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Christine Berrie

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  • Bird Bingo by Christine Berrie
    Bird Bingo (English, Paperback)

    Brings a educational twist to the traditional game as players learn the names and colorings of both their favorite species and weird and wonderful exotic birds. This title contains 64 illustrated bingo chips, 1 board, 12 bingo cards and brightly colored counters for you to mark up your card.

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  • Bug Bingo by Christine Berrie
    Bug Bingo (English, Cards)

    Bug Bingo brings a fun and educational twist to the traditional game as players learn the names and colourings of both favourite species like the Honey Bee and more exotic bugs like the Vampire Moth.

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    5 stars

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  • Match a Pair of Birds by Christine Berrie
    Match a Pair of Birds (English, Game)

    Helps you to match the male and female pairs of 25 species of birds from around the world in this beautifully illustrated memory game. This book features all kinds of species from the barn owl to the blue tit and the ostrich to the macaw this fun and more.

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  • Butterfly Wings by Christine Berrie
    Butterfly Wings (English, Cards)

    Match the upper sides and undersides of the wings of 25 species of butterfly from around the world in this beautifully illustrated matching game. With all kinds of stunning species?from the painted lady to the purple emperor?this fun and educational game is an ideal gift that will appeal to nature lovers everywhere....

    $15.80 $16.99
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  • Lord of the Wings by Christine Berrie
    Lord of the Wings (English, Hardback)

    Which has the widest wingspan, a California Condor or a Magnificent Frigatebird? Which lives longest, a Wandering Albatross or an Emperor Penguin? This avian game rates 32 birds by criteria including Clutch Size, Rarity and Courtship Display. It features 32 illustrated trump cards that challenge you to find out who's first in the pecking order.

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  • Bird Postcards by Christine Berrie
    Bird Postcards (English, Paperback)

    Contains 21 postcards of striking birds from all around the world. You will learn about weird and wonderful exotic birds such as the splendid fairywren through the facts included on the cards.

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  • Vogel-Bingo by Christine Berrie
    Vogel-Bingo (German, Game) $34.45
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  • Flower Families by Christine Berrie
    Flower Families (English, Cards)

    Introduce the Tulip to its relative the Toad Lily, or reunite the Iris family by pairing the Freesia with its siblings ? the Crocus and the Gladiolus....

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  • Photo Journal by Christine Berrie
    Photo Journal (English, Paperback)

    Printed photography has a magical quality one that defies time, distilling moments and keeping memories alive (as well as sparing hard drives). This title includes 32 illustrations, blank pages to write on, and sticky corners to secure your photos.

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  • Backyard Birds by Christine Berrie
    Backyard Birds (English, Diary)

    A new product from the illustrator of Bird Bingo. Christine Berrie's colorful bird illustrations will inspire city dwellers to look out for their favorite species amid the urban bustle....

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