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  • Raw & Ready 2017 by Lucas Entertainment
    Raw & Ready 2017 (English, Calendar) Lucas Entertainment

    When Michael Lucas calls, the planet's hottest men come and play with him. And with each other! Here are twelve of them, laid bare in one stunning calendar. Featuring adult entertainment stars like Xavier Jacobs, Sergeant Miles, and Dylan James.

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  • Lap of Luxury 2017 by Mark Henderson
    Lap of Luxury 2017 (English, Calendar) Mark Henderson

    Mark Henderson brings last century's glorious style of nude photography into the present. Twelve months, twelve dream men.

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  • Punish Me! by Stefan Mueller
    Punish Me! (English, Paperback) Stefan Mueller

    Intrigued about getting into kinky sex, but you don't know how? With plenty of photos, interviews with experts and accounts from personal experience, this richly illustrated book answers all the important questions about BDSM.

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  • Bend Over! by Stephan Niederwieser
    Bend Over! (Multiple languages, Paperback) Stephan Niederwieser

    Unique Pleasures Bend over.A"-two words that can provoke a lot of anxieties. Will it hurt? Will I be able to relax? Will I enjoy it? Do I have judgments about myself for being a bottom?

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  • Gunji by Gengoroh Tagame
    Gunji (English, Paperback) Gengoroh Tagame

    Gengoroh Tagame's Gunji in English!

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  • The Warrior's Boy by Zack
    The Warrior's Boy (English, Paperback) Zack

    Erotic Adventures in Renaissance Italy

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  • Spartacus International Gay Guide 2017 by Briand Bedford
    Spartacus International Gay Guide 2017 (Multiple languages, Paperback) Briand Bedford

    No other gay guide offers such a wide variety of information to the countries and cities listed.

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  • Bulldogs by Dale Lazarov
    Bulldogs (English, Hardback) Dale Lazarov, Chas Hunter

    "Bulldogs" collects three gay comics stories that celebrate what we all love about manly men from the United Kingdom!

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  • Fist Me! by Stephan Niederwieser
    Fist Me! (English, Paperback) Stephan Niederwieser

    Getting a Grip on Pleasure Fisting is one of the extreme sports of gay sex.

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  • Tales from the House of Morecock: v. 2 by Joe Phillips
    Tales from the House of Morecock: v. 2 (English, Paperback) Joe Phillips

    The American comic artist Joe Phillips has sent the young Jonas Morecock on his next adventure. In the first volume Jonas had sex with horny ghosts. The second takes up where the first left off with more exciting adventures. The second volume surprises with revealing, erotic and playful scenes as well as new, exclusively produced stories.

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  • Big is Better 2 by Song
    Big is Better 2 (English, Paperback) Song

    What do an over two-metres tall, musclepacked giant and a young man with XXXL in his pants have in common? More than you think! Big is Better presents the love story of two people banished from the community and the world at large who find love with one another exactly because of their otherness.

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  • Pardners by Dale Lazarov
    Pardners (English, Hardback) Dale Lazarov, Bo Revel

    A rakish Nashville country music stud goes shopping for a spectacular steel guitar with his entourage.

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  • Raunch by Various Artists
    Raunch (English, Hardback) Various Artists

    You Want It Manly?

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  • How To Be Gay by David Leddick
    How To Be Gay (English, Paperback) David Leddick

    Many guide books have been written for gay men - whether they are about sex, family or lifestyle. But how does one manage to be gay with poise and confidence? If anyone has the answer to this question, it's probably the author who has been a self confident gay man for some decades now.

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  • The Promiscuous Traveler by V. Sebastian
    The Promiscuous Traveler (English, Paperback) V. Sebastian

    It's every gay man's fantasy - to travel the globe in search of sex. One lucky travel writer has done just that, and here he chronicles his diverse encounters while on the road - from a man in wet Speedos on a Puerto Rican beach to a uniformed Russian train conductor, from a lonely boy in a Senegalese village to a naked and smiling Aboriginal.

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  • Trunk Show by Jason Salzenstein
    Trunk Show (English, Hardback) Jason Salzenstein

    Hunks in trunks

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  • Summer Souvenirs by Fred Goudon
    Summer Souvenirs (Multiple languages, Hardback) Fred Goudon

    Summer Heat!

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  • Men in the Alps by Bruno Gmunder
    Men in the Alps (English, Hardback) Bruno Gmunder

    Beautiful Views

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  • Convicts by 19 Kingdome
    Convicts (English, Hardback) 19 Kingdome

    German artist Kingdome 19 has been working with male erotic photography for more than 10 years. Amongst his study objects are porn stars, international athletes and well-hung boys. After conducting a series of complex 'operations' on his photographs by hand, his photos become unique collectibles. His latest collection, Convicts, is a game of cops and robbers - stylised, erotic photos of capture...

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  • The Wrath of Seth: Part 3 by Roger Zack
    The Wrath of Seth: Part 3 (English, Paperback) Roger Zack, Roger Kean

    The Roman Empire, AD 108.

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