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  • Emotion 2018
    Emotion 2018 (English, Calendar) David Vance

    It rarely gets more beautiful than when men step in front of David Vance's lens: He is a master of timeless beauty and elegant erotic imagery. "Emotion", as a book or calendar, is always perfection. The tasteful, erotic images are never overtly sexual, which makes the calendar safe for work.

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  • Resonators
    Resonators (English, Hardback) Scarlet Page

    RESONATORS is a personal project by the photographer Scarlet Page.

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  • Lucasmen International 2018
    Lucasmen International 2018 (English, Calendar) Lucas Entertainment

    2018 doesn't get any hotter than with this Lucas Entertainment calendar. It's safe for work, an ideal gift item, and suitable for public spaces in the house.

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  • Raging Stallion 2018
    Raging Stallion 2018 (English, Calendar) Raging Stallion

    The hairiest, manliest, and sexiest men: Twelve of them are presented in this 2018 calendar by premium adult film studio Raging Stallion. A must-have for all Raging Stallion fans!

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  • My Brother and His Brother
    My Brother and His Brother (English, Paperback) Hakan Lindquist

    Coming-of-age novel, detective story and a gripping as well as touching book about love and memory, "My Brother and His Brother" tells the story of 18-year-old Jonas and his quest to discover the truth about the deceased older brother he never got to meet.

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  • Tie Me Up! The Complete Guide to Bondage
    Tie Me Up! The Complete Guide to Bondage (English, Paperback) Stephan Niederwieser

    The Ties That Bind

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  • Wet 2018
    Wet 2018 (English, Calendar) Dylan Rosser

    Dylan Rosser has been shooting the male nude for almost two decades. Now comes his first water-themed calendar, "Wet 2018," dedicated to sexy men with bare-naked, wet skin.

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  • Cum! The Complete Guide to Orgasm
    Cum! The Complete Guide to Orgasm (English, Paperback) Micha Schulze, Christian Scheuss

    The Art of the Climax

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  • Raunch
    Raunch (English, Hardback) Various Artists

    You Want It Manly?

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  • Sleepless
    Sleepless (English, Hardback) Thomas Synnamon

    Features a large scope of different styles, inspired by some of the most influential photographers.

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  • Boys of the Fast Lane
    Boys of the Fast Lane (English, Paperback) Zack

    The Boys Are Back! Reunited with Mike Smith in London, young American Gil Graham attempts to pursue his career in movies through script writing...

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  • Fist Me!
    Fist Me! (English, Paperback) Stephan Niederwieser

    Getting a Grip on Pleasure Fisting is one of the extreme sports of gay sex.

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  • Dare
    Dare (Multiple languages, Hardback) Guillem Medina

    Modern Erotic-Art photography, well built men, sport.

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  • Spartacus International Gay Guide 2017
    Spartacus International Gay Guide 2017 (Multiple languages, Paperback) Briand Bedford

    No other gay guide offers such a wide variety of information to the countries and cities listed.

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  • Cosmic Heroes
    Cosmic Heroes (English, Paperback) Iceman Blue

    Big problems are always solved with big cocks. In this title, all the author's "Cosmic Heroes" share a power that makes them invincible: SEX.

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  • Punish Me!
    Punish Me! (English, Paperback) Stefan Mueller

    Intrigued about getting into kinky sex, but you don't know how? With plenty of photos, interviews with experts and accounts from personal experience, this richly illustrated book answers all the important questions about BDSM.

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  • Boy of the West End
    Boy of the West End (English, Paperback) Zack

    The Sexual Awakening of a Young London Boy

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  • Tom of Finland 2018
    Tom of Finland 2018 (English, Calendar) Tom of Finland

    Tom of Finland, the ideal man times twelve! Not only since the state of Finland decided to print his iconic art pieces as postage stamps, Tom of Finland (born Touko Laaksonen) has a huge international following. The artist created fantasies that photography cannot reproduce. What distinguishes Tom of Finland is that he created erotic works with an absolute masterstroke of his pencil. The well-rounded Tom's man in this twelve-page wall calendar comes as he is - be it sailor, biker, cop, leatherman, or sportsman. A must-have for all fans of Tom of Finland!

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  • The Thing He Loves
    The Thing He Loves (English, Paperback) Exterface

    Inspired by advertising, pornography, life and people Exterface create

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  • Nastyboys
    Nastyboys (English, Hardback) Eurocreme

    These boys pose naughtily and provocatively in classic pin-up posesas well as in their private environments, which lets Nastyboys appear natural and fresh.

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