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  • The Lean Startup
    The Lean Startup (English, Paperback) Eric Ries

    Most new businesses fail. But most of those failures are preventable. This title offers a fresh approach to business that's being adopted around the world. It describes learning what your customers really want, testing your vision continuously, and adapting and adjusting before it's too late.

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  • How to Be an Overnight Success
    How to Be an Overnight Success (English, Hardback) Maria Hatzistefanis

    She did it by dreaming big, working hard, surrounding herself with the best, taking risks, creating buzz and building her own personal brand, which is now a favourite with high-profile models and media personalities including Poppy Delevingne, Daisy Lowe and Kylie Jenner.

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  • Principles
    Principles (English, Hardback) Ray Dalio

    Synopsis coming soon.......

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  • The Second Curve
    The Second Curve (English, Hardback) Charles Handy

    Offers a glimpse into the future and shows what challenges and opportunities lie ahead. The author looks at the trends in capitalism and asks whether it is a sustainable system. He explores the dangers of a society built on credit, and challenges the myth that remorseless growth is essential.

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  • Start With Why
    Start With Why (Paperback) Simon Sinek

    Why do we do what we do? Why do we exist? Learning to ask these questions can unlock the secret to inspirational business. This title explains what it truly takes to lead and inspire and how you can learn how to do it.

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  • Our Iceberg is Melting
    Our Iceberg is Melting (English, Paperback) John Kotter, Holger Rathgeber

    The huge international bestseller: a simple fable with profound lessons for working and living in an ever changing world.

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  • 12 Rules of Creativity
    12 Rules of Creativity (English, Paperback) Michael Atavar $20.56
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  • Overcrowded
    Overcrowded (English, Hardback) Roberto Verganti

    The standard text on innovation advises would-be innovators to conduct creative brainstorming sessions and seek input from outsiders -- users or communities. This kind of innovating can be effective at improving products but not at capturing bigger opportunities in the marketplace. In this book Roberto Verganti offers a new approach -- one that does not set out to solve existing problems but to...

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  • Running Lean
    Running Lean (English, Paperback) Ash Maurya

    Are you an entrepreneur about to create a new web application? If you want to maximize your chances of building something customers want, this book demonstrates ways to apply and test techniques for customer development, Lean Startup, and bootstrapping.

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  • Augmented
    Augmented (English, Hardback)

    Apple Watch, Smart Glasses, Fitness & Health Monitors, Virtual Reality Goggles. How will embedded and wearable technologies such as these, and others to come, affect consumers and businesses? A groundbreaking work by Brett King, founder of the world's first mobile bank

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  • Competing Against Luck
    Competing Against Luck (English, Hardback) Clayton M. Christensen, Taddy Hall

    The foremost authority on innovation and growth presents a path-breaking book every company needs to transform innovation from a game of chance to one in which they develop products and services customers not only want to buy, but are willing to pay premium prices for.How do companies know how to grow?

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  • The Innovator's Dilemma
    The Innovator's Dilemma (English, Paperback) Clayton M. Christensen

    Named one of 100 Leadership & Success Books to Read in a Lifetime by Amazon Editors...

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  • The Second Curve
    The Second Curve (English, Paperback) Charles Handy

    His work on broader issues and trends - such as Beyond Certainty - has changed the way we view society. He even asks whether we should rethink our roles in life - as students, parents, workers and voters - and what the aims of an ideal society of the future should be.

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  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution
    The Fourth Industrial Revolution (English, Hardback) Klaus Schwab

    World-renowned economist Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, explains that we have an opportunity to shape the fourth industrial revolu­tion, which will fundamentally alter how we live and work....

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  • Waste to Wealth
    Waste to Wealth (English, Hardback) Peter Lacy, Jakob Rutqvist

    Waste to Wealth proves that 'green' and 'growth' need not be binary alternatives. The book examines five new business models that provide circular growth from deploying sustainable resources to the sharing economy before setting out what business leaders need to do to implement the models successfully.

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  • Ten Types of Innovation
    Ten Types of Innovation (English, Paperback) Larry Keeley, Helen Walters

    Using a list of more than 2,000 successful innovations, including Cirque du Soleil, early IBM mainframes, the Ford Model-T, and more, the authors applied a proprietary algorithm and determined ten meaningful groupings, the Ten Types of Innovation that provided insight into innovation. It helps to bring growth in your organization.

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  • Managing Innovation
    Managing Innovation (English, Paperback) Joe Tidd, John Bessant

    Managing Innovation is an established, bestselling text for MBA, MSc and advanced undergraduate courses on innovation management, management of technology, new product development and entrepreneurship. It is also widely used by managers in both the services and manufacturing sectors.

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  • Designing for Growth
    Designing for Growth (English, Hardback) Jeanne Liedtka, Tim Ogilvie

    Liedtka and Ogilvie educate readers in one of the hottest trends in business development: "design thinking," or the ability to turn abstract ideas into practical applications for maximal business growth.

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  • Fraud
    Fraud (English, Hardback) Edward J. Balleisen

    The United States has always proved an inviting home for boosters, sharp dealers, and outright swindlers. Worship of entrepreneurial freedom has complicated the task of distinguishing aggressive salesmanship from unacceptable deceit, especially on the frontiers of innovation. At the same time, competitive pressures have often nudged respectable firms to embrace deception. As a result, fraud has...

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  • Managing Change, Creativity and Innovation
    Managing Change, Creativity and Innovation (English, Paperback) Patrick Dawson, Costas Andriopoulos

    A fresh approach to managing organizational change by looking at it as complex, dynamic and messy as opposed to a series of neat, linear stages and processes leading to success.

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