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Carlo Barberi

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  • Green Lanterns Volume 8 by Tim Seeley
    Green Lanterns Volume 8 (English, Paperback) Tim Seeley, Carlo Barberi

    Everyone s favourite Earthbound Emerald Warriors, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, return to Earth after an epic intergalactic battle to save Earth s heroes from a superhuman trafficking ring in Green Lanterns Vol. 8!

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  • Hulk: World War Hulk Ii by Greg Pak
    Hulk: World War Hulk Ii (English, Paperback) Greg Pak, Carlo Barberi

    Following his apocalyptic adventure on Planet Hulk, Amadeus Cho returns to Earth - but the raging monster inside of him has been unchained, leading to dire consequences for anybody who crosses the Formerly Awesome Hulk's path! Amadeus Cho has always thought of himself as the fun Hulk - the Totally Awesome Hulk. But now the Dark Hulk within him is calling the shots with brutal consequences for...

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  • Deadpool - Vol. 9: Institutionalized by Daniel Way
    Deadpool - Vol. 9: Institutionalized (English, Paperback) Daniel Way, Carlo Barberi

    After the fallout (nuclear and otherwise) of Deadpool's antics out in Arizona, the federal government is faced with an impossible question; What to do with Deadpool? Luckily, Deadpool's gamma-powered legal defense team provided an answer: Stick him in an institution. Logically, it might be the only solution-after all he really does need some professional help as well as protection from the enemy:...

    $12.75 $15.99
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  • Guardians Of The Galaxy: Guardians Of Infinity by Dan Abnett
    Guardians Of The Galaxy: Guardians Of Infinity (English, Paperback) Dan Abnett, Carlo Barberi

    In the infinite expanse of time and space, is there room for more than one group of Guardians of the Galaxy? You bet there is! Rocket, Groot and Drax are about to go on an adventure so big it will draw in counterparts from a thousand years away. Not just the Guardians 3000 you know and love but also...the Guardians 1000?! But who are these universal protectors from centuries ago? Put your faith in...

    $15.13 $17.99
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  • Deadpool By Daniel Way: The Complete Collection Volume 4 by Daniel Way
    Deadpool By Daniel Way: The Complete Collection Volume 4 (English, Paperback) Daniel Way, Carlo Barberi

    Deadpool is desperate to end it all, but his healing factor makes dying a near-impossibility. When Wade finds the one thing in the world that can kill him - a serum that permanently disables his regenerative abilities - he just might get his wish. But when his newfound ability to die makes Deadpool feel more alive than ever, his sudden lust for life gets him in hot water with everyone he crosses -...

    $22.32 $34.99
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  • Amazing Spider-man Volume 5: Spiral by Gerry Conway
    Amazing Spider-man Volume 5: Spiral (English, Paperback) Gerry Conway, Carlo Barberi

    The underworld is in a constant flux and has been since the Kingpin got taken out at Shadowland. That war is heating up and Spidey's going to do something about it. But he's not the only one - Police Captain Yuri Watanabe is trying to curtail the madness both in her day job as a police officer and as the vigilante The Wraith! Do she and Spidey play by the same rules? Collecting: Amazing Spider...

    $14.00 $16.99
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  • Deadpool Volume 6 by Daniel Way
    Deadpool Volume 6 (English, Paperback) Daniel Way, Carlo Barberi

    This may be the Heroic Age and all, but the sad fact is that sometimes the good guys, in order to do good, have to do some things that are very bad. And when they do, well...that's when they hollah atcha boy.

    $14.31 $15.99
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  • Deadpool Vol. 4: Monkey Business by Daniel Way
    Deadpool Vol. 4: Monkey Business (English, Paperback) Daniel Way, Carlo Barberi

    Deadpool and Spider-Man team up (yes, team up) to combat the unstoppable killing machine known as HIT-MONKEY! Yes, HIT-MONKEY. But can Deadpool do what it takes to rid New York of this terrifying new menace, or will he wilt under the monkey's soulful gaze? Plus: Bear witness as the legend of Hit-Monkey is born! COLLECTING: Deadpool #19-22, Hit-Monkey

    $13.76 $15.99
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  • Deadpool Classic Volume 14: Suicide Kings by Carlo Barberi
    Deadpool Classic Volume 14: Suicide Kings (English, Paperback) Carlo Barberi, Mike Benson

    Deadpool continues his quest for truth, justice and cold hard cash! Eleven desperate men compete in a deadly, illegal reality game show that will leave one of them rich and the rest dead. One of the competitors is Wade Wilson... but what is his hidden agenda? (Besides the cash.) Then, framed for killing innocents, Deadpool winds up in the Punisher's sights! Collecting: Deadpool: Games of Death 1;...

