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Chris Yost

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  • Cable: The Last Hope Vol. 2 by Craig Kyle
    Cable: The Last Hope Vol. 2 (English, Paperback) Craig Kyle, Chris Yost

    The birth of a single mutant child changed the landscape of the X-Men's world. Some saw the baby as mutantkind's last hope; others as its doom. Cable took the girl into the future, believing he could save both "Hope" and their entire species. But Lucas Bishop has wreaked havoc across time and space trying to hunt them down. Now Cyclops sends X-Force into the future to help Cable and Hope - and the...

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  • Venom By Cullen Bunn: The Complete Collection by Cullen Bunn
    Venom By Cullen Bunn: The Complete Collection (English, Paperback) Cullen Bunn, Chris Yost

    One of comics' wildest writers takes on the symbiotic super hero! Flash Thompson, the Secret Avenger called Agent Venom, faces Daimon Hellstrom and the Monsters of Evil in a battle to save his soul! But when Venom's psychopathic off spring targets the Microverse, Flash and the new Scarlet Spider must put their rivalries aside to handle the madness of Carnage! Venom says farewell to New York and...

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  • X-men Origins: The Complete Collection by Chris Yost
    X-men Origins: The Complete Collection (English, Paperback) Chris Yost, Sean McKeever

    Discover the uncanny origins of some of the greatest X-Men of all! From legendary original members like Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast and Iceman, to iconic additions of the all-new, all-diff erent era like Nightcrawler, Colossus and Wolverine, to the fan-favorite Gambit, these gripping and personal tales reveal how the young mutants each gained their powers and found their way to the Xavier School! ...

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  • Runaways Vol. 10: Rock Zombies by Terry Moore
    Runaways Vol. 10: Rock Zombies (English, Paperback) Terry Moore, Chris Yost

    A group of kids - including a witch, a robot, a mutant and a time-displaced little girl - living together in Los Angeles. What could possibly go wrong? After saying goodbye to one of their own during a conflict with some aggressive alien invaders, the Runaways are attempting to get back to normal - which for them means video games, camping trips and, of course, neutralizing potential violent...

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  • New X-men: The Quest For Magik - The Complete Collection by Craig Kyle
    New X-men: The Quest For Magik - The Complete Collection (English, Paperback) Craig Kyle, Chris Yost

    X-23's past has returned to haunt the New X-Men! Can she and Hellion rescue Mercury before the horrifying, mutant-eating Predator X is unleashed? Then, the demonic Belasco pulls the X-Mansion into Limbo - and he's looking for Magik! Illyana Rasputin has returned to life, and Belasco will put the New X-Men through a literal hell until he finds her! With the team scattered, wounded and terrified,...

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