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C C Hunter

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  • This Heart of Mine by C. C. Hunter
    This Heart of Mine (English, Paperback) C. C. Hunter

    This Heart of Mine is a haunting, poignant tale about living and dying, surviving grief, guilt, and heartache, while discovering love and hope in the midst of sadness. C. C. Hunter's emotional story about a girl whose new heart may help her to catch a killer, now in trade paperback.

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  • Almost Midnight by C. C. Hunter
    Almost Midnight (English, Paperback) C. C. Hunter

    A vampire and a werewolf who never fit in. A witch whose spells don't always work as planned. And a mysterious new guy who's hiding something. Together they will discover who they're meant to be... Hidden from the human world, Shadow Falls is a secret camp for teens with supernatural powers.

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  • Reborn by C C Hunter
    Reborn (English, Paperback) C C Hunter

    Enter Shadow Falls: After Dark and meet a vampire named Della, who's about to discover what her own story is meant to be. . . .Della had the perfect life-the family, a boyfriend, and a bright future-until she was turned, and abandoned by everyone she loves. She takes refuge at Shadow Falls, a camp for teens with paranormal powers. It's where she and her best friends, Kylie and Miranda, heal their...

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  • Shadow Falls the Next Chapter by C. C. Hunter
    Shadow Falls the Next Chapter (English, Paperback) C. C. Hunter

    Even at a camp for supernatural teens, Kylie Galen has never been normal, and the more she discovers about her true identity, the more she wants to know. The truth about who her real family is, the truth about which boy she's meant to be with-and the truth about what her emerging powers mean.

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  • Unspoken: Shadow Falls: After Dark by C. C. Hunter
    Unspoken: Shadow Falls: After Dark (English, Paperback) C. C. Hunter

    Della Tsang's life as a vampire hasn't been easy. Especially since she was reborn and bound to the mysterious, infuriating, and gorgeous Chase Tallman. Della has a dream of being an elite paranormal investigator. She tries to solve a twenty year old murder and clear her father's name, but she uncovers secrets about the vampire council and Chase.

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  • Chosen at Nightfall by C. C. Hunter
    Chosen at Nightfall (English, Paperback) C. C. Hunter

    When Kylie Galen left Shadow Falls, she thought it was the hardest decision of her life. Heartbroken and separated from everyone she loves, she finally comes to terms with her abilities and what it means to be a chameleon. For Kylie, everything will finally be revealed and nothing will ever be the same.

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  • Eternal: Shadow Falls by C. C. Hunter
    Eternal: Shadow Falls (English, Paperback) C. C. Hunter

    All her life, Della's secret powers have made her feel separated from her human family. Now, she's where she belongs, at Shadow Falls. With the help of her best friends Kylie and Miranda, she'll try to prove herself in the paranormal world as an investigator-all the while trying to figure out her own heart.

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  • Midnight Hour by C. C. Hunter
    Midnight Hour (English, Paperback) C. C. Hunter

    A missing sister, a heart in quandary, and a growing tattoo that no one understands: The Shadow Falls franchise comes to a spectacular conclusion in this thrilling finale. Being a dyslexic witch has never been easy for Miranda Kane, but her time at Shadow Falls helped her come into her true powers.

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  • Born at Midnight by C. C. Hunter
    Born at Midnight (English, Paperback) C. C. Hunter

    Kylie Galen has had a lot of crap tossed in her lap. Her parents are getting a divorce. Her boyfriend broke up with her because she wouldn't put out. Her grandmother died and now Kylie's acquired a stalker. Unfortunately, she's the only one who seems to be able to see the stalker. And that gets her sent to a psychologist's sofa.

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  • Reborn by C. C. Hunter
    Reborn (English, Paperback) C. C. Hunter

    Shadow Falls vampire Della Tsang teams up with a boy who might break her heart in order to save everyone she cares about from a new threat.

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  • Born at Midnight by C C Hunter
    Born at Midnight (English, Paperback) C C Hunter

    Kylie Galen thinks her misbehavior after her grandmother's death and her parents' separation are the reasons she has been sent to Shadow Falls Camp, but learns it is a training ground for vampires, werewolves, and other "freaky freaks."

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  • Whispers at Moonrise by C. C. Hunter
    Whispers at Moonrise (English, Paperback) C. C. Hunter

    At a camp filled with vampires, werewolves, and fairies, Kylie Galen has always struggled to figure out what she is. Now she finally knows the truth - but she's left with more questions than answers. She doesn't have a clue what her heritage means or how to harness her newfound powers.

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  • Chosen at Nightfall by C C Hunter
    Chosen at Nightfall (English, Paperback) C C Hunter

    Don't miss this magnificent final chapter in the breathtaking Shadow Falls series! Kylie's epic journey is about to lead her exactly where she belongs?...

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  • Reborn by C. C. Hunter
    Reborn (English, Hardback) C. C. Hunter

    For Della Tsang, Shadow Falls isn't just a camp: it's home. As a vampire who's just starting to come into her powers, it's the one place she can finally be herself. But when a new evil threatens everyone she cares about, Della is determined to do everything she can to save them... even if it means teaming up with one boy who can break her heart.

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  • Shadow Falls by C. C. Hunter
    Shadow Falls (English, Paperback) C. C. Hunter

    One night Kylie Galen finds herself at the wrong party, with the wrong people, and it changes her life forever. Her mother ships her off to Shadow Falls - a camp for troubled teens, but the kids at Shadow Falls are far from ordinary. They're supernatural-learning to harness their powers, control their magic and live in the normal world.

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  • Taken at Dusk by C. C. Hunter
    Taken at Dusk (English, Paperback) C. C. Hunter

    Kylie Galen believes that if she can just uncover what she is, all the other uncertainties in her life will suddenly make sense. And things really need to make sense right now. For starters, her heart is still torn between Lucas and Derek - or it was. Now, she's beginning to wonder if she was wrong about both boys.

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  • Awake at Dawn by C. C. Hunter
    Awake at Dawn (English, Paperback) C. C. Hunter

    Now that she's settled in at Shadow Falls Camp, Kylie Galen's determined to discover the extent of her supernatural abilities. But with a ghost insisting someone Kylie loves is about die and a rogue vampire on a murdering rampage, Kylie's quest for answers is quickly put on hold.


    4 stars

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  • Shadow Falls Camp 1 - Geboren um Mitternacht by C C Hunter
    Shadow Falls Camp 1 - Geboren um Mitternacht (German, Paperback) C C Hunter

    Im Shadow Falls Sommercamp lernen Werwölfe, Vampire, Hexen, Feen und Gestaltwandler mit ihren übernatürlichen Kräften umzugehen. ...

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  • In Another Life by C. C. Hunter
    In Another Life (English, Hardback) C. C. Hunter

    What would you do if your whole life was a lie and learning the truth could cost you your life?

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  • This Heart of Mine by C C Hunter
    This Heart of Mine (English, Pre-recorded audio player) C C Hunter

    A new heart saved her life?but will it help her find out what really happened to its donor?Seventeen-year-old Leah MacKenzie is heartless. An artificial heart in a backpack is keeping her alive. However, this route only offers her a few years. And with her rare blood type, a transplant isnt likely. Living like you are dying isnt all its cracked up to be. But when a heart becomes available, shes...

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