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Christopher Middleton

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  • The Quest for Christa T. by Christa Wolf
    The Quest for Christa T. (Multiple languages, Paperback) Christa Wolf

    When The Quest for Christa T. was first published in East Germany ten years ago, there was an immediate storm: bookshops in East Berlin were given instructions to sell it only to well-known customers professionally involved in literary matters; at the annual meeting of East German Writers Conference, Mrs Wolf's new book was condemmed. Yet the novel has nothing eplicity to do with politics.

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  • Jean Follain by Jean Follain
    Jean Follain (English, Paperback) Jean Follain

    The poetry of Jean Follain (1903-1971) is increasingly seen, by poets and critics in France and by his foreign admirers, as central to French poetry's change of course after Surrealism. This title offers translation of his poems.

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  • Collected Later Poems by Christopher Middleton
    Collected Later Poems (English, Paperback) Christopher Middleton

    A landmark late gathering of work by a distinguished transatlantic poet and translator.

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  • Kafka's Other Trial by Elias Canetti
    Kafka's Other Trial (Multiple languages, Paperback) Elias Canetti

    Felice Bauer was Kafka's first great love and the inspiration for his first great fiction. Six weeks after they met, he wrote "The Judgment" for her in one night of feverish activity. Kafka always inferred to the traumatic, public breaking-off of their engagement as his "tribunal," and indeed he began work on The Trial within a month of that event....

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  • Jakob Von Gunten by Robert Walser
    Jakob Von Gunten (English, Paperback) Robert Walser

    The Swiss writer Robert Walser is one of the quiet geniuses of twentieth-century literature. Largely self-taught and altogether indifferent to worldly success, Walser wrote a range of short stories, essays, as well as four novels, of which Jakob von Gunten is widely recognized as the finest. The book is a young man's inquisitive and irreverent account of life in what turns out to be the most...

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  • Speaking to the Rose by Robert Walser
    Speaking to the Rose (English, Paperback) Robert Walser

    After a wandering, precarious life during which he produced poems, essays, stories, and novels, Robert Walser (1878-1956) entered an insane asylum, saying, 'I am not here to write, but to be mad'. This work features a collection of fifty translations of short prose pieces that cover the middle to later years of the writer's oeuvre.

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  • Selected Letters of Friedrich Nietzsche by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
    Selected Letters of Friedrich Nietzsche (English, Paperback) Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

    A collection of over two hundred of Nietzsche's letters. It offers a representative body of correspondence on subjects of main concern to him - philosophy, history, morals, music and literature. It also includes letters of biographical interest which, in Middleton's words, 'mark the stresses and turnings of his life'.

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  • Collected Poems by Christopher Middleton
    Collected Poems (English, Paperback) Christopher Middleton

    Gathers over half a century's inventive, brilliant writing by one of Britain's modern poets.

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  • Serpentine by Christopher Middleton
    Serpentine (English, Paperback) Christopher Middleton

    Serpentine was first published in by Oasis Books, London, in 1985. It received little distribution and minimal notice at the time, somewhat to the author's distress, and the publisher's regret. It has never reappeared complete, although selections have appeared in subsequent compilations.

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  • Faint Harps and Silver Voices by Christopher Middleton
    Faint Harps and Silver Voices (English, Paperback) Christopher Middleton

    Christopher Middleton uses translation as part of his own poetic project. Here he offers poems from German, French, Swedish, Spanish, Arabic and Turkish, ranging as far back in time as the medieval age. His approach to each poet is to be true to those things that make a poem unique.

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  • Palavers, and a Nocturnal Journal by Christopher Middleton
    Palavers, and a Nocturnal Journal (English, Paperback) Christopher Middleton, Marius Kociejowski

    Presenting the voice of the man behind a remarkable body of work, firstly talking to poet Marius Kociejowski and then talking to himself, this volume collects 18 months' worth of journal entries from the late 1990s, in which he muses on matters poetic, social, political.

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  • Looking at Pictures by Robert Walser
    Looking at Pictures (English, Hardback) Robert Walser

    A special side of Robert Walser: his essays on art

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  • A Little Ramble by Robert Walser
    A Little Ramble (English, Hardback) Robert Walser

    Over 50 original full-color artworks address newly translated writings of Robert Walser

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  • Thirty Poems by Robert Walser
    Thirty Poems (English, Hardback) Robert Walser

    A deluxe edition of the Swiss master's best poems.

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  • The Parable of the Blind by Gert Hofmann
    The Parable of the Blind (English, Paperback) Gert Hofmann

    Six blind beggars in 16th century Flanders-a ragged, profane, and irascible crew-find themselves waking to yet another grim day in the dark. Today these men have an appointment with a painter: they have been hired as models, to pose for Pieter Bruegel's grotesque masterpiece-in-the-making, The Parable of the Blind.

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  • The Tenor on Horseback by Christopher Middleton
    The Tenor on Horseback (English, Paperback) Christopher Middleton

    "It is my belief that Christopher Middleton is the finest poet writing today. It may take some time for this to be generally recognized, but why wait? Read him now, in this splendid collection." - Carolyn Kizer "Christopher Middleton's rare genius for exact observation and metaphysical wit has given us for over half a century now poems of such brilliant craftsmanship and exacting sensibility that...

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  • Nobody's Ezekiel by Christopher Middleton
    Nobody's Ezekiel (English, Paperback) Christopher Middleton Currently Unavailable More details
  • Institute Benjamenta by Robert Walser
    Institute Benjamenta (English, Paperback) Robert Walser

    This novel takes the form of the journal of a young man attending a school for butlers, the Benjamenta Institute. First published as "Jakob Von Gunten" in 1909, the book is now the subject of a Channel 4 feature film.

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