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Charles Davis

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  • Hot Chicken Cookbook: The Fiery History and Red-Hot Recipes of Nashville's Beloved Bird by ,Timothy,Charles Davis
    Hot Chicken Cookbook: The Fiery History and Red-Hot Recipes of Nashville's Beloved Bird (English, Paperback) ,Timothy,Charles Davis

    Nashville-style Hot Chicken is the Music City's claim to culinary fame. Entrenched in the city's history, but is also fresh enough to contribute to Nashville's exploding national popularity as a hip, creative urban scene, Hot Chicken is an addiction, a punishment, and a sweet, spicy salvation to those who've had it. Hot Chicken is action eating: physical, mental, and spiritual all at once. In The...

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  • Walk! Mallorca by Charles Davis
    Walk! Mallorca (English, Paperback) Charles Davis, David Brawn

    Looking for one Mallorca guide book that has all the walking adventures you could want? New for 2014 Walk! Mallorca is your choice. 53 fully detailed walking routes ranging from east strolls up to serious mountain hikes packed into 160 pages that you can fit into your pocket. At just GBP12.99 (or less) don't go to Mallorca without Walk! Mallorca.

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  • Walk! Costa del Sol (Axarquia) by Charles Davis
    Walk! Costa del Sol (Axarquia) (English, Paperback) Charles Davis

    Walk! Costa del Sol explores the Axarquia region east of Malaga, an area blessed with grand summits, dizzying pinnacles, dramatic crags, deep ravines, delightful streams, stunning views, and the finest coves on the Costa del Sol, via network of paths, trails, tracks and lanes. 34 wonderful, varied routes to discover.

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  • Out Bad by Donald Charles Davis
    Out Bad (English, Paperback) Donald Charles Davis

    Out Bad is a true story about motorcycle outlaws and modern American police. It begins with the painstakingly assembled, never before told story of the murder of a Mongols Motorcycle Club member named Manuel Vincent ?Hitman? Martin. Martin was shot off his motorcycle on the Glendale Freeway in Los Angeles about 2 a.m. on October 8, 2008. Initial reports alleged that Martin had been murdered by the...

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  • Walk! the Alpujarras by Charles Davis
    Walk! the Alpujarras (English, Paperback) Charles Davis, David Brawn

    New for 2013 Walk! the Alpujarras is the comprehensive guide for adventurous leisure walkers choosing to explore this exciting region of Andalucia; providing many new routes along with full updating of routes from the 1st edition. Combine with Alpujarras Tour & Trail Map 3rd edition for your complete adventure in these breathtaking landscapes.

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  • Battlefield Earth Audiobook (Unabridged) by L Ron Hubbard
    Battlefield Earth Audiobook (Unabridged) (English, CD-Audio) L Ron Hubbard

    Battlefield Earth is an enormous epic of adventure set in the year 3000, when the future survival of what's left of the human race is at stake. When Jonnie Goodboy Tyler decides to venture out of the small and dwindling community of humans barely surviving in their Rocky Mountain retreat, he has no thought of challenging the order that for a thousand years has held the earth prisoner to the oppressive alien race of the Psychlos. The Psychlos and their vast intergalactic mining corporation have dominated and exploited all known galaxies for centuries, ruthlessly destroying races who dare to resist. How one man?with the aid of a few surviving Scotsmen?tackles the greatest malignant power in the universe makes for a sprawling adventure of thrilling heroics, full of dangerous underground work, interplanetary wars, intergalactic financial intrigue, monster races, and complex political manipulation spread across a vast canvas of epic scale. Experience the unabridged audiobook in fully immersive HD sound of the story that changed the shape of science fiction forever. Performed by over 65 actors playing 198 characters with 150,000 sound effects. "A vivid movie of the mind!"?AudioFile   The great SF author Robert Heinlein called Battlefield Earth "a masterpiece." FREE POSTER OFFER   Enter your order confirmation at and you'll get a bonus gift of a full-color 24 x 36-inch poster of the stunning cover painting by Frank Frazetta, suitable for framing (value: $19.99)!  

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  • Twilight of the Outlaws by Donald Charles Davis
    Twilight of the Outlaws (English, Paperback) Donald Charles Davis

    Framed by the true story of the murder of Black Piston patch holder Zack Tipton in Jacksonville Beach, Florida in June, 2014 Twilight of the Outlaws rips open the veil that shrouds the world of outlaw motorcycle clubs, reveals the social and economic forces that are hastening their end and exposes the corrupt law enforcement agencies that will stop at nothing to destroy them. Author and motorcycle...

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  • Around Cape Horn by Charles Davis
    Around Cape Horn (English, Paperback) Charles Davis

    Charles Davis was one of the world's leading maritime model builders. During the first half of the last century, he was also acclaimed as an artist, historian, and author. This is his recollection of one of his first adventures at sea: sailing out of New York in 1892 on a voyage around Cape Horn, aboard the bark James A. Wright.

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  • The Aging Rebel by Donald Charles Davis
    The Aging Rebel (English, Paperback) Donald Charles Davis

    In 2008, Donald Charles Davis, as The Aging Rebel, began writing news reports, essays and reviews aimed at an audience of motorcycle outlaws. The 50 selections in this book were originally published on the web at Readers have described the site as “William Saroyan meets Hunter Thompson.”“What sets this site apart from everything else out there,” one fan wrote, “is the...

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  • Framing Dave Burgess by Donald Charles Davis
    Framing Dave Burgess (English, Paperback) Donald Charles Davis

    Dave Burgess, son of a career Marine and the nephew of the founders of the Mustang Ranch, managed the Mustang, built and owned the last remaining piece of the original brothel and became a Hells Angel when he was 40. Along the way he made friends and enemies. Most of his enemies worked for the government. In July 2007, Dave Burgess was charged with possession of cocaine and marijuana after a...

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  • GR221 Mallorca's Long Distance Walking Route by Charles Davis
    GR221 Mallorca's Long Distance Walking Route (English, Paperback) Charles Davis

    If you want to get away from it all , there is no surer way than strapping on your boots, shouldering your backpack, and embarking on a long distance path; and there are few long distance paths more beguiling and more crammed with adventure than Mallorca's GR221, La Ruta de Pedra en Sec or The Dry Stone Way.

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  • Walk! La Palma by Charles Davis
    Walk! La Palma (English, Paperback) Charles Davis, Jan Kostura

    Revised/updated 4th ed. 37 fully detailed walking itineraries. Routes include summary, ratings for Effort, Time, Distance, Ascents/Descents, Refreshments and Vertigo risk. Detailed walk description includes frequent timings. GPS Waypoints at every key point on every route where GPS reception allows. Full colour 1:40,000 scale map of the route.

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  • Walk! Brittany (North) by Charles Davis
    Walk! Brittany (North) (English, Paperback) Charles Davis

    Aimed at casual visitors and residents, Walk Brittany (North) details the extraordinary variety of walking, from strolls to challenging long-distance outings, with forty itineraries in Finistere, Cotes d Armor, and Ille et Vilaine.

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  • Walk! the Costa Blanca Mountains by Charles Davis
    Walk! the Costa Blanca Mountains (English, Paperback) Charles Davis, David Brawn

    Walk! Costa Blanca Mountains includes 37 fully detailed walking route itineraries. There are some easy routes. There are some challenging routes for fit experts. With Charles Davis' excellent walk descriptions you'll know which routes are for you - and all of them are a true adventure.

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