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Charles Stross

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  • The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross
    The Atrocity Archives (Paperback) Charles Stross

    The explosive first volume in The Laundry Files - a series that combines spy fiction with the supernatural, where George Smiley and MI6 meet Lovecraft, Fringe and Harry Dresden.

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  • The Rapture of the Nerds by Cory Doctorow
    The Rapture of the Nerds (Paperback) Cory Doctorow, Charles Stross

    Welcome to the fractured future, at the dusk of the 21st century. Earth has a population of roughly a billion, living in a preserve at the bottom of a gravity well. Young Huw has been selected for Tech Jury Service, a task he does his best to perform despite an itchy technovirus, and some truly awful moments on bathroom floors.

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  • Accelerando by Charles Stross
    Accelerando (English, Paperback) Charles Stross

    The Singularity. It is the era of the posthuman. Artificial intelligences have surpassed the limits of human intellect. Biotechnological beings have rendered people all but extinct. Molecular nanotechnology runs rampant, replicating and reprogramming at will. Contact with extraterrestrial life grows more imminent with each new day.Struggling to survive and thrive in this accelerated world are...

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  • New Cthulhu 2: More Recent Weird by John Langan
    New Cthulhu 2: More Recent Weird (English, Paperback) John Langan, Elizabeth Bear

    Written with a pervasive atmosphere of unexplainable dread - are more relevant than ever, this title helps us to explore the mysteries of a universe in which our planet is infinitesimal and climatic change is overwhelming it.

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  • The Annihilation Score by Charles Stross
    The Annihilation Score (English, Hardback) Charles Stross

    Hugo Award-winning author Charles Stross presents the next case in The Laundry Files, ?a weirdly alluring blend of super-spy thriller, deadpan comic fantasy, and Lovecraftian horror? (Kirkus Reviews). ...

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  • The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross
    The Atrocity Archives (English, Paperback) Charles Stross

    Computer science guru Alan Turning paves the way for esoteric mathematical computations that Nazi Germany uses to perform a summoning, bringing an unexpected evil to Earth through a portal to an alternate universe.

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  • Wireless by Charles Stross
    Wireless (English, Paperback) Charles Stross

    The Hugo Award-winning author of such groundbreaking and innovative novels asAccelerando, Halting State, and Saturn's Children delivers a selection of speculative fiction brought together in one collection, showdcasing the limitless imagination of one of the twenty-first century's most daring visionaries.

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  • The Jennifer Morgue by Charles Stross
    The Jennifer Morgue (English, Paperback) Charles Stross

    The name is Howard. Bob Howard. Please don't hurt me... Bob Howard, geekish demonology hacker for The Laundry, must stop a ruthless billionaire from unleashing an eldritch horror, codenamed "Jennifer Morgue" from the ocean's depths for the purpose of ruling the world...

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  • The Apocalypse Codex by Charles Stross
    The Apocalypse Codex (English, Paperback) Charles Stross

    A smart and fast-paced supernatural spy thriller from the Laundry, the secret British government agency tasked with defending the realm from occult threats. Winner of the 2013 Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel.

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  • Singularity Sky by Charles Stross
    Singularity Sky (Paperback) Charles Stross

    A major SF debut from a British writer who will stand alongside Banks, Hamilton and Reynolds.

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  • Accelerando by Charles Stross
    Accelerando (Paperback) Charles Stross

    The third novel from one of the most exciting new British SF writers of the decade.

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  • The Rhesus Chart by Charles Stross
    The Rhesus Chart (English, Paperback) Charles Stross

    The fifth Laundry Files novel by Charles Stross, and a jumping-on point for readers new to the series, The Rhesus Chart sees hacker and supernatural spy Bob Howard take on the (literal) bloodsuckers running London's financial district. Now out in paperback!

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  • Neptune's Brood by Charles Stross
    Neptune's Brood (English, Paperback) Charles Stross

    Neptune's Brood is a brand new space opera from science fiction legend Charles Stross. Shortlisted for the Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel and the Hugo Award for Best Novel

    $9.80 $12.37
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  • Digital Rapture by James Patrick Kelly
    Digital Rapture (English, Paperback) James Patrick Kelly

    A selection of fiction and nonfiction traces the path of the Singularity, an era when advances in technology will totally transform human reality.

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  • The Rapture of the Nerds by Cory Doctorow
    The Rapture of the Nerds (English, Paperback) Cory Doctorow, Charles Stross

    Welcome to the fractured future, at the dusk of the twenty-first century....

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  • Accelerando by Charles Stross
    Accelerando (English, Paperback) Charles Stross

    The book is a collection of nine short stories telling the tale of three generations of a highly dysfunctional family before, during, and after a technological singularity. It was originally written as a series of novelettes and novellas, all published in Asimov's Science Fiction magazine in the period 2001 to 2004. The first three stories follow the character of "venture altruist" Manfred Macx...

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  • The Nightmare Stacks by Charles Stross
    The Nightmare Stacks (English, Hardback) Charles Stross

    The Laundry Files' ?fast-paced blend of espionage thrills, mundane office comedy and Lovecraftian horror? (SFX) continues as Hugo Award-winning author Charles Stross assigns a day trader to a permanent position on the night shift......

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  • Brecha de Misiles by Charles Stross
    Brecha de Misiles (Spanish, Paperback) Charles Stross $13.03
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  • The Traders' War by Charles Stross
    The Traders' War (English, Paperback) Charles Stross

    The Traders' War -- an omnibus edition of the third and fourth novels in Charles Stross's Merchant Princes series.Miriam was an ambitious business journalist in Boston. Until she was fired--then discovered, to her shock, that her lost family comes from an alternate reality. And although some of them are trying to kill her, she won't stop digging up secrets. Now that she knows she's inherited the...

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