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  • Lake District Mountain Landforms
    Lake District Mountain Landforms (Hardback) Peter Wilson

    The mountain landforms of the English Lake District are described and explained by a lively text that is beautifully complemented by colourful line diagrams and superb photographs.

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  • Growin' Up in Lancashire
    Growin' Up in Lancashire (English, Paperback) Brian Carline, David Summerville

    A wonderfully funny, affectionate and enjoyable stroll down memory lane for readers of all ages

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  • History of Blackburn
    History of Blackburn (Hardback) Derek Beattie

    Beattie's readable history explains how and why Blackburn was so successful, looking not just at the economy, but crime to education and religion to riots, before, during and after the great cotton centuries. Illustrated throughout, this book will interest everyone connected with this quintessentially Lancashire town.

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  • Derbyshire
    Derbyshire (Hardback) David Hey

    Derbyshire is one of England's most fascinating counties. Its varied past takes us from prehistoric rock art to the world's first textile mills, and from great country house estates to lead mining, tourism and the Peak District National Park. This book on Derbyshire contains over 450 illustrations, mostly in full colour.

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  • Burma Railway Medicine
    Burma Railway Medicine (Paperback) Professor Geoff Gill, Meg Parkes

    This book presents for the first time an in-depth analysis of the medical crisis in the Allied prisoner of war (POW) camps on the Thai-Burma Railway, between 1942 and 1945. While it is written mainly from a British perspective, the authors acknowledge the contributions made by the many different nationalities of medical staff working together.

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  • The Staffordshire Oatcake
    The Staffordshire Oatcake (Paperback) Pamela Sambrook

    The famous Staffordshire oatcake is nothing less than a local food hero. Throughout the Potteries, and even beyond, it has achieved iconic status, with more than forty traditional oatcakemakers still in business. This book tells the history and social history of this unique, much-loved product.

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  • London
    London (English, Hardback) Professor Jeremy Black

    London was the first modern city, with the world's highest wages and the best standard of living for those in work. This narrative history of London gives insight into London's 2,000 years of history.

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    5 stars

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  • Thomas Potts, the Wonderful Discovery of Witches in the County of Lancaster
    Thomas Potts, the Wonderful Discovery of Witches in the County of Lancaster (English, Paperback) Robert Poole

    The only modernised version of Thomas Potts' seventeenth-century account of the famous witch trials. Published to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witch Trials of 1612.

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  • Lost Farms of Brinscall Moors
    Lost Farms of Brinscall Moors (Paperback) David Clayton

    A unique and engaging book about the farms and farming communities of Brinscall near Chorley, Lancashire, that were broken apart in the name of progress. It takes the reader back in time, on a journey into the forgotten lives of Lancashire's lost hill-farming communities.

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  • When Rock went to College
    When Rock went to College (Paperback) Barry Lucas

    Barry Lucas and Paul Tomlinson have documented an amazing chapter in the history of Lancaster University in a superb and very large new book. If you were a student at Lancaster during this time you may remember some of these events, anecdotes or images, but truly, there is something for anyone connected with the uni, then or now.

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  • A History of Kendal
    A History of Kendal (Paperback) Andrew White

    A wonderfully readable, comprehensive account, from Roman times right up to date, beautifully illlustrated with a wide range of images.

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  • Toxteth Tales
    Toxteth Tales (Paperback) Ken Hayter

    Ken Hayter's warm, funny, poignant tales of growing up in Toxteth will strike a chord with anyone interested in the social history of Liverpool, whether they are old enough to remember how it was, or would like to have a fascinating peek into the past.

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  • Walking from Garstang and in Wyresdale
    Walking from Garstang and in Wyresdale (Paperback) Ian O. Brodie, Krysia Brodie

    Features carefully chosen walks that are intended for various ages and abilities, guiding the walker through some of the most picturesque landscape in Lancashire. This title includes instructions that are accompanied by helpful maps, local information, historical background and attractive photographs.

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  • Poverty Amidst Prosperity
    Poverty Amidst Prosperity (English, Paperback) Carl Chinn

    Focusing on the urban poor, this book explains their way of life. Using working-class autobiographies and other evidence from working-class people themselves, it shows how people reacted to poverty, and brings to the fore their strategies for coping with their situation. It provides an introduction to those seeking to understand poverty.

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  • Around Preston
    Around Preston (Paperback) David Hindle

    This beautiful book celebrates, with its combination of history, wildlfie and walking in the amazing countryside around Preston is perfect book for anyone living in or visiting the city and the lovely places on its doorstep.

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  • Old Silverdale
    Old Silverdale (Paperback) Rod Ireland

    Using not only postcards but also many photographs from local family archives, author Rod Ireland paints a warm and vivid picture of life in Silverdale over the last century.

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  • Swaledale and Richmond
    Swaledale and Richmond (English, Paperback) Chris Park

    A beautifully produced book on all aspects of life, history and landscape in Swaledale and Richmond in the famous Yorkshire Dales.

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    5 stars

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  • Birdwatching Walks Around Morecambe Bay
    Birdwatching Walks Around Morecambe Bay (English, Paperback) Reverend Dr John Wilson

    Morecambe Bay is an amazing place. Set against the magical backdrop of the Lakeland fells, it is an ever-changing world of water and sand moulded by the constant ebb and flow of the tides, a beautiful landscape in which to walk, and home to one of the largest concentrations of birds in Europe.

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  • Iron Harvests of the Field
    Iron Harvests of the Field (English, Paperback) Peter Dewey

    From broad-cast seed and the sound of the threshing flail, right through to the modern world of giant tractors and combine harvesters this book for the first time tells the compelling story of the industry and the magnificent machines that changed the way farming and food production worked around the world.

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  • A History of Sussex
    A History of Sussex (Paperback) Philip Payton

    Combining sound academic research with a genuine talent for writing, this superb new book tells the story of Sussex from ancient times to the present day, exploring interesting themes along the way.

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