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  • Judgment Road
    Judgment Road (English, Paperback) Christine Feehan

    #1 New York Times Bestseller...

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  • Dark Melody
    Dark Melody (English, Paperback) Christine Feehan

    Corrine wants to surrender her life and soul to Dayan, but she is suffering from a heart disease, and pregnant with her late husband's child. She is also running from the men who killed her husband, the same group of fanatics who are hunting Dayan and his kind. Dayan must call on his family to aid him in a race against time to save Corrine.

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  • Dark Challenge
    Dark Challenge (Paperback) Christine Feehan

    Carpathian vampire hunter Julian Savage is powerful but tormented. But he has one last duty to fulfill before he dies. He has to warn the famous singer, Desari, that she is being targeted by vicious human vampire hunters. But when Julian hears Desari sing, he realises she is the woman he has always sought - his lifemate.

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  • Water Bound
    Water Bound (Paperback) Christine Feehan

    Christine Feehan's No. 1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling HIDDEN CURRENTS may have closed the Drake Sisters saga but it has now opened the door to an all-new series of startling magic and mystery, and the soul-stirring elements of nature...

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  • Dark Storm
    Dark Storm (Paperback) Christine Feehan

    The new title in Christine Feehan's No. 1 New York Times bestselling Carpathian series is a must-read for paranormal romance fans

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  • Dark Lycan
    Dark Lycan (Paperback) Christine Feehan

    Return to the seductive world of Christine Feehan's New York Times bestselling novels, where the fates of two strangers are bound by a secret in the shadows of the Carpathian Mountains . . .

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  • Bound Together
    Bound Together (English, Hardback) Christine Feehan

    When Viktor Prakenskii, the husband she thought she would never see again after he killed her pedophile stepfather and left without a word, returns, Blythe Daniels questions what she wants and whether she can trust him again.

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  • Dark Carousel
    Dark Carousel (English, Paperback) Christine Feehan

    In this intoxicating Carpathian novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan, a woman falls prey to the seductive allure of the past?and a vampire warrior's intoxicating embrace......

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  • Leopard's Blood
    Leopard's Blood (English, Paperback) Christine Feehan

    #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan cuts straight to the heart of a man who stalks the shadows in an intoxicating Leopard novel....

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  • Dark Possession
    Dark Possession (English, Paperback) Christine Feehan

    THE NEW REASON WHY CHRISTINE FEEHAN IS ?THE QUEEN OF PARANORMAL ROMANCE? (USA Today) .Vampire Manolito De La Cruz has caught the scent of his destined lifemate in MaryAnn Delaney, an all-too-human female who'd never surrender herself to an aggressive and brutish Carpathian male. But maybe MaryAnn doesn't have a choice. Watch a QuickTime trailer for this book.

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  • Dark Desire
    Dark Desire (Paperback) Christine Feehan

    Seven years ago, Dr Shea O'Halloran experienced an unexpected and horrendous pain unlike anything she had ever known. Eventually the pain disappeared, but Shea never forgot. She has since devoted her life to trying to understand the cause of the rare genetic blood disorder that is slowly killing her.

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  • The Shadows of Christmas Past
    The Shadows of Christmas Past (English, Paperback) Christine Feehan

    A mysterious loner rumored to have killed his father returns home to raise his younger brother and finds love with a lovely vet with a strange affinity for animals in "Rocky Mountain Miracle," while a pretty animal control officer falls for an enigmatic detective--and werewolf--when she takes home an injured wolf, in "A Touch of Harry.

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  • Dark Legend
    Dark Legend (Paperback) Christine Feehan

    For two thousand years, Gabriel and Lucian were vampire hunters. But then, Lucian turned vampire, forcing Gabriel to hunt him. They battled each other for centuries until Gabriel sacrificed his freedom, trapping Lucian and himself in the earth of a cemetery. Now, modern construction work within the cemetery has disturbed their resting place.

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  • Leopard's Fury
    Leopard's Fury (English, Paperback) Christine Feehan

    Don't miss the latest installment in Christine Feehan's #1 New York Times bestselling series featuring sexy feline shapeshifters who navigate a contemporary world of extreme action and passionate romance.

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  • Dark Nights
    Dark Nights (English, Paperback) Christine Feehan

    When she encounters Traian, an immortal warrior, deep in the Carpathian Mountains, bodyguard Joie Sanders soon discovers that she needs his help to escape the mountains and fight enemy vampires.

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  • Edge of Darkness
    Edge of Darkness (English, Paperback) Christine Feehan, Maggie Shayne

    Take an all-new excursion in the world of the Carpathians from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehanjoined here by Maggie Shayne and Lori Herter, two other masters of vampire romance in an original anthology that takes dark fantasy to rapturous new heights....

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  • Dark Celebration
    Dark Celebration (English, Paperback) Christine Feehan


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  • Viper Game
    Viper Game (English, Paperback) Christine Feehan

    GhostWalker Wyatt Fontenot, the subject of a secret military experiment that gave him special catlike abilities, returns home to the bayou where he helps the seductive and mysterious Le Poivre de Cayenne protect three girls from a poisonous enemy. Includes teaser. By the #1 New York Times best-selling author of Samurai Game. Original.

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  • Bound Together
    Bound Together (English, CD-Audio) Christine Feehan

    The final Sea Haven novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling "queen ofparanormal romance" (J.R. Ward)...

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  • Deadly Game
    Deadly Game (English, Paperback) Christine Feehan

    It begins as a mission to protect a politician from an assassination threat. But the operation takes an unexpected turn when Mari, a mysteriously beautiful GhostWalker, is taken hostage. At the same time, Ken Norton, expert assassin and himself a GhostWalker warrior, is on a mission of his own?one that reaches into Mari's own past. No stranger to the ways of violent warfare, Mari must join forces...

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