    $24.79 $34.99
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  • Deadpool - Volume 5 by Daniel Way
    Deadpool - Volume 5 (English, Paperback) Daniel Way, Carlo Barberi

    Deadpool's been described as many things over the years, but "trendsetter"? That's a new one. Here he is, trying to get his hero on and guess what? Suddenly, everyone else is, too! Seems like everyone's wanting to jump on the Deadpool bandwagon lately, doesn't it? Collecting: Deadpool #23-26

    $11.92 $15.99
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  • Deadpool Volume 1 by Daniel Way
    Deadpool Volume 1 (English, Hardback) Daniel Way, Paco Medina

    Collecting a whole year's worth of Deadpool stories packed into one oversized hardcover! First, the Skrulls have invaded, and no one on Earth is safe. Shape-shifting aliens bent on world conquest, they have infiltrated governments, businesses, even super-hero teams. But nothing they've ever faced has prepared them for Deadpool! Then, Wade goes looking for Norman Osborn and quickly realizes that...

    $28.92 $39.99
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  • Green Lanterns by Tim Seeley
    Green Lanterns (German, Paperback) Tim Seeley, Ronan Cliquet $18.91
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  • Super Sons by J Peter Tomasi
    Super Sons (German, Paperback) J Peter Tomasi, Carlo Barberi $15.89
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  • Hulk by Greg Pak
    Hulk (German, Paperback) Greg Pak, Greg Land $15.89
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  • Deadpool: All-Träume by Daniel Way
    Deadpool: All-Träume (German, Paperback) Daniel Way, Bong Dazo $24.60
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  • Deadpool By Daniel Way Omnibus Vol. 2 by Daniel Way
    Deadpool By Daniel Way Omnibus Vol. 2 (English, Hardback) Daniel Way, Carlo Barberi

    Daniel Way's wild and wacky Deadpool run concludes! But can it be that Steve Rogers wants the motormouth merc on his hush-hush Secret Avengers? No-good, lousy Draculas are more Deadpool's speed! But as Wade heads into space to increase his intergalactic cred, will taking on alien assassin Macho Gomez and the immense Id the Selfish Moon cement him as the solar system's baddest of the bad? Not as...

    $91.29 $100.00
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  • Avengers: No More Bullying by Sean Ryan
    Avengers: No More Bullying (English, Paperback) Sean Ryan, Carlo Barberi

    The Avengers have always stood up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, but this time they're in for a bombastic adventure of the highest order! Plus, swing along with Spidey and a gathering of his amazing friends as they take on this important social issue in the inimitable Mighty Marvel Manner! Collecting: Avengers: No More Bullying 1, Thor (1966) 356, Prevent Child Abuse America...

    $13.67 $14.99
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  • Ultimate Comics X-men By Nick Spencer - Vol. 1 by Paco Medina
    Ultimate Comics X-men By Nick Spencer - Vol. 1 (English, Paperback) Paco Medina, Nick Spencer

    Mutantkind is scattered and hiding. Iceman and Kitty Pryde have taken refuge with the Human Torch in the subterranean Morlock tunnels. Karen Grant and Ultimate X are on the run. Quicksilver has taken the offensive, brokering a deal with none other than the president. But when the world discovers the true history of the X-gene, the decades old secret threatens to destabilize the planet - and the...

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  • Ultimate Comics X-men By Nick Spencer - Volume 2 by Nick Spencer
    Ultimate Comics X-men By Nick Spencer - Volume 2 (English, Paperback) Nick Spencer, Paco Medina

    The ghosts of the Ultimate Universe's past drive the world's mutants toward an explosive confrontation in this thrilling chess match crafted by writer Nick Spencer (Iron Man 2.0). Quicksilver's scheme to lord over the world's mutants goes horribly. Val Cooper probes Nick Fury for information on the Ultimate X program and the identity of world's most powerful psychic, Jean Grey, is revealed. And...

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  • Thunderbolts Volume 4: No Mercy (marvel Now) by Ben Acker
    Thunderbolts Volume 4: No Mercy (marvel Now) (English, Paperback) Ben Acker, Charles Soule

    General Ross's T-Bolts were brought together to clean up the problems that no one else could. but what happens when the problem is on the team? The seemingly all-powerful madwoman called Mercy has gone too far, slaughtering innocent people to fulfill her twisted mission of mercy. Who can the team turn to for help taking down this powerhouse? How about Johnny Blaze, the original Ghost Rider? Can he...

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