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  • Rituals
    Rituals (Paperback) Cees Nooteboom

    A novel for those who seek to unravel our mysterious, apparently directionless lives... A wry, witty and insightful classic.

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  • Roads To Santiago
    Roads To Santiago (English, Paperback) Cees Nooteboom, Simone Sassen

    A many-tangented pilgrimage through ten centuries of Spain's history, its politics, its art, literature and architecture, its climate and its people, in which Nooteboom unlocks doors to an undiscovered Spain and reveals his obsession for a country he has come to know intimately over the course of forty years.

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  • Self-Portrait of an Other
    Self-Portrait of an Other (English, Paperback) Cees Nooteboom, Max Neumann

    Written in response to and published together with a series of drawings by the Berlin-based artist Max Neumann, the book draws on Nooteboom's personal reflections--his arsenal of memories, dreams, fantasies, landscapes, stories and nightmares--and presents a set of prose poems that complements and echoes Neumann's work.

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  • Light Everywhere
    Light Everywhere (English, Hardback) Cees Nooteboom

    Cees Nooteboom is best known in the English-speaking world for his acclaimed novels, essays, and travel writing; however, Nooteboom has always seen himself first and foremost as a poet. He has said, "without poetry my life would be unthinkable." This anthology covers his poetic output up to 2013, with an emphasis on his more recent work.

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  • Mokusei!
    Mokusei! (English, Hardback) Cees Nooteboom

    Two men talk in Tokyo. One, a Belgian, is a diplomat. The other, Dutch, is a photographer. What, they wonder, is the real face of Japan? How can they get beyond the European idea of the nation and its people?with its exoticism?and see Japan as it truly is? The Belgian has an idea: he helps the photographer find a model to shoot in front of Mount Fuji as the "typical Japanese." The plan works...

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  • Daniel Ost
    Daniel Ost (English, Hardback) Paul Geerts, Kengo Kuma

    The most comprehensive monograph available on the internationally renowned Belgian floral artist and designer Daniel Ost.

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  • The Following Story
    The Following Story (English, Paperback) Cees Nooteboom

    WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY DAVID MITCHELLOne morning Herman Mussert wakes up in a hotel room in Lisbon, where twenty years previously he slept with another man's wife.

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  • Self-portrait of an Other
    Self-portrait of an Other (English, Hardback) Cees Nooteboom, Max Neumann

    Cees Nooteboom, best known for his novel "The Following Story", is one of the most distinguished and significant authors of the Netherlands. This book draws on Nooteboom's personal reflections - his arsenal of memories, dreams, fantasies, landscapes, stories, and nightmares - and presents a set of prose poems that complements Neumann's work.

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  • Roads to Santiago
    Roads to Santiago (Multiple languages, Paperback) Cees Nooteboom

    In a collection of twentyfive original essays, the author of The Following Story chronicles his travels throughout Spain over the course of three decades, discussing his trip through La Mancha, the magnificent Prado Museum, a visit to the shrine of the Black Madonna of Guadalupe, and more. Reprint.

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  • Nomad's Hotel
    Nomad's Hotel (English, Paperback) Cees Nooteboom

    Since his first voyage, as a sailor earning his passage from his native Holland to South America, Cees Nooteboom has never stopped traveling.Now his best travel pieces are gathered in this collection of immense range and depth, informed throughout by the author's humanity and gentle humor. From exotic places such as Isfahan,Gambia, and Mali to seemingly domesticated places such as Australia and Munich,Nooteboom shares his view of the world, showing us the strangeness in places we thought we knew and the familiarity of places most of us will probably never see. His phenomenal gifts as an observer and the wealth of his reading and learning make him an authoritative and delightful companion. Nomad's Hotel is a record of a world-class traveler's many discoveries and insights.

