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  • 20-Minute
    20-Minute Whittling Projects (English, Paperback) Tom Hindes

    Portions of this book were originally published in Woodcarving Illustrated magazine.

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  • Victorinox
    Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Book of Whittling (English, Paperback) Chris Lubkemann

    Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Whittling Book shows you how to carve useful and whimsical objects in just a few minutes using nothing more than an original Swiss Army (R) knife and a twig.

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  • Complete
    Complete Starter Guide to Whittling (English, Paperback) Woodcarving Illustrated

    Features 24 whittling projects for the absolute beginner. This book comes with how-to photographs and step-by-step instructions from 12 leading woodcarvers. It includes projects that can be made in just a weekend, complete with step-by-step instructions, how-to photographs, ready-to-carve patterns and helpful tips.


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  • Carving
    Carving the Little Guys (English, Paperback) Keith Randich

    Presents an accessible introduction to the art of caricature carving for beginning woodcarvers. This book takes you cut-by-cut through the process of transforming a small block of wood into an expressive Little Guy. It includes basic information on wood, tools, sharpening, cutting, safety, finishing, repairs and more.

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  • Swedish
    Swedish Carving Techniques (English, Paperback) Wille Sundqvist

    Suitable for carvers and craftsmen, this title deals with basic hand tools and the practical objects they can produce from branches, burls, and crooked pieces of wood. It brings this simple art to life by showing you carving techniques, tips for designing spoons for maximum strength, and, how to shape dough bowls, butter paddles and ladles.

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  • Carving
    Carving Faces Workbook (English, Paperback) Harold L. Enlow

    Shares the woodcarving tips and techniques. This title teaches you how to carve faces with life and expression.

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  • Old
    Old Time Whittling (English, Paperback) Keith Randich

    A guide that helps you master the old-fashioned craft of whittling. Even if you've never carved a piece of wood before, it shows you how to create iconic whittling classics like the wooden chain, ball-in-a-cage, arrow-through-the-heart and more. It takes you step-by-step through 10 projects, with concise instructions and more than 50 photographs.

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  • Whittling
    Whittling Handbook (English, Paperback) Peter Benson

    This delightful book guides the reader through the basics starting with straightforward projects such as a garden dibber and a paper knife, then progresses to more complex and intricate items. The tools you'll need, plus the basic techniques and how to perform them safely are all covered in a clear and easy-to-follow way.

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  • The
    The Artful Wooden Spoon (English, Hardback) Josh Vogel, Seth Smoot

    A visually inspiring guide to making gorgeous spoons, using a variety of readily available woods, minimal tools and entry-level woodworking skills.

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  • Make
    Make it with Air Dry Clay (Paperback) Fay De Winter

    Make 20 beautiful, professional and easy-to-make projects with air dry clay, which works like traditional clay but without the need of a fire or oven bake.

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  • Good
    Good Clean Fun (English, Hardback) Nick Offerman

    The author shares the passion for woodworking that inspires him and his companions at the Offerman Woodshop, provides instructions for some of their most popular projects, and includes humorous essays and odes to his woodworking heroes.

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  • The
    The Little Book of Whittling (English, Paperback) Chris Lubkemann

    Shows how to create useful and whimsical objects. This title provides all the instruction and inspiration that you can need to become an accomplished whittler. It helps you unwind while you create useful and whimsical objects with nothing more than a pocketknife, a twig and a few minutes of time.

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  • Fairy
    Fairy House (English, Paperback) Debbie Schramer, Mike Schramer

    Internationally recognized artists Michael and Debbie Schramer share step-by-step tips and tricks in more than 200 full-color illustrations to help you create beautiful, natural fairy houses and furniture.

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  • Shipcraft
    Shipcraft 22: German Battlecruisers (English, Paperback) Steve Backer, Robert Brown

    Everything the ship modeller needs to know about building a famous warship. Focuses on very popular modelling subjects that are represented by a wide selection of kits.

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  • Relief
    Relief carving wood spirits (English, Paperback) Lora S. Irish

    Helps a carver learn how to create an expressive wood spirit. This book clearly explains the relief carving process from start to finish: every cut, every tool change, and every depth check. It covers the entire craft from preparing the wood to roughing out and detailing the wood spirit to applying a long-lasting finish.

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  • Make
    Make It Fizz (English, Paperback) Holly Port $27.41
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  • Sculpting
    Sculpting in Wire (Paperback) Cathy Miles

    This is the third book in the new 'Basics of Sculpture' series, and will be in the same clear and informative step-by-step layout. Very much aimed at beginners, there are 6 projects of increasing difficulty, aiming to teach people how to sculpt in wire from the most basic starting point up through to soldering.

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  • Woodland
    Woodland Craft (English, Hardback) Ben Law

    Accompany woodsman Ben Law as he celebrates the amazing diversity of craft products made from materials sourced directly from the woods. With fascinating information on the history, language and traditions of the crafts, coppice management and tree species, this book teaches about all aspects of the low-impact woodland way of life.

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  • Battlefields
    Battlefields in Miniature (English, Hardback) Paul Davies

    How to make realistic yet practical wargaming terrain. Clear, step by step advice and techniques you can adapt to many projects. Specific projects for many historical periods, and much that is applicable to any. Author is very experienced, master terrain builder who writes regularly for wargames magazine.

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  • Chip
    Chip Carved Christmas Ornaments (English, Paperback) Bruce Nicholas, Judy Lavender Nicholas

    Chip Carved Christmas Ornaments demonstrates how to create an endless variety of exquisite, wooden Christmas ornaments for your tree using only two knives and just three basic cuts. A selection of ready-to- use full-size patterns include versatile elements that can be re-combined with infinite variations.

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