying a considerable sum of money and forged papers, the maid runs into the path of an oncoming train and is killed.

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  • Death in a Strange Country by Donna Leon
    Death in a Strange Country (English, Paperback)

    Then something very incriminating is discovered in the dead man's flat - something which points to the existence of a high-level cabal - and Brunetti becomes convinced that somebody, somewhere, is taking great pains to provide a ready-made solution to the crime ...

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  • By Its Cover by Donna Leon
    By Its Cover (English, Paperback)

    By Its Cover is the much anticipated twenty-third instalment in Donna Leon's bestselling crime series, where Commissario Brunetti is better than ever as he addresses questions of worth and value alongside his ever-faithful team of Ispettore Vianello and Signorina Elettra.

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  • A Question of Belief by Donna Leon
    A Question of Belief (English, Paperback)

    As Venice experiences a debilitating heatwave, Commissario Brunetti escapes the city to spend time with his family. Not knowing what to do, he consults Brunetti and asks permission to trail her. Intrigued, Brunetti asks Signorina Elettra to find out what she can while he's away.

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  • Through a Glass Darkly by Donna Leon
    Through a Glass Darkly (English, Paperback)

    It is a luminous spring day in Venice, as Commissario Brunetti and Inspettore Vianello come to the rescue of Vianello's friend Marco Ribetti, who has been arrested while protesting against chemical pollution of the Venetian lagoon, only to be faced by the fury of Marco's father-in-law, owner of a glass factory on the island of Murano.

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  • Fatal Remedies by Donna Leon
    Fatal Remedies (English, Paperback)

    As his professional and personal lives clash, Brunetti's own career is under threat - and the conspiracy which Paola had risked everything to expose draws him inexorably to the brink ...

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  • Drawing Conclusions by Donna Leon
    Drawing Conclusions (English, Paperback)

    A heart attack seems the likely cause, but Commissario Brunetti is not so sure and decides to take a closer look. Brunetti's investigation takes him deep into the dark heart of his beloved Venice.

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  • The Golden Egg by Donna Leon
    The Golden Egg (English, Paperback)

    Celebrated by The Times as one of the 50 Greatest Crime Writers, Donna Leon brings Venice to life in the twenty-second Brunetti novel of this bestselling series, where our detective must uncover the mystery surrounding a mute man's murder.

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  • Beastly Things by Donna Leon
    Beastly Things (English, CD-Audio)

    When a body is found floating in a canal, strangely disfigured and with multiple stab wounds, Commissario Brunetti is called to investigate and is convinced he recognises the man from somewhere. Acting on the fragile lead, Brunetti and Inspector Vianello set out to uncover the man's identity.

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