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  • The
    The Cartographer Tries to Map a Way to Zion (English, Paperback) Kei Miller

    WINNER OF THE 2014 FORWARD PRIZE FOR BEST COLLECTION In his new collection, acclaimed Jamaican poet Kei Miller dramatises what happens when one system of knowledge, one method of understanding place and territory, comes up against another.

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  • Faithful
    Faithful and Virtuous Night (Paperback) Louise Gluck

    SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2014 FORWARD PRIZE FOR BEST COLLECTION The latest collection by multi-award-winning US poet, Louise Gluck.


    5 stars

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  • The
    The Christian Century in Japan, 1549-1650 (Hardback) C. R. Boxer

    A study of the century that began with the establishment of a Jesuit mission in Japan by St Francis Xavier in 1548, saw the conversion of 300,000 people and ended with the rise of the Shoguns to absolute power and the subsequent expelling of the Portugese missionaries and persecution of Christians.

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  • Portugal"/
    Portugal (English, Paperback) Jose Hermano Saraiva

    An illustrated brief history of Portugal written for non-specialist foreign readers. Also included in the book is a historical gazetteer, short biographies, chronological tables and maps.

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  • The
    The Council of Egypt (Paperback) Leonardo Sciascia

    Abbot Vella is a schemer who sets out to exploit the Sicilian aristocracy by making reference to a fictitious ancient Arabic chronicle that enhances the rights of some families and justifies the claim of Naples over the island community.

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  • Everything
    Everything Passes (English, Paperback) Gabriel Josipovici

    Out of fragments of cultural history, this work includes a poetic narrative of solitude, love, illness and the ambiguous comforts of art.

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  • Commotion
    Commotion of the Birds (Paperback) John Ashbery

    The commotion of fifty-five new poems: Ashbery at his most vertiginous, witty, irresistible. 'And the tenses, unstable, invite the past to move in on the present and future.'

    $11.49 $12.40
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  • Selected
    Selected Poems (Paperback) Frank O'Hara

    An edition of the "Collected Poems" of Frank O'Hara, who is a leading light of the 'New York School' and one of the most significant poets of the twentieth-century.

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  • Parallax"/
    Parallax (English, Paperback) Sinead Morrissey

    The T S Eliot Prize-winning fifth collection of poems by the inaugural Belfast laureate, and one of Northern Ireland's greatest female poets.

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  • Collected
    Collected Poems (English, Paperback) Gillian Clarke

    A collection of poems by Gillian Clarke. Carcanet have also published her "Selected Poems" (1985), "Letting in the Rumour" (1989), and "The King of Britain's Daughter" (1993).

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  • The
    The Lost Lunar Baedeker (English, Paperback) Mina Loy

    Updating and correcting the earlier book, this edition features previously unknown works by Mina Loy rescued from Dada archives and avant-garde magazines. All of Loy's futurist and feminist satires are included, as are the poems from her Paris and New York periods, and the cycle of "Love Songs".

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  • Life,
    Life, End of (English, Paperback) Christine Brooke-Rose

    Explores the meanings and non-meanings to which, in the end, life and art lead us.

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  • The
    The Met Office Advises Caution (English, Paperback)

    An intelligent, witty, warm-hearted debut by a leading contributor to New Poetries VI

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  • Selected
    Selected Poems (English, Paperback) Elizabeth Jennings

    Represents the poet's own distillation of the two decades of her writing - the poems which established her as one of the passionate and precise of our writers, a woman of human values, religious vision and natural sympathy.

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  • The
    The Ninjas (English, Paperback) Jane Yeh

    Delving into new worlds populated by robots, witches, talking pandas, and giant stags, this collection offers funny, haunting, and heartbreaking poems. Highlighting the poetÂ’s dazzling lyrical instincts balanced by her stinging wit, it moves between high art, pop culture, science fiction, and detective fiction to produce a series of unforgettable surprises. The characters herein speak from the...

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  • The
    The Poems of Rowan Williams (English, Paperback) Dr. Rowan Williams

    The definitive collection by the former Archbishop of Canterbury. Released to coincide with Easter, this collection includes a visionary sequence of poems from Remembering Jerusalem, about a trip to the Holy Land at Easter.

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  • Almost
    Almost Complete Poems (Paperback) Stanley Moss

    Stanley Moss has been a defining editor and publisher of world poetry for six decades. He has amassed a body of his own poems so impassioned and original that he deserves a place high on the American Parnassus.

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  • Complete
    Complete Poems (English, Paperback) R. F. Langley

    R.F. Langley is known for his meticulous observation of the natural world and his highly original voice. This volume brings together his two previous Carcanet collections, Collected Poems (2000) and The Face of It (2007), along with his celebrated but uncollected late poems.

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  • Haunted
    Haunted House (Paperback) Pierre Reverdy

    John Ashbery's translation of a modern French classic

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  • A
    A Woman without a Country (Paperback) Eavan Boland

    The poems in this new collection, by arguably the most important living Irish woman poet, seek out the delicate intersections between generation, identity, and the deep losses inflicted by history on those who can bear them least.

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