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Christopher Woodall

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  • Between Two Cultures by Carlo M. Cipolla
    Between Two Cultures (English, Paperback) Carlo M. Cipolla

    "A scholarly, entertaining look at the objectives and techniques of economic historiography. . . . Cipolla's presentation of economic history as a humanistic rather than scientific discipline makes economic historiography seem fascinating and rather fun." -Kirkus Reviews

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  • The Company of Ghosts by Lydie Salvayre
    The Company of Ghosts (English, Paperback) Lydie Salvayre

    When a bailiff turns up, a teenager tries to salvage her mother, their dignity and the TV. When a bailiff arrives at a housing project on the edge of Paris to draw up a routine inventory of goods in view of seizure, the reception he receives from Rose Melle and her teenage daughter is more than he has bargained for. Rose, forever unhinged by the trauma of childhood spent under Nazi occupation,...

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  • November by Christopher Woodall
    November (English, Paperback) Christopher Woodall

    November may be said to have four protagonists: a group of night-shift workers in Southeast France; their friends, relatives, lovers, acquaintances; the factory in which they work; the work itself. The focus is on two and a half hours during one evening in November 1976 and the plastic die-casting workshop where the men are employed. Staggering in scope, November is a virtuoso performance?a...

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  • Sweets and Toxins by Christopher Woodall
    Sweets and Toxins (English, Paperback) Christopher Woodall

    The twenty-first century doesn't much care for subtlety. Now is the era of the gist, the elevator pitch, the big idea boiled down. This is precisely why Christopher Woodall's fiction gives such pleasure. His meticulous stories about love, death, fidelity, friendship, and human solitude do not wave their narrative arms wildly, demanding unwarranted attention. They speak in a calm voice, inviting...

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