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  • Victorinox
    Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Book of Whittling (English, Paperback) Chris Lubkemann

    Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Whittling Book shows you how to carve useful and whimsical objects in just a few minutes using nothing more than an original Swiss Army (R) knife and a twig.

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  • The
    The Little Book of Whittling (English, Paperback) Chris Lubkemann

    Shows how to create useful and whimsical objects. This title provides all the instruction and inspiration that you can need to become an accomplished whittler. It helps you unwind while you create useful and whimsical objects with nothing more than a pocketknife, a twig and a few minutes of time.

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  • Big
    Big Book of Whittle Fun: 31 Simple Projects You Can Make with a Knife, Branches & Other Found Wood (English, Paperback) Chris Lubkemann

    Whittling is a fun past time for those just starting to carve, and those who have been carving for years. This book is filled with great little projects and games that are enjoyable to make and enjoyable to use.

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  • Tree
    Tree Craft (English, Paperback) Chris Lubkemann

    Reusing Mother Nature's beauty inside the home is a great way to add warmth to any decor. This title includes five chapters that are divided into the areas of a home where the 35 stylish and practical projects can be used.

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  • Whittling
    Whittling Twigs and Branches (English, Paperback) Chris Lubkemann

    With little more than a knife, a branch and a dose of concentration this book shows how to create unique keepsakes that are fun to make, make great gifts and are popular items for sale.

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  • Victorinox
    Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Whittling Book (English, Hardback) Chris Lubkemann

    With this pocket-sized guidebook and your favorite Victorinox(R) Swiss Army Knife, you'll be ready to whittle wherever you go.

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  • Kleine
    Kleine Schnitzereien (German, Hardback) Chris Lubkemann

    Das definitive Schnitzbuch für unterwegs. Sie benötigen an Werkzeug nur ein kleines Schnitzmesser, mehr nicht - ihr Material finden Sie am Wegrand. 18 Vorschläge, was man mit frischem Holz anstellen kann - zu jeder Zeit an jedem Ort. Die Palette der Ideen reicht von nützlich bis witzig: Löffel und andere Werkzeuge, Tierköpfe, kleine Figuren, eine Flöte und vieles mehr. Alles ist in...

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  • Little
    Little Book of Whittling (English, Spiral bound) Chris Lubkemann

    Intended for beginners as well as more advanced carvers looking for a relaxing way to spend their time, this instructional manual provides 20 projects, including knives, forks, birds, animals, trees, and flowers. It describes the proper whittling tools and materials, including what woods are best to carve, and how to start projects.

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