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  • Waiting for the Hangman
    Waiting for the Hangman (English, Hardback) Carlton Youngblood

    James Buckley Armstrong, called Buck by most people who knew him, couldn't turn Professor Fish down when he was asked to take on the job of protecting the girl sitting on the bench of rocking stagecoach across from him. What neither of them knew was the man they were on their way to visit, her Uncle Clarence, was in jail waiting for the hangman.

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  • Buck and the Widow Rancher
    Buck and the Widow Rancher (English, Hardback) Carlton Youngblood

    Somebody doesn't like the idea of James Buckley Armstrong coming to help a recently widowed woman. His welcome to the basin is an ambush that leaves one man dead. The problems facing the young widow are overpowering. Buck doesn't know where to start, but after he is ambushed for a second time and beaten unconscious, he gets mad.

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  • The Range Shootout
    The Range Shootout (Hardback) Carlton Youngblood

    James Buckley Armstrong, or Buck to his friends, has been asked to look after a company of palaeontologists as they search for dinosaur bones on rangeland owned by Big John Calhourn. Stumbling onto a bunch of rustlers is only the first problem he faces. Called a rustler and a liar by Big John's stepson, Buck is saved by the rancher's older son.

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