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  • Aura
    Aura (Multiple languages, Paperback) Carlos Fuentes

    Felipe Montero is employed in the house of an aged widow to edit her deceased husband's memoirs. There Felipe meets her beautiful green-eyed niece, Aura. His passion for Aura and his gradual discovery of the true relationship between the young woman and her aunt propel the story to its extraordinary conclusion.

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  • The Underdogs
    The Underdogs (English, Paperback) Mariano Azuela

    The greatest novel of the Mexican Revolution, in a brilliant new translation by an award-winning translator...

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  • Terra Nostra
    Terra Nostra (English, Hardback) Carlos Fuentes

    "Terra Nostra is the spreading out of the novel, the exploration of its possibilities, the voyage to the edge of what only a novelist can see and say."?Milan Kundera

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  • The Death of Artemio Cruz
    The Death of Artemio Cruz (English, Paperback) Carlos Fuentes

    As the novel opens, Artemio Cruz, the all-powerful newspaper magnate and land baron, lies confined to his bed and, in dreamlike flashes, recalls the pivotal episodes of his life. Carlos Fuentes manipulates the ensuing kaleidoscope of images with dazzling inventiveness, layering memory upon memory, from Cruz's heroic campaigns during the Mexican Revolution, through his relentless climb from poverty...

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  • Cartier-Bresson: Mexican Notebooks
    Cartier-Bresson: Mexican Notebooks (English, Hardback) Carlos Fuentes

    Brings together photographs taken on two separate visits Cartier-Bresson made to Mexico the first in 1934, just as he was embarking on his photographic career and the second some thirty years later.

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  • Old Gringo
    Old Gringo (English, Paperback) Carlos Fuentes

    One of Carlos Fuentes's greatest works, The Old Gringo tells the story of Ambrose Bierce, the American writer, soldier, and journalist, and of his last mysterious days in Mexico living among Pancho Villa's soldiers, particularly his encounter with General Tomas Arroyo. In the end, the incompatibility of the two countries (or, paradoxically, their intimacy) claims both men, in a novel that is, most...

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  • Gringo Viejo
    Gringo Viejo (Spanish, Paperback) Carlos Fuentes

    A fictional account of Ambrose Bierce's final days in Mexico among the soldiers of Pancho Villa focuses on his relationship with Tomâas Arroyo, one of Villa's generals, and Harriet Winslow, a fellow American in Mexico.

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  • The Buried Mirror
    The Buried Mirror (English, Paperback) Carlos Fuentes

    As the Los Angeles Times said: "Drawing expertly on five centuries of the cultural history of Europe and the Americas, Fuentes seeks to capture the spirit of the new, vibrant, and enduring civilization [in the New World] that began in Spain." Fuentes's singular success in this remarkable endeavor has made the book a classic in its field. (A Mariner Reissue).

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  • Cantar de Ciegos
    Cantar de Ciegos (Spanish, Paperback) Carlos Fuentes

    Seven tales of fantasy and reality in Mexico City, the provinces, and at sea include "Las dos Elenas," "La muneca reina," and "Fortuna lo ha querido."

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  • El Espejo Enterrado
    El Espejo Enterrado (Spanish, Paperback) Carlos Fuentes

    Cultures becomes fossilized when isolated, just as they are born or rise again when they come on contact with men and women from other cultures, other sets of beliefs, other races. From the obsidian mirrors of Cervantes and Velazquez, an exchange of cultural reflections has crossed the Atlantic for over five hundred year. And it is only when we look at ourselves with both mirrors that we can grasp...

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  • Agua Quemada / Burn Water
    Agua Quemada / Burn Water (Spanish, Paperback) Carlos Fuentes $12.59
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  • Vlad
    Vlad (English, Hardback) Carlos Fuentes

    Where, Carlos Fuentes asks, is a modern-day vampire to roost? Why not Mexico City, populated by ten million blood sausages (that is, people), and a police force who wonÂ’t mind a few disappearances?

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  • One Hundred Years of Solitude
    One Hundred Years of Solitude (English, Hardback) Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    The evolution and eventual decadence of a small South American town is mirrored in the family history of the Buendias.

    $24.26 $26.00
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  • The Years with Laura Diaz
    The Years with Laura Diaz (English, Paperback) Carlos Fuentes

    The life and fate of Laura Dâiaz becomes entwined in the history, culture, and politics of Mexico, in a novel that chronicles her life from 1905 to 1978 as she becomes a politically active artist, wife, mother, and lover.

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  • The Good Conscience
    The Good Conscience (Multiple languages, Paperback) Carlos Fuentes

    The Good Conscience is Carlos Fuentes's second novel. The scene is Guanajuato, a provincial capital in Central Mexico, once one of the world's richest mining centers. The Ceballos family has been reinstated to power, and adolescent Jaime Ceballos, its only heir, is torn between the practical reality of his family's life and the idealism of his youth and his Catholic education. His father is a good...

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  • Cristobal Nonato
    Cristobal Nonato (Spanish, Paperback) Carlos Fuentes

    "Acid rain bathes Makesicko City, the world's most populated and polluted city, where the government's control and manipulation mechanisms are ruthless, holding festivities and contests keep the masses under their spell, but to win one of these contests, a couple must give birth to their child on October 12th, within the first minute of the day."

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  • Federico En Su Balcon / Nietzsche on His Balcony
    Federico En Su Balcon / Nietzsche on His Balcony (Spanish, Paperback) Carlos Fuentes

    The nineteenth-century German philosopher, brought up to the twenty-first century, interrogates himself from a hotel balcony as the Mexican author does the same with himself, and the two men of letters engage with each other.

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