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Byron Preiss

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  • Secret by Byron Preiss
    Secret (English, Paperback) Byron Preiss, Ted Mann

    The tale begins over three-hundred years ago, when the Fair People-the goblins, fairies, dragons, and other fabled and fantastic creatures of a dozen lands-fled the Old World for the New, seeking haven from the ways of Man. With them came their precious jewels: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls... ...


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  • Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe by Byron Preiss
    Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe (English, Paperback) Byron Preiss

    Authorized by the estate of the late Raymond Chandler, this volume reveals the missing life history and detective adventures of Philip Marlowe, one of the 20th century's most enduring and beloved characters. Marlowe is the quintessential American detective: cynical yet idealistic; romantic yet full of despair; a gentleman capable of rough violence. The final story in the volume is Raymond Chandler's last Marlowe adventure:The Pencil. The stories run chronologically through the career of Marlowe, from 1935 through 1960. These are classic Marlowe tales of betrayal, mistrust, and double-dealing on the seamy side of Los Angeles.

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