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Christian and Quasi-Christian Cults and Sects books

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  • The Plymouth Brethren by Massimo Introvigne
    The Plymouth Brethren (English, Hardback) Massimo Introvigne

    This is the first history of the Plymouth Brethren, a conservative, nonconformist evangelical Christian movement whose history can be traced to Dublin, Ireland in the late 1820s. The teachings of John Nelson Darby, an influential figure among the early Plymouth Brethren, have had a huge impact on modern evangelicalism. However, the credit for Darby's work went to some of the first generation of...

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  • A Collection of Ranter Writings by Nigel Smith
    A Collection of Ranter Writings (English, Paperback) Nigel Smith

    The most comprehensive attempt to anthologise the key Ranter writings - bringing together some remarkable, visionary and unforgettable texts.

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  • The Cave of the Heart by Shirley Du Boulay
    The Cave of the Heart (English, Paperback) Shirley Du Boulay

    Swami Abhishiktananda (1910-1973), the name adopted by Fr. Henri le Saux after his move to India in 1948, pioneered an integration of Christian and Hindu spirituality that forged a unique spiritual path and made a strong impact on interreligious dialogue.

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  • Brainwashed and Anointed by Christopher Yeoman
    Brainwashed and Anointed (English, Paperback) Christopher Yeoman

    Yeoman tells of his struggles within Mormonism with no holds barred honesty and wit. Raised as a Mormon boy he went through a heavily indoctrinated youth system. This story offers a fascinating insight into the conflict between years of conditioned thinking vs. a need to re-programme one's mind after escaping the clutches of organised religion.

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  • The Knights Templar by Gil McHattie
    The Knights Templar (English, Paperback) Gil McHattie

    The beginnings of the Templar Order are shrouded in mystery. Very little is known about its foundation, inner workings or its rapid growth. This lack of knowledge can lead to all sorts of speculation and, sometimes, bizarre theories. This book - developed from a conference held on the theme at Emerson College, England - offers new, well-grounded perspectives that utilize both esoteric and exoteric...

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  • The Lost Teachings of the Cathars by Andrew Phillip Smith
    The Lost Teachings of the Cathars (English, Paperback) Andrew Phillip Smith

    Centuries after the brutal slaughter of the Cathars by papally endorsed Northern French forces, the medieval Cathars continue to exert a powerful influence on both popular culture and spiritual seekers.

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  • Cults in Our Midst by Margaret Thaler Singer
    Cults in Our Midst (English, Paperback) Margaret Thaler Singer

    Cults are bigger than ever, with broad ramifications for national and international terrorism. This edition reveals what cults are and how they work, focusing on the coercive persuasion techniques of charismatic leaders seeking money and power.

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  • Salvation on Sand Mountain by Dennis Covington
    Salvation on Sand Mountain (English, Paperback) Dennis Covington

    The fifteenth anniversary edition of National Book Award finalist Dennis Covington's compelling journey into the world of holiness snake handling

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  • God's Forever Family by Larry Eskridge
    God's Forever Family (English, Paperback) Larry Eskridge

    The Jesus People were an unlikely combination of evangelical Christianity and the hippie counterculture. God's Forever Family is the first major examination of this phenomenon in over thirty years. It shows that the Jesus People not only helped create a new, engaged evangelical relationship to youth and popular culture but proved to be a major force in re-shaping a resurgent evangelical movement.

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  • The Reluctant Apostate by Lloyd Evans
    The Reluctant Apostate (Paperback) Lloyd Evans $29.50
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  • Divine Romance by Paramahansa Yogananda
    Divine Romance (English, Paperback) Paramahansa Yogananda

    A collection of more than 50 talks on the vast range of inspiring and universal truths that have captivated millions in Paramahansa Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi. Readers will find these talks alive with the unique blend of all-embracing wisdom, encouragement, and love for humanity that have made the author one of our era's most revered and trusted guides to the spiritual life.

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  • The Lost Religion of Jesus by Keith Akers
    The Lost Religion of Jesus (English, Paperback) Keith Akers

    Akers argues that Jewish Christianity was vegetarian and practiced pacifism and communal living.

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  • Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History: The Family of Love in English Society, 1550-1630 by Christopher W. Marsh
    Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History: The Family of Love in English Society, 1550-1630 (English, Paperback) Christopher W. Marsh

    This book traces the history of the outlawed mystical fellowship, the 'Family of Love', in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century England, examining in detail the relations between its members and their contemporaries in contexts ranging from the court of Elizabeth I to rural villages in Cambridgeshire.

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  • The Cult of Saint Thecla by Stephen J. Davis
    The Cult of Saint Thecla (English, Paperback) Stephen J. Davis

    Thecla, a disciple of the apostle Paul, became perhaps the most celebrated female saint and 'martyr' in the early church. Bringing together literary, artistic, and archaeological evidence, the author shows how the cult of Saint Thecla was especially popular among early Christian women.

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  • Mystics and Messiahs by Philip Jenkins
    Mystics and Messiahs (English, Paperback) Philip Jenkins

    This text is an account of cults and anti-cult scares in American history. The author shows that cults were by no means an invention of the 1960s and that in fact, most of the frightening images and stereotypes surrounding fringe religious movements are traceable to the mid-19th century.

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  • Love, Power, Sacrifice by John Angerson
    Love, Power, Sacrifice (English, Hardback) John Angerson, William Shaw

    A fascinating insight into the world of religious sects. - a portrait of the Jesus Army

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  • Cults and New Religious Movements: A Reader by Lorne L. Dawson
    Cults and New Religious Movements: A Reader (English, Paperback) Lorne L. Dawson

    What is a cult? Why do they emerge? Who joins them? And why do tragedies such as Waco and Jonestown occur? This reader brings together the voices of historians, sociologists, and psychologists of religion to address these key questions about new religious movements.

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  • The Riddle of Amish Culture by Donald B. Kraybill
    The Riddle of Amish Culture (English, Paperback) Donald B. Kraybill

    In addition, he includes a new chapter describing Amish recreation and social gatherings, and he applies the concept of "social capitalto his sensitive and penetrating interpretation of how the Amish have preserved their social networks and the solidarity of their community.

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  • The Templar Spirit by Margaret Jonas
    The Templar Spirit (English, Paperback) Margaret Jonas

    What spiritual or esoteric practices took place within the mysterious and often controversial Knights Templar? Whilst little is known about this aspect of the Order's history, speculation and wild rumours continue to persist. Having taken the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, the members of the Templar Order were required to live the life of other monastic orders. However, their...

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  • Apocalypse Observed by John R. Hall
    Apocalypse Observed (English, Paperback) John R. Hall, Philip D. Schuyler

    By analysing five of the most notorious messianic cults of recent years, the authors present a fascinating and revealing account of religious sects and conflict. Includes the apocalypse of Jonestown and the Waco siege.

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