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Catherine Bowness

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  • Alethea or a Solemn Vow by Catherine Bowness
    Alethea or a Solemn Vow (English, Paperback) Catherine Bowness

    Set during the Regency and written in a style reminiscent of the period, this sparkling novel follows the fortunes of Alethea as she is introduced to the Marriage Mart in search of a rich husband. She is a lively girl who loses her temper on the slightest provocation, especially with the Earl of Knill, who seems to take particular pleasure in teasing her.Her cousin, Eleanor, on the shelf at 31,...

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  • Mary or the Perils of Imprudence by Catherine Bowness
    Mary or the Perils of Imprudence (English, Paperback) Catherine Bowness

    It is midsummer 1819, the sun is shining and the fields and riverbanks are thick with wildflowers. Mary Best, companion to old Lady Leland, likes to pick a selection when she goes for a walk and bring them back for her employer. It is on one of these innocuous outings that she meets an eligible gentleman in dramatic circumstances and finds her hard-won tranquillity severely tested. Her employer...

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  • The Lost Palace by Catherine Bowness
    The Lost Palace (English, Paperback) Catherine Bowness

    A traditional story involving a magic carpet is given a new twist. Beatrice Daisy is an old lady with a mind as sharp as a tack. She has always longed for an adventure. When a magic carpet is delivered to her house she wants to try it out immediately but doesn't because her grandchildren are coming to stay; they find it and she is only just in time to join them before it takes off. In the...

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  • Everybody Hurts, Sometimes by Catherine Bowness
    Everybody Hurts, Sometimes (English, Paperback) Catherine Bowness

    This text looks at how people feel helpless, scared or lonely, how humans treat each other and the birth of Jesus as a helpless baby.

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  • Biblos Primary Teacher's Handbook by Catherine Bowness
    Biblos Primary Teacher's Handbook (English, Paperback) Catherine Bowness, Mark Brimicombe

    Covering the three Biblos Primary Pupils' handbook, this work provides support material, help for teachers with other specialisms, photocopiable extended activities and ideas for using the material within existing schemes of work.

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