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  • Financial Management for Public, Health, and Not-for-Profit Organizations
    Financial Management for Public, Health, and Not-for-Profit Organizations (English, Hardback) Steven A. Finkler, Daniel Lynwood Smith

    This book provides a practical introduction to the financial decision-making and management skills required of students and practitioners in the public, health, and not-for-profit sectors.

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  • Finance for Executives
    Finance for Executives (Paperback) Claude Viallet, Gabriel Hawawini

    Suitable for executive education courses, MBA programs, or any class with an emphasis on translating theory into practice or learning through real-world cases, this fifth edition illustrates the importance of financial information in maximizing firm value.

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  • The Economist: The Chief Financial Officer
    The Economist: The Chief Financial Officer (English, Paperback) Jason Karaian

    From back-office accountant to front-line executive, the rise of the chief financial officer is unrivalled by any other corporate role. With access to every facet of the business, CFOs now wield a level of influence matched only by chief executives. This book shows how CFOs earned their privileged position, and what the future may hold for them.

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  • Corporate Finance for Dummies
    Corporate Finance for Dummies (English, Paperback) Michael Taillard

    Score your highest in corporate finance The math, formulas, and problems associated with corporate finance can be daunting to the uninitiated.

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  • Proposal Planning & Writing
    Proposal Planning & Writing (English, Paperback) Jeremy T. Miner, Lynn E. Miner

    Not every book merits a fifth edition! An invaluable resource, this thorough and detailed guide will enable anyone charged with grantseeking to submit winning proposals.

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  • Winning Grants Step by Step
    Winning Grants Step by Step (English, Paperback) Tori O'Neal McElrath, Mim Carlson

    Winning Grants offers an accessible approach to the grant-writing process. Now in its fourth edition, this new book redefines the proven step-by-step framework to incorporate significant changes that have taken place in the grantseeking landscape since the third edition was published in 2008.

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  • Lean Business Planning
    Lean Business Planning (Paperback) Tim Berry $23.39
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  • How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck
    How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck (English, Paperback) Avery Breyer

    In this best-selling budgeting bible, you'll get the motivation and know-how for building up a big stash of emergency cash, getting out of debt, making sure you never run out of money, and avoiding the 11 worst budget traps (that will ruin your financial plans if you let them!)Find out the most important things that you can do to take control of your money and pay off debt. Get the tools and the...

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  • Corporate Finance For Dummies
    Corporate Finance For Dummies (English, Paperback) Steven Collings, Michael Taillard

    The maths, the formulas, and the problems associated with corporate finance can be daunting to the uninitiated, but help is at hand.

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  • The International Handbook of Public Financial Management
    The International Handbook of Public Financial Management (English, Paperback) Richard Allen

    The International Handbook of Public Financial Management is essential reading for governmental policy-makers, and practitioners and consultants working in this field, whose importance has been highlighted by the global financial crisis. It is a primary source for academics and students of economics, public finance, accountancy and public policy.

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  • Couponing Bible
    Couponing Bible (English, Paperback) Max Reid

    Saving money is now even more important than ever... The "Couponing Bible: Couponing 101 Guide to Save Thousands Each Year" teaches you the tricks and tips on how to get all sorts of cool FREE and Cheap stuff... And you don't need to spend every spare moment clipping coupons and going shopping to do so... "Couponing 101 the Couponing Bible" is easy to read and covers everything you always wanted...

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  • Finance Basics (HBR 20-Minute Manager Series)
    Finance Basics (HBR 20-Minute Manager Series) (English, Paperback) Harvard Business Review

    Intimidated by corporate finance? The numbers (and the jargon) can feel overwhelming--but you have to understand them to manage effectively. Finance Basics explains the fundamentals simply and quickly, introducing you to key terms and concepts such as:How to navigate financial statementsHow to weigh costs and benefitsWhat's involved in budgeting and forecastingHow to gauge a company's financial...

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  • Financial Intelligence, Revised Edition
    Financial Intelligence, Revised Edition (English, Hardback) Karen Berman

    New examples and topics in this revised edition of the book that teaches managers the nuance behind the numbers for their use in everyday management

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  • Quantitative Risk Management
    Quantitative Risk Management (English, Hardback) Alexander J. McNeil, Rudiger Frey

    This book provides a comprehensive treatment of the theoretical concepts and modelling techniques of quantitative risk management and equips readers - whether financial risk analysts, actuaries, regulators, or students of quantitative finance - with practical tools to solve real-world problems.

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  • The International Handbook of Shipping Finance
    The International Handbook of Shipping Finance (English, Hardback) Manolis G. Kavussanos

    The International Handbook of Shipping Finance is a one-stop resource, offering comprehensive reference to theory and practice in the area of shipping finance. In the multibillion dollar international shipping industry, it is important to understand the various issues involved in the finance of the sector. This involves the identification and evaluation of the alternative sources of capital...

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  • Budget Tools
    Budget Tools (English, Paperback) Greg G. Chen, Lynne A. Weikart

    Using budgets from all levels of government, as well as from non-profit organizations, this text brings together scores of exercises that will take students through the process of public budgeting, from organizing data, all the way through to analysis and presentation.

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  • A Better Life for Half the Price
    A Better Life for Half the Price (English, Paperback) Tim Leffel

    The most comprehensive guide to moving abroad in order to cut your expenses in half, with advice, expatriate interviews, and specific country details for the cheapest places to live. How to cut loose instead of cutting back by having more money to spend each month."If you want the absolute lowdown on where in the world you can live your best life on your own terms, then Tim's book is for you....

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  • Monthly Budget Planner
    Monthly Budget Planner (English, Paperback) Frances P Robinson

    A Monthly Budget Planner can help you access your income, expenses and money management. Start by tracking your income (from multiple sources) and household budget. Complete a very detailed Estimated and Actual expense worksheets for each month in the following categories:-Home (Mortgage/Rent, Insurance, Utilities and more)-Electronics (Phone, Internet, Cable, etc.)-Auto (Loans, Insurance, Fuel,...

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  • Accounting for Business
    Accounting for Business (English, Paperback) Peter Scott

    A refreshingly clear introduction to those core accounting topics that non-specialist students need to master. Designed to help students learn key principles, reinforce understanding, and apply accounting concepts to real business decisions, it is an ideal first stepping stone into the world of accounting.

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  • Pogue's Basics
    Pogue's Basics (English, Paperback) David Pogue

    Want to know where you can buy $100 iTunes gift cards for $85?...

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