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  • 1612: the Lancashire Witch Trials by Christine Goodier
    1612: the Lancashire Witch Trials (English, Paperback) Christine Goodier

    This excellent little book is a wonderful introduction to the story of the trial of the witches of Pendle in 1612. In a very lively and readable style, Christine Goodier provides a who's who of the events, as well as an interesting angle on the trials themselves.

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  • The Witch and Her Soul by Christine Middleton
    The Witch and Her Soul (English, Paperback) Christine Middleton

    At her dying husband's bedside, Jane's extraordinary diary is born. Confessional, raw, evocative, her soul-deep writings reveal her world, her forbidden beliefs and desires.

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  • The Staffordshire Oatcake by Pamela Sambrook
    The Staffordshire Oatcake (Paperback) Pamela Sambrook

    The famous Staffordshire oatcake is nothing less than a local food hero. Throughout the Potteries, and even beyond, it has achieved iconic status, with more than forty traditional oatcakemakers still in business. This book tells the history and social history of this unique, much-loved product.

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  • Growin' Up in Lancashire by Brian Carline
    Growin' Up in Lancashire (English, Paperback) Brian Carline, David Summerville

    A wonderfully funny, affectionate and enjoyable stroll down memory lane for readers of all ages

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  • Birdwatching Walks in Bowland by David Hindle
    Birdwatching Walks in Bowland (Paperback) David Hindle, John Wilson

    Birdwatching Walks in Bowland, now in its third edition, reveals the many treasures in the Forest of Bowland that can be enjoyed by all. Readers can choose from over 30 lovely routes, all with straightforward directions, easy-to-follow maps and useful birding tips.

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  • Lake District Mountain Landforms by Peter Wilson
    Lake District Mountain Landforms (Hardback) Peter Wilson

    The mountain landforms of the English Lake District are described and explained by a lively text that is beautifully complemented by colourful line diagrams and superb photographs.

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  • Britain's Industrial Revolution by Barrie Trinder
    Britain's Industrial Revolution (English, Paperback) Barrie Trinder

    A heavily illustrated history of the industrial revolution throughout the British Isles, aimed at the general reader.

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  • Flora of North Lancashire by Eric Greenwood
    Flora of North Lancashire (English, Hardback) Eric Greenwood

    Outlines changes in the landscape and the impact of humans over 10,000 years. Describes the vegetation and plant communities found today. Details the distribution in North Lancashire of over 2000 species with reference to their Wider distribution and ecology.

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  • Candles, Carts and Carbolic by J. Callaghan
    Candles, Carts and Carbolic (Paperback) J. Callaghan

    A wrm, witty, poignat story of growing up in Liverpool between the wars

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  • Lancaster's Historic Inns by Andrew White
    Lancaster's Historic Inns (Paperback) Andrew White

    Traces the records of inns and pubs that have served the town of Lancaster over the centuries. This book paints a picture of inn life, touching on different aspects, including brewing, publicans, food, prostitution, famous visitors and inn names, and provides a gazetteer of Lancaster inns.

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  • Poverty Amidst Prosperity by Carl Chinn
    Poverty Amidst Prosperity (English, Paperback) Carl Chinn

    Focusing on the urban poor, this book explains their way of life. Using working-class autobiographies and other evidence from working-class people themselves, it shows how people reacted to poverty, and brings to the fore their strategies for coping with their situation. It provides an introduction to those seeking to understand poverty.

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  • Burma Railway Medicine by Professor Geoff Gill
    Burma Railway Medicine (Paperback) Professor Geoff Gill, Meg Parkes

    This book presents for the first time an in-depth analysis of the medical crisis in the Allied prisoner of war (POW) camps on the Thai-Burma Railway, between 1942 and 1945. While it is written mainly from a British perspective, the authors acknowledge the contributions made by the many different nationalities of medical staff working together.

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  • St Albans by Mark Freeman
    St Albans (Paperback) Mark Freeman

    St Albans - or Verulamium - was one of the largest and most important towns in Roman Britain, and the site of Britain's first Christian martyrdom. This book traces the evolution of urban government in St Albans, and the people's experiences of the political upheavals that beset England in this period.

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  • The River Ribble by Malcolm Greenhalgh
    The River Ribble (Paperback) Malcolm Greenhalgh

    A book about a major British river - Ribble, which looks at the natural environment over time, and how humans have modelled the history and ecology of the region.

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  • Grow Your Own in Lancashire by Malcolm Greenhalgh
    Grow Your Own in Lancashire (Paperback) Malcolm Greenhalgh

    A brilliant new book especially for the gardeners of the North West! Full of Grow Your Own (GYO) information and tips for growers across the old county of Lancashire.

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  • The Roman Frontier in Britain by David C. A. Shotter
    The Roman Frontier in Britain (Paperback) David C. A. Shotter

    An up-to-date and in-depth historical study of the northern Roman frontier in Britain - why was the military conquest of Scotland never completed and what were the criteria governing Roman policy over the centuries? The idea of the Roman frontier immediately conjures up pictures of Hadrian's Wall with its forts and other remains, and of the Antonine Wall in Scotland. These two structures, however,...

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  • Murder in Victorian Liverpool by David Parry
    Murder in Victorian Liverpool (English, Paperback) David Parry

    The thirty-three cases in this excellent book give a unique and fascinating insight into life in the Victorian period, in Liverpool and beyond.

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  • Dean Dwelly of Liverpool by Peter Kennerley
    Dean Dwelly of Liverpool (Paperback) Peter Kennerley

    Peter Kennerley's lively account of the work of a true master of liturgy is set in the context of the story of the cathedral itself, to create this highly readable, beautifully illustrated and fascinating volume.

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  • London by Professor Jeremy Black
    London (English, Hardback) Professor Jeremy Black

    London was the first modern city, with the world's highest wages and the best standard of living for those in work. This narrative history of London gives insight into London's 2,000 years of history.

    5 stars

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  • Return to Peterloo by Robert Poole
    Return to Peterloo (Paperback) Robert Poole

    The Peterloo massacre of 1819 is one of the landmarks of British history. Notwithstanding the weeks of legal argument and the decades of noisy disputes about who was responsible, the sheer quantity of information is exceptional, so the basic facts have never been in serious doubt.

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