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  • Vitium by Matt Lambert
    Vitium (English, Paperback) Matt Lambert

    This collaboration between Matt Lambert and Jannis Birsner, Vitium was born in Berlin and captures the fraternal, intimate, nihilistic and sexually-charged energy of the youth of the city. This 56 page book is an homage to the Queer-core zine culture of the 80s and is just larger than pocket-size, printed in black and white. A3 poster included.

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  • Rascals by Todd Yeager
    Rascals (English, Hardback) Todd Yeager

    Monochrome drawings of unadulterated masculinity, which take the viewer on a thrilling journey to the dark depths of manly desire and sexual abandon. Intense, erotic drawings from a one-of-a-kind artist.

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  • How To Be Gay by David Leddick
    How To Be Gay (English, Paperback) David Leddick

    Many guide books have been written for gay men, whether they are about sex, family or lifestyle. But how does one manage to be gay with poise and confidence? If anyone has the answer to this question, it must be David Leddick: He has been a self-confident gay man for some decades now. He was friends with Quentin Crisp and worked as a chorus dancer for Maria Callas. Today, Leddick is to some extent...

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  • Greek Love by Dale Lazarov
    Greek Love (English, Hardback) Dale Lazarov, Adam Graphite

    In order to dodge Ares' wrath, wicked Eros uses his arrows to trick Ares and Herakles into falling in hot, carnal Greek Love. And Eros gets his in the end for his mischief . Greek Love is the fifth graphic novel written and art directed by Chicago-based Dale Lazarov.

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  • Blood and Lust by Zack
    Blood and Lust (English, Paperback) Zack

    Clint is a loner with an independent streak a mile wide. He's just your average happy-go-lucky London rent-boy with few cares on his mind, until he unwisely robs a customer. Clint soon discovers that paying society its due for his petty theft carries a lethal price. He's now become part of a giant shadowy corporation that runs arenas all over the world. Its prisoners are trained to fight to the...

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  • Guys, Light and Nature by Manuel Moncayo
    Guys, Light and Nature (English, Hardback) Manuel Moncayo

    Known for the brilliant way he captures colour, Manuel Moncayo enjoys capturing life's beauty as a way of satisfying his keen desire to better understand the world. His first book, Guys, Light, and Nature, a limited edition (1000 copies) photobook from new publishing label Bruno Gmnder Portfolio, celebrates light as it showcases two of his favourite subjects: men and nature.

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  • The Wrath of Seth: Part 3 by Roger Zack
    The Wrath of Seth: Part 3 (English, Paperback) Roger Zack, Roger Kean

    The Roman Empire, AD 108. In this all-action-packed sequel to The Satyr of Capri when heroes and lovers Quintus and Rufio set off with Emperor Trajan on a peaceful Nile cruise they were not expecting to face crazed terrorists, deadly snakes and crocodiles, fire-spitting eels, or the terrors of a long-dead pharaoh's tomb. Fortunately, there are also many sensuous pleasures to enjoy on the way as they strive to avert the disastrous wrath of Seth, god of chaos.

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  • Hired Hands by Winston Gieseke
    Hired Hands (English, Paperback) Winston Gieseke

    You're alone. You're horny. And he's right there. the handsome handyman, the gorgeous gardener, the sexy stud washing the windows. You shoot him a look that says it's OK to break from his duties, there's a more important service you need him to perform. After all, why take matters into your own hands when you've got a hunky hired hand? He may have his own tools, but since you're paying, you reason...

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  • Tie Me Up! The Complete Guide to Bondage by Stephan Niederwieser
    Tie Me Up! The Complete Guide to Bondage (English, Paperback) Stephan Niederwieser

    Bondage for everybody: Stephan Niederwieser's relaxed style and focus on pleasure are the perfect combination for this introduction to bondage, a book that's sure to benefit both the beginner and the experienced player. Here readers will find everything they need to know about the most important toys and accessories, about different kinds of knots and how to tie them securely. Contains all the...

