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Christopher Isherwood

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  • Christopher and His Kind by Christopher Isherwood
    Christopher and His Kind (English, Paperback) Christopher Isherwood

    In November 1929, Christopher Isherwood - determined to become a 'permanent foreigner' - packed a rucksack and two suitcases and left England on a one-way ticket for Berlin. With incredible candour and wit, Isherwood recalls the decadence of Berlin's night scene and his route to sexual liberation.

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  • A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood
    A Single Man (Paperback) Christopher Isherwood

    Celebrated as a masterpiece from its first publication, A Single Man is the story of George, an English professor in suburban California left heartbroken after the death of his lover, Jim.

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  • Goodbye To Berlin by Christopher Isherwood
    Goodbye To Berlin (English, Paperback) Christopher Isherwood

    Set in the 1930s, Goodbye to Berlin evokes the glamour and sleaze, excess and repression of Berlin society. Isherwood shows the lives of people at threat from the rise of the Nazis: a wealthy Jewish heiress, Natalia Landauer, a gay couple, Peter and Otto, and an English upper-class waif, the divinely decadent Sally Bowles.

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  • The Berlin Novels by Christopher Isherwood
    The Berlin Novels (English, Paperback) Christopher Isherwood

    MR NORRIS CHANGES TRAINSThe first of Christopher Isherwood's classic 'Berlin' novels, this portrays the encounter and growing friendship between young William Bradshaw and the urbane and mildly sinister Mr Norris.

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  • Mr Norris Changes Trains by Christopher Isherwood
    Mr Norris Changes Trains (English, Paperback) Christopher Isherwood

    After a chance encounter on a train the English teacher William Bradshaw starts a close friendship with the mildly sinister Arthur Norris. Norris is a man of contradictions; First published in 1933 Mr Norris Changes Trains piquantly evokes the atmosphere of Berlin during the rise of the Nazis.

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  • Prater Violet by Christopher Isherwood
    Prater Violet (Paperback) Christopher Isherwood

    Prater Violet resembles episodes in Goodbye to Berlin and keeps up the same high level of excellence' - Edmund WilsonAn impatient phone call from the temperamental Austrian director, Friedrich Bergmann, introduces a young Christopher Isherwood to the film industry.

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  • Bhagavad-Gita: by Anonymous
    Bhagavad-Gita: (English, Paperback) Anonymous

    Shares a Hindu message of faith and inspiration as it discusses the purpose of war, the importance of duty, and the spiritual nature of existence.

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  • Lions and Shadows by Christopher Isherwood
    Lions and Shadows (English, Paperback) Christopher Isherwood

    WITH A NEW INTRODUCTION BY JAMES FENTONSubtitled 'An education in the twenties', this work blends autobiography and fiction to describe the inner life of a writer evolving from precocious public school boy to Cambridge drop-out at large in London's Bohemia.

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  • Intimate Journals by Charles Baudelaire
    Intimate Journals (English, Paperback) Charles Baudelaire

    Collection of the notorious poet's essays transcends the squalor of his financial ruin and the torture of physical decline to offer compelling thoughts on his world, society, and philosophy.

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  • My Guru and His Disciple by Christopher Isherwood
    My Guru and His Disciple (English, Paperback) Christopher Isherwood

    WITH A NEW INTRODUCTION BY SIMON CALLOWIn 1939, as Europe approaches war, Isherwood, an instinctive pacifist, travels west to California, seeking a new set of beliefs to replace the failed Leftism of the thirties.

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  • Down There on a Visit by Christopher Isherwood
    Down There on a Visit (English, Paperback) Christopher Isherwood

    WITH A NEW INTRODUCTION BY PHILIP HENSHERBerlin, the Greek Islands, London and California. Often regarded as the best of his novels, Down There on a Visit tells the vivid stories of Isherwood's life that, together with The Berlin Novels, were to have comprised his great unfinished epic novel.

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  • Kathleen and Frank by Christopher Isherwood
    Kathleen and Frank (Paperback) Christopher Isherwood

    This is the story of Christopher Isherwood's parents - their meeting in 1895, marriage in 1903 after his father had returned from the Boer War, and his father's death in an assault on Ypres in 1915, which left his mother a widow until her own death in 1960.

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  • The Berlin Stories by Christopher Isherwood
    The Berlin Stories (English, Paperback) Christopher Isherwood

    A classic of 20th-century fiction, The Berlin Stories inspired the Broadway musical and Oscar-winning film Cabaret.

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  • The World in the Evening by Christopher Isherwood
    The World in the Evening (Paperback) Christopher Isherwood

    At a party in the Hollywood Hills, Stephen Monk finds his wife in the arms of another man. Betrayed and furious, he packs his belongings and returns to the home he was born in. But most of all, the memory of his lost love, Elizabeth Rydal, haunts him. Can he forgive his wife, and most importantly, himself?

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  • The Condor and the Cows by Christopher Isherwood
    The Condor and the Cows (Paperback) Christopher Isherwood

    WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY PICO IYERIn September 1947, long before mass tourism and with no knowledge of Spanish, Christopher Isherwood and William Caskey left for a six-month tour of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina.

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  • Crest-Jewel of Discrimination by Sankaracarya
    Crest-Jewel of Discrimination (English, Paperback) Sankaracarya $13.82
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  • Christopher Isherwood Diaries Volume 1 by Christopher Isherwood
    Christopher Isherwood Diaries Volume 1 (Paperback) Christopher Isherwood

    In spare, luminous prose these diaries describe Isherwood's search for a new life in California; his work as a screenwriter in Hollywood, his pacifism during World War II and his friendships with such gifted artists and intellectuals as Garbo, Chaplin, Thomas Mann, Charles Laughton, Gielgud, Olivier, Richard Burton and Aldous Huxley.

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  • A Meeting by the River by Christopher Isherwood
    A Meeting by the River (Paperback) Christopher Isherwood

    Breaking a long silence Oliver, a young Englishman, writes to his elder brother, Patrick. Patrick, a successful, long-married publisher, newly in love with a boy in Los Angeles, decides to visit Oliver to persuade him not renounce the world.

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