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  • Adulthood
    Adulthood is a Myth (English, Paperback) Sarah Andersen

    Do you love networking to advance your career? Is adulthood an exciting new challenge for which you feel fully prepared? Ugh. Please go away.

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    5 stars

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  • The
    The Bookies Pencil (Hardback) Viz

    The brand new annual, packed full of crude toilet humour, incongruous language and black comedy. "Viz" has been entertaining readers since 1979 with its parodies of straight-laced British comics such as "The Beano" and "The Dandy".

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  • Swear
    Swear Word Coloring Book (Paperback) Color Mom $13.40
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  • Modern
    Modern Toss: Mindless Violence Colouring Book (English, Paperback) Jon Link, Mick Bunnage

    The Mindless Violence Colouring Book taps into the therapeutic benefits and mindful state that colouring in pictures can produce. Follow a cast of suited men and women as they carry out acts of mindless violence and vandalism in zen style hanging gardens and supermarket car parks.

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  • Cartoons
    Cartoons from the New Yorker 2017 Day-To-Day Calendar (English, Calendar) Conde Nast

    The cartoons of The New Yorker have entertained the magazine's readers for nearly a century. With unmatched visual sophistication and wit, they let no subject escape their scrutiny.A roster of extraordinary artists continues to create indelible images that vary in style and tone, whether whimsical, provocative, serene, or laugh-out-loud funny.The New Yorker's cartoons are always the talk of the...

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  • Sticky
    Sticky Monsters (English, Hardback) John Kenn Mortensen

    John Kenn Mortensen's pen is full of wonderfully creepy monsters which crawl onto sticky yellow note pads when darkness falls. Here we have collected some of the best monster drawings in a delectable hardback edition.

    $13.50 $14.95
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  • Motivational
    Motivational Quotes to Help You be More Positive (English, Hardback) Chris (Simpsons Artist)

    Laugh-out-loud, inappropriate and surreal collection of motivational quotes and brand-new artwork from the genius behind the hugely popular blog 'Simpsons Pictures that I Gone and Done'. This is dark humour at its best.

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  • Yuge!"/
    Yuge! (English, Paperback) G. B. Trudeau

    Those not enthralled with Donald Trump's ascendance have been shocked and appalled by it -- and taken by surprise.

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  • I
    I am Pusheen the Cat (English, Paperback) Claire Belton

    Pusheen combines the online reach of Oatmeal's How to Tell if Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill Youwith the appeal of Hello Kitty.

    $13.23 $14.99

    5 stars

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  • Modern
    Modern Toss: The Working Day Colouring Book (English, Paperback) Jon Link, Mick Bunnage

    The Working Day Colouring Book is heavily influenced by Modern Toss' ever-popular Work series, tapping into the therapeutic benefits of colouring in pictures instead of working. Each image is captioned throughout as we follow a series of employees navigate their way through the working day.

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  • Non
    Non Sequitur (English, Calendar) Wiley Miller

    For over twenty years, Wiley Miller's comic Non Sequitur has been bringing laughs to millions of fans worldwide with its wry look at the absurdities of modern existence.This unique comic has won multiple awards and an ever-expanding cult following with its whimsical, satiric, and hilarious take on human foibles and everyday life.  With a full-color strip every day, the 2017 calendar is sure...

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  • Dilbert"/
    Dilbert (English, Calendar) Scott Adams

    The next time your own Pointy-Haired Boss asks if you're expecting any unforeseen problems, simply take a quick glance at your Dilbert 2017 calendar and make convincing reassurances that everything is under control thanks to the company's brilliant leadership. It won't really help with inane questions like that, of course, but you'll look impressive, and it'll give you another excuse to check out...

    5 stars

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  • The
    The Illustrated History of Football (English, Hardback) David Squires

    Relives some of football's most glorious moments and meets its greatest figures. In a sport full of handsome pay cheques and corporate sponsors, he also casts a critical eye over corrupt backroom workings and helps pierce football's overblown balloon.

    $18.19 $24.95
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  • VIZ
    VIZ Annual 2016 (Hardback)
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  • Peanuts"/
    Peanuts (English, Calendar) Peanuts Worldwide LLC

    Whether it's Lucy and Linus squabbling, Charlie Brown desperately trying to win a baseball game, or Snoopy trying to defeat the Red Baron, the PEANUTS gang never fails to entertain. The PEANUTS 2017 Day-to-Day Calendar contains a year's worth of laughable, full-color comic strips featuring all the beloved PEANUTS characters in their always-entertaining escapades.

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  • Pounce"/
    Pounce (English, Calendar) Seth Casteel $18.25
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  • Fred
    Fred Basset Yearbook 2017 (English, Paperback) Alex Graham

    'Fred's wry observations delight fans young and old...' DOGS TODAY The nation's favourite canny cartoon canine is here again with another bumper collection of his most chucklesome strips from the Daily Mail.

    $13.85 $15.95
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  • The
    The Argyle Sweater (English, Calendar) Scott Hilburn

    The Argyle Sweater comic presents a surreal, hilarious, (and sometimes punny) look at the world you think you know.The Argyle Sweater 2017 Day-to-Day Calendar features a different, full-color panel each day that will keep readers laughing all year long. Covering (and sometimes skewering) topics such as history, religion, pop culture, relationships, and everyday life,The Argyle Sweater has...

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  • Garfield"/
    Garfield (English, Calendar) Jim Davis

    Garfield, everyone's favorite fat cat, is up to his usual antics in the fun-filled Garfield 2017 Wall Calendar,Happiness Is . . . a cool kitty.Each full-color spread of this wall calendar features Garfield doing the things that makes him happy like taking selfies with Odie, using Odie's tongue as a selfie stick of course!

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  • Soppy"/
    Soppy (English, Hardback) Philippa Rice

    "'Soppy' is Philippa Rice's collection of comics and illustrations based on real-life moments with her boyfriend. From grocery shopping to silly arguments and snuggling in front of the television, 'Soppy' captures the universal experience of sharing a life together and celebrates the beauty of finding romance all around us"--Page 4 of cover.

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