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  • I
    I Can Do it 2017 Calendar (English, Calendar) Louise Hay

    Every year brings with it new and exciting opportunities to grow. This 2017 calendar offers 365 positive thoughts, affirmations and words of wisdom to help you focus on that I can do it attitude and be open to all that Life has waiting for you.

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  • Terry
    Terry Pratchett's Discworld Collectors' Edition Calendar 2017 (Calendar) Terry Pratchett, Josh Kirby

    The annual foray into the days and dates of Terry Pratchett's Discworld, seen through the eyes (and brush!) of the late, great Josh Kirby.

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  • The
    The North American Maria Thun Biodynamic Calendar 2017 (Multiple languages, Paperback) Matthias Thun

    The 2017 Maria Thun biodynamic calendar adapted for North American (EST) dates and times, showing optimum days for sowing, pruning and harvesting.

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  • Shoes
    Shoes Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar 2017 (English, Calendar) Workman Publishing

    The calendar that’s the perfect fit for every shoe lover’s desktop, Shoes delivers a year of fabulous footwear photographed in luxuriant full color. Jerome C. Rousseau’s red silk “Gilliam” pump with glittering gold toe. A sexy purple velvet ankle boot by Cleo B. Plus swoon-worthy designs by Sophia Webster, Minna Parikka, and Nicholas Kirkwood, Vivienne Westwood’s sky-high gingham and leather...

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  • Audubon
    Audubon Birder's Engagement Calendar 2017 (English, Calendar) National Audubon Society

    It’s a sumptuous gift for the birder: the perennially bestselling engagement calendar with over 2 million copies sold, created, of course, by Audubon, the organization synonymous with birds. THE BIRDER'S ENGAGEMENT CALENDAR offers a thrilling sighting, up close and in full color. Here is a stunning shot of a Snowy Owl in flight and a gorgeous Blue Jay with its distinctive wing pattern. Plus...

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  • The
    The Elizabeth Blackadder Cat Calendar 2018 (Calendar) Elizabeth Blackadder

    2018 calendar featuring the illustrations of Elizabeth Blackadder

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  • Cthulhu
    Cthulhu Wall Calendar 2017 (Calendar)

    Appearing in several of H.P. Lovecraft's works, kraken-like monster Cthulhu is an iconic figure that has fed imagination and terrified generations. Its name has come to define the whole mythos built up around Lovecraft's strange worlds and pantheon of monsters that continue to inspire many writers. Featuring the fantastic work of talented artists, this calendar displays a fascinating mix of weird...

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  • Thomas
    Thomas Kinkade: The Disney Dreams Collection Wall Calendar (English, Calendar) Dr Thomas Kinkade

    The best-selling Thomas Kinkade: The Disney Dreams Collection 2017 Wall Calendar features such wonderful images asThe Jungle Book, Sleeping Beauty, The Lady and the Tramp, and new images likeClock Strikes Midnight, a romantic painting inspired by the Disney live action movie,Cinderella.Thomas Kinkade captured the timeless magic of classic Disney stories and their captivating characters in his...

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  • Cynthia
    Cynthia Hart's Victoriana Wall Calendar 2017 (English, Calendar) Workman Publishing

    Celebrate the seasons with the lush artistry of Cynthia Hart. Boasting lifetime sales of 4.4 million copies and devoted fans who return year after year, VICTORIANA CALENDAR is a feast for the eyes and the imagination. Each month is a gorgeous collage that layers antique paper ephemera, lengths of ribbon and lace, beautiful vintage jewelry, and flowers that burst with color and freshness. April’s...

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  • The
    The Palgrave Student Planner 2016-17 (English, Calendar) Stella Cottrell

    This bestselling planner is the complete self-management tool for students. It contains everything students need to organize their information and time effectively, including study skills advice, diary pages, personal finance guidance, timetables, useful contacts and websites, spelling rules, notes pages and much more.

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  • 2017
    2017 Engagement Calendar 2017 (English, Calendar) Anne Taintor

    This bestselling Anne Taintor engagement calendar featuring vintage ads juxtaposed with punchy one-liners is back for another year of hilarity and snark.

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  • Erte
    Erte Mini Wall Calendar 2017 (Calendar)

    The Art of Fine Gifts: Erte was a distinctive art deco artist and designer. He is perhaps best known for his stylish fashion designs, showing willowy women against stylized settings and patterns. This mini wall calendar with a glittered cover features informative text and the datepad features previous and next month's views.

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  • Drawn
    Drawn by Fire 2017 (English, Calendar) Paul Combs

    Paul Combs - a 21-year veteran firefighter and award-winning illustrator - has created a wall calendar for 2017. The new calendar features 12 editorial cartoons selected from Paul's illustrations published throughout this past year in Fire Engineering magazine, as well as his "Fire Engineering" blog.

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  • Birds
    Birds Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar 2017 (English, Calendar) National Audubon Society

    Every day, a delightful sighting for birders and nature enthusiasts. From Audubon, the organization synonymous with all things avian, Birds showcases hundreds of gorgeous species from around the world, up close and in brilliant full color. A majestic Snowy Owl with intense yellow eyes. A flock of scarlet Ibises in flight. A Gentoo Penguin splashing into chilly ocean waters. Plus the iridescence of...

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  • Lil
    Lil Bub 2017 (English, Calendar) Lil Bub

    Proving that being different is better, Lil BUB, the wonder cat, is taking the world by storm with her adorable face and feel-good message.

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  • The
    The Redleaf Calendar-Keeper 2017 (English, Calendar) Redleaf Press

    The leading record-keeping system for family child care professionals: expense charts, attendance and payment logs, mileage records, and more.

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  • Today
    Today Is Going to Be a Great Day! Wall Calendar 2017 (English, Calendar) Workman Publishing

    Uplifting quotes are enhanced with lively hand-lettering and art for a year full of cheerful optimism. TODAY IS GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY! WALL CALENDAR offers vibrant inspiration with every glance, throughout the year and beyond.

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  • French
    French Country Diary 2017 (English, Calendar) Linda Dannenberg, Guillaume de Laubier

    France's beauty, dazzling style, and enviable joie de vivre star in the 29th edition of the iconic and internationally acclaimed French CountryDiary


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  • Dog
    Dog Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar 2017 (English, Calendar) Workman Publishing

    Ayear of exquisitely detailed canine photographs—in both black and white and color—for the dog lover’s desktop. A gorgeous Golden Retriever surrounded by brilliant fall leaves. A close-up portrait of a wrinkly Shar-Pei. A Dalmatian posing on a red blanket, answering the age-old riddle“What’s black and white and red all over?” Plus the alert expression of a Jack Russell, an elegant Afghan,...

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  • Cartoons
    Cartoons from the New Yorker 2017 Day-To-Day Calendar (English, Calendar) Conde Nast

    The cartoons of The New Yorker have entertained the magazine's readers for nearly a century. With unmatched visual sophistication and wit, they let no subject escape their scrutiny.A roster of extraordinary artists continues to create indelible images that vary in style and tone, whether whimsical, provocative, serene, or laugh-out-loud funny.The New Yorker's cartoons are always the talk of the...

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