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  • Hombres by Joan Crisol
    Hombres (Multiple languages, Hardback) Joan Crisol

    He is one of the great newcomers of recent years?his photobook Rebels featuring the boys of Bel Ami was an incredible success.

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  • The Art of Looking by Kevin Clarke
    The Art of Looking (English, Hardback) Kevin Clarke

    Have you heard of Charles Leslie? Thomas Mann pinched his butt. He has the biggest penis collection in the world. He is one of the fathers of modern New York's SoHo neighborhood. And he is together with his partner Fritz Lohman founder of the first museum for gay and lesbian art in the world. Best-selling author Kevin Clarke discovered this incredible life story. It is a contribution to gay (cultural) history, rich in variety, with many images of Charles Leslie's art collection.

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  • Tales from the House of Morecock: v. 2 by Joe Phillips
    Tales from the House of Morecock: v. 2 (English, Paperback) Joe Phillips

    In this second volume in the series, Jonas' story continues apace. Includes even more playful, erotic and surprising scenes as well as new, exclusively produced stories.

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  • Raunch by Various Artists
    Raunch (English, Hardback) Various Artists

    It's no secret: The beards are back in town-and with them, chest hair, scruffy legs, and hairy bellies have returned. Scruff is a declaration of love to fuzzy men.

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  • Team Players by Winston Gieseke
    Team Players (English, Paperback) Winston Gieseke

    Whether he's on the field or on the court, in a pool or in a gym, watching an athlete work his well-toned body and seeing those beads of sweat glistening over his skin charges the senses. But nothing gets a heart rate up quite like a private, deliciously naughty game of one-on-one in the bedroom, or in the locker room, or the dugout. Sex is the ultimate contact sport. Featuring uninhibited stories...

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  • C.U.M. by Various Artists
    C.U.M. (English, Hardback) Various Artists

    Nobody would exist without sperm. Keeping this in mind, the lack of attention given to the milky secretion by artists worldwide is actually rather surprising. Now the artists of C.U.M. have remedied this. C.U.M. is a collection of pictures and drawings dedicated to the hot stuff - and it's just as horny as it is brilliant. Top artists such as Tom Bianchi, Zack and Giovanni guarantee an aesthetic...

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  • Gayma Sutra The Complete Guide to Sex Positions (Print on Demand) by Axel Neustadter
    Gayma Sutra The Complete Guide to Sex Positions (Print on Demand) (English, Paperback) Axel Neustadter

    In, over and out? Not with the Gayma Sutra! This richly illustrated guide book will help spice up your sex life. More variety means more fun, and the variations are just about endless. Axel Neust?dter has tested all the ways to play and found the ones to give you all the pleasure you've always wanted. He answers crucial questions about the most exciting sport there is: How to practice for the...

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  • Gladiatori Moderni by Piero Pompili
    Gladiatori Moderni (English, Hardback) Piero Pompili

    Bodies, sweat, the direct gaze; strength, courage, doubt; the visual and emotional alphabet of Piero Pompili's work is characterized by intensely striking images.

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  • Rick Day Bel Ami 2018 by Rick Day
    Rick Day Bel Ami 2018 (English, Calendar) Rick Day

    Big, bigger, RICKDAYNYC! This 2018 comes in a supersized format, filled with twelve stunning images of the sexiest Bel Ami boys. Rick Day's photography is legendary. A must-have for all fans of Rick Day and Bel Ami!

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  • The Men of Hot House 2018 2018 by Hot House
    The Men of Hot House 2018 2018 (English, Calendar) Hot House

    Hot House Entertainment is one of the most renowned gay film studios on the West Coast of the USA. This official calendar features twelve of their best models. A must-have for all lovers of leather!

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  • Raging Stallion 2018 by Raging Stallion
    Raging Stallion 2018 (English, Calendar) Raging Stallion

    The hairiest, manliest, and sexiest men: Twelve of them are presented in this 2018 calendar by premium gay film studio Raging Stallion. A must-have for all Raging Stallion fans!

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