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  • Nomad's Hotel
    Nomad's Hotel (Paperback) Cees Nooteboom

    This absurdly enjoyable collection of travel pieces by one of the world's most entertaining writers takes us from the exotic by way of Gambia, Mali and Isfahan, to the seemingly domesticated vistas of Australia and Zurich, and finds poetry and beauty in them all.

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  • A Dark Premonition
    A Dark Premonition (English, Hardback) Cees Nooteboom

    Carrying Bosch's paintings in his mind and memory for 60 years, Dutch writer Cees Nooteboom describes his journeys to seven of them that he visited and studied in Lisbon, Madrid, Ghent, Rotterdam, and ?s-Hertogenbosch, the painter's hometown.

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  • Lost Paradise
    Lost Paradise (English, Paperback) Cees Nooteboom

    In Lost Paradise, Nooteboom sets out to connect two seemingly unrelated strangers whom he has glimpsed on his travels, and to explore the major impact that small interactions can have on the course of our journeys. A beautiful woman aboard a Berlin-bound flight becomes Alma, a young lady who leaves her parents' Sao Paolo home on a hot summer night in a fit of depression. Her car engine dies in one of the city's most dangerous favelas, a mob surrounds her, and she is pulled from the automobile. To escape her memory of the assault, she flees across the world, to Australia, where she becomes involved in the beautiful but bizarre Angel Project. Not long after, Dutch literary critic Erik Zontag is in Perth, Australia, for a conference. He has found a winged woman curled up in a closet in an empty house. He reaches out, and for a second allows his fingertips to brush her feathers?and then she speaks. The intersection of their paths illuminates the extraordinary coincidences that propel our lives.

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  • Roads to Berlin
    Roads to Berlin (Hardback) Cees Nooteboom

    The fall of the Wall to the present day - Berlin's turbulent history and path to reunification as witnessed by one of Europe's most distinguished authors.

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  • In the Dutch Mountains
    In the Dutch Mountains (Paperback) Cees Nooteboom

    An elegantly constructed story within a story, laced with the wit that characterises the work of this outstanding European writer.

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  • Die folgende Geschichte
    Die folgende Geschichte (German, Paperback) Cees Nooteboom

    Wieso wacht Hermann Mussert in einem ihm vertrauten Zimmer in Lissabon auf, obwohl er doch in Amsterdam wohnt und sich dort auch am Abend zuvor zum Schlafen niedergelegt hat? Ein spontaner Entschluß zum Aufbrechen in eine andere Gegend kann es nicht gewesen sein, denn dieser Altphilologe, der nicht mehr unterrichtet, ist ein eher Lebensuntüchtiger, ganz seinen griechischen und lateinischen...

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  • Briefe an Poseidon
    Briefe an Poseidon (German, Paperback) Cees Nooteboom

    Meisterhaft beherrscht Cees Nooteboom die Kunst, hinter den kleinen Dingen die großen Weltfragen aufblitzen zu lassen. So führt etwa eine zufällige Strandbegegnung zur Frage, ob ein kleiner Junge der Spiegel sein kann, in dem das eigene Alter verfliegt. Die Pflanzen im mediterranen Garten des Autors wiederum kümmert das wenig, sie führen ihr eigenes Leben. Und die Agave, die vermutlich mit...

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  • Die folgende Geschichte
    Die folgende Geschichte (German, Paperback) Cees Nooteboom $14.91
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  • Der Ritter ist gestorben
    Der Ritter ist gestorben (German, Hardback) Cees Nooteboom $15.96
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  • Leere umkreist von Land
    Leere umkreist von Land (German, Paperback) Cees Nooteboom

    Der vorliegende Band bietet eine Auswahl seiner besten, zum Teil erstmals veröffentlichten Reisegeschichten aus Australien. Ein Meister der Nebenrouten, ein Spezialist für die unsichtbaren Gärten jenseits der hohen Mauern, ein Kenner der Räume, die hinter fest verschlossenen Türen warten - Cees Nooteboom führt mit Leidenschaft und Brillanz, sachkundig, leichtfüßig und selbstironisch durch